Name: MORTAL KOMBAT The Shirai Ryu of Konoha

Story Summary: I am the last of my clan who is still alive, I have been given the power to fight a new evil and bring back the peace my teachers and family fought for. I am Naruto Uzumaki of the Shirai Ryu.

Rating: M

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C1, The Lost Son

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


(Unknown Zone, Unknown Realm)

Mileena opened her eyes very slowly and began to look around the room trying to get her bearings. It was obvious to her that she was not in Edenia anymore. As she got to her feet and looked around the strange room noticing several other people in the room with her it was a strange place to say the least.

She recognized her father Shao Kahn the Empire of Outworld standing not too far away from her, she then saw the Lin Kuei Grand Master himself Sub-Zero and a woman whose name if she recalled correctly was Sareena beginning to get up as well.

She also at this point heard some noises and saw Scorpion getting up from the ground as well, next to him was also the man who defeated Blaze and if she remembered correctly his name was Taven.

She then saw her friend Khameleon and Frost who now looked to be about 14 years old now; if her son had lived he would also be about 14 years old now.

It is also at this point that she noticed her face no longer had the scars leading to her lips like before and she had more control over her body than ever before. "I'm beautiful, how can this be?"

"That would be thanks to my son's armor." A voice said to them.

They all turned around to see a man or woman standing not too far away from them only for Taven to recognize them, "Mother, Father?"

Shao Kahn was also surprised to see them as well, "You old son of a bitch, Argus the god of Edenia. I thought you were dead."

Argus and his wife Delia now stood before them, it was clear there was more going on here than they thought, "You are all here because the battle of Armageddon has reset the balance once more, many of you who were once truly evil are now balanced with just the right amount of good and some have been given the chance to have what they want most like you, Scorpion, Mileena and Khameleon for starters. And in fact all of you that are here have something in common."

"And that would be?" Shao Kahn asked him.

"For that you must ask your daughter." Argus said.

Everyone was surprised by these words and turned to her as she said, "I like my new face and all, but you can't help me with what I want the most."

Khameleon was the first one to be over by her friends side and gave her a hug, "What's wrong Mileena, what aren't you telling us?"

"Yes my daughter what can't he help you with?" Shao Kahn asked her only to see pain and anguish upon her face as tears fell from her eyes.

Khameleon decided to tell the Emperor of Outworld just how she felt about this, "Nice going asshole, now she's sadder."

"I should kill you where you."

"Father don't do it, she's my friend."

"All right my daughter; you got lucky this time kid."

As she felt everyone's eyes were she decided to tell her tail of sorrow, "Do you remember when I disappeared for a couple of years after the invasion of Earthrealm, I found myself in a village called Konoha, is also known as the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I met a man there who let me join his village as one of its ninjas. Over time we fell in love even though he'd seen what I became at times and he still loved me, then we married sometime later I found out I was pregnant with a son."

Everyone was shocked by this, especially the Emperor who said, "You have a son?"

"Let her finish Kahn." Argus said.

She then continued, "On the day I gave birth the village was attacked by the powerful Nine Tailed Fox Demon. My husband the Hokage, fought the demon in battle to save the village as well as me and our son, he managed to kill it in combat but also fell in battle. I later found out that my son had died from some kind of complication that happened because of the attack. After that I just came home but there is not a day that goes by I don't think of what could have been."

To her surprise she felt a hand on her shoulder only to see Delia standing there, "Then this is your lucky day Mileena, your son is still alive he was hidden from you, your husband used the power of the Death God to seal the Demon Fox into your son to save the village and your life, the Third Hokage was told you had died. He's been looking out for your son ever since and doesn't trust the elders who tricked you into believing your son was dead." The shock on Mileena's face was to too much for her to handle but it wasn't end of it either.

Argus then decided to drop another bombshell to them, "Scorpion, Sub-Zero what you don't know is that Mileena's son is related to you two as well, do you remember your first wife Scorpion."


"She was also part of the Lin Kuei, what you don't know is that she had a son by you Scorpion. She hid him to keep him safe from your enemies. His name was Minato Namikazu and your husband Mileena." Argus said; he then saw the look of shock on their faces.

Shao Kahn was also in shock at hearing all of this; he then decided they needed to act at once to save his grandson. "Well I'm not going to stand here any longer; we are going to save my grandson. I don't care if I have to sign a treaty with Earthrealm, but we are going there."

Argus gave the Emperor a nod and then said, "I will send you to the village and my son will accompany you to help protect the boy from harm."

Sareena and Frost quickly walked over to the others as they disappeared in a brilliant flash of light.

(Konoha, Earthrealm)

The group of warriors arrived in a less populated area of the village that Mileena instantly recognize as she had lived in this area when she first came to the village. She then turned to Taven and said, "Do you know where my son is God."

He then used his new powers to begin looking for where the young boy was, he eventually pointed in a direction, "This way."

The small group of warriors eventually made their way to a waterfall and river where a young boy no older than 14 years old was currently trying to summon a toad, the group of warriors walked into the clearing to see that a white-haired man was currently observing him while writing something in a note book.

It did not take the old man long to notice their presence and instantly turned around with a kunai in his hand and then dropped it upon seeing the face of Mileena.

She was happy to see the old pervert once more as he then said, "The old bastards said you were dead… Who the hell are they?"

Mileena just rolled her eyes and then said, "Yeah nice to see you to you old pervert, allow me to introduce my father Emperor Shao Kahn, this is Scorpion of the Shirai Ryu and Sub-Zero Grand Master of the Lin Kuei."

Jiraiya nodded his head to them as she continued, "And these two brats are Frost and Khameleon, and this here is Sareena. The guy directly behind me is Taven."

"How are you still alive Mileena, the elders said that you were dead while all except for my sensei and the old war hawk." Jiraiya said to her as he looked her up and down but not in a perverted way.

She was surprised by this bit of information and then responded to him, "They were the ones who told me about my family being killed, how much does my son know about what's really going on you old pervert?"

"Not much I'm afraid his trainings been neglected a lot because of everyone here being afraid of the Fox, Minato's seal is holding the Fox at bay and I have a feeling that the nine tails knows what's really going on since we now know that he was forced to attack the village all those years ago." He said to her.

Kahn decided to ask some questions of his own as he walked forward to seeing how determined is grandson really was in his training, "What can you tell me about my grandson's progress?"

Jiraiya looked over to the young boy he had been secretly keeping an eye on for all these years and then said, "Well he's a lot like me and his father he learns by doing, unfortunately the Academy prefers book smarts these days."

"Didn't his sensei help him out at all?" Scorpion asked him.

Jiraiya turned to the spectral warrior and then said, "Unfortunately all his current sensei has taught him is I'm sorry to say the tree climbing exercise is, I had to teach him the water walking one just so he could begin to try to learn the summoning jutsu. I do know that the Elders have him training the last Uchiha at this time."

Sub-Zero had a general idea of what to do, "We need to train him."

Jiraiya along with his sensei was one of the few people who understood where Mileena really was from, but at the same time he was hard-pressed to see how he could fix the years of neglect and was basically trying to do all he could.

"Believe me I've wanted to help him out in his training as much as I could or even tried to keep a closer eye on him but it hasn't been that simple since the Elders have been have done everything in their power to stop me and the Hokage from protecting him. He's only got a few people who even care about, and now he's in the finals of the Chunin Exams and has sworn to revenge a friend of his who was hurt in the preliminaries."

Kahn turned his head to the old pervert with a smile upon his face, "How long until the finals?"

"We have about 29 days until the finals begin!" Jiraiya told the Emperor of Outworld.

"All we have to do is get him back to Outworld, once we arrived we can take him to one of my training areas where time moves faster which should help us get him up to date in his training as well as let us get to know him as well as him to get to know us as well."

All the others watched as Mileena walked up to her son with tears flowing out of her eyes it was at this moment that he noticed her and felt a strong kind of connection to her that he had never felt before in his life, "Hello son, I'm so glad you're alive."

As soon as she said this she collapsed on the ground crying both in fear and joy of what his reaction would be, to her surprise he walked up to her and embraced. The hog and looked into her eyes and saw that there was no lie there.

The others watched the touching moment and knew that they had to get started with his training as soon as possible.


One month later

(Konoha, Earthrealm.)

Hinata was currently walking through training ground seven hoping to see Naruto before the exams began but so far had been unable to find him anywhere in the village, it was right at this moment that she heard a noise behind her and turned around to see two strange man one of them seem to be almost like a giant walking reptile and the other appeared to be quite regal.

The regal looking one then said, "Are you Hinata Hyuga?"

End of C1

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