C3, The Tournament Continues

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


(Konoha Stadium, Earthrealm.)

As soon as Naruto student in the fighters booth he heard the proctors decreed that Sasuke had been disqualified due to his being late for his fight, at this point Gaara reappeared in the booth as well and was quite angered by his lack of a fight.

Shikamaru noticed the look on his comrade's face and knew that something was in deed very wrong, "Your teammate being late is so troublesome you know that."

Naruto turned his head to look Shikamaru right in the eyes, "I can already tell that something is going to happen today, if I were you I would be on your guard even more."


Orochimaru was now very concerned with the absence of his future host; he had been hoping to keep Sasuke in the tournament only for it to be shut down by his old teacher in this strange man who claims to be an Emperor.

It was at this point that the Emperor decided to speak his mind, "I must say Lord Kazekage that your son was most displeased being denied his right to fight in this contest, he's somewhat reminds me of my grandson in that matter."

Orochimaru was a bit surprised by the comment but decided to try to keep his cover going, "Yes he has been known to be rather aggressive when he has been denied an opportunity to as he says prove his existence, but after seeing your grandson in action I wouldn't mind seeing the two of them engage in battle."

Shao Kahn just smiled at the fake wind shadow and then said, "Yes I look forward to that battle myself, after all my grandson has been holding back this entire time and with your son he won't have to anymore."

Orochimaru was now very concerned about his plans for this day as he saw the almost evil smile upon this man who just sitting in a chair seemed more powerful than even his own Sencei had been in his prime.


The fighters in the booth listened as the next names to fight were called by the Proctor of the exam, "Well Kankuro of the Sand and Shino of the Leaf please come down to the arena floor to start your battle."

Kankuro turned to his sister and whispered to her, "What do we do now I can't reveal the workings of my puppet with the invasion looming?"

His sister Temari then whispered back to him, "We stick to the plan save your energy."

He nodded to her and then raised his hand up in the air and yelled out for the Proctor to hear him, "Proctor, I forfeit."

The Proctor nodded and then yelled out for all to hear, "Winner of this match by forfeit Shino of the Leaf."

Naruto turned to Shino and said, "Save your strength my friend somethings up."

Shino nodded to him as they heard the Proctor yell out for the next competitors to enter the arena, "Well Shikamaru of the Leaf and Temari of the Sand please enter the arena for your match."

Temari opened her huge battle fan and wrote it all the way down to the arena floor once she got off the huge fan and then folded it up and put it on her back and then said, "My wind will rip you to shreds."

Right at that moment a portal of fire opened in the sky and out of it hitting the ground was none other than Shikamaru with a bored expression on his face who got to his feet and then said, "Troublesome."


Mileena slapped her face with her hand and nodded her head finding it hard to believe that all of the Nara males could be so lazy and yet so brilliant at the same time, they were also known for their fear of the opposite sex.

Kitana was watching the match intently seeing how these Leaf ninjas compared to their own warriors and was surprised that none of them had made it into the tournament all those years ago, as she observed the match she was truly surprised by both competitors Abilities and their strategy in this match.

Sub-Zero came to the conclusion that this match would last quite a bit of time, he had noticed that Shikamaru was using the shadows of the environment to aid his family's attacks and all he had to do was wait.


It had taken some time but eventually Shikamaru had finally managed to capture Temari in his shadow, but he decided to save as much of his chakra as he could by for forfeiting the match, "Proctor I forfeit, I just don't have enough chakra to finish this mash which is a drag since I had planed this out about 20 moves ahead already."

Temari was surprised not only that he had forfeited the match but also that he had planned that far ahead against her, she came to the realization that he would be a significant threat to their plans as well as the other two Leaf ninjas up in the booth.


Kabal and his surviving student Kira stood alongside the former Lin Kuel cyborg Cyrax observing the matches as they waited for the invasion to begin, Kira herself was truly impressed by Mileena's son as well as somewhat lazy young man who had clearly won his match but had decided to save some of his energy for the fight to come.

Cyrax notice of the concerned demeanor of Kabal decided to ask about it, "You seem concerned about something Kabal?"

While most of the former police officer's and returning Black Dragon leaders face was concealed by his mask you could still make out his eyes and the emotion in them as he replied, "Just thinking about the first time that I actually saw Mileena, it was during the invasion right before I was injured leading to my current condition which eventually allowed Kano to set the events in motion that led me back down the path of evil. Luckily whatever that demigod did saved me and her from that fate; unfortunately I still couldn't save one of my students."

Kira had to admit that she was also quite impressed with the ninja of this village were quite impressive to say the least and was hoping to see whatever they were capable before the invasion started, "With all of us here master I don't think they'll be winning this war any time soon."

"We will see what the future holds my student, but until that happens keep your eyes open and it will keep us alive."


The Proctor received the message from the Hokage to continue the matches without delay and called out to the fighter booth for the next competitors to enter the arena, "Will Naruto of the Leaf and Gaara of the Send please enter the arena at this time for your match."

Just then on the arena floor it seemed to ice over and then shatter in a show of flames revealing none other than Naruto himself jumping out of the fire and ice hitting the ground turning towards where his opponent would be and said, "Vengeance will be mine."

At the same time this was happening the sand at the opposite end was swirling around into a small storm which then took on the shape of a young man, the sandstorm finished forming into the body of Gaara who slapped one of his hands onto his head and the other clinched out towards his opponent and then said in a bloodthirsty kind of voice, "Mother wants your blood."

As if they were on a video screen the two of them quickly came into focus with the proctor in the middle but before any of them could even make a move or say a word they were surprised to see a tornado of leaves forming in the center of the arena which then dissipated revealing the forms of Sasuke Uchiha and his sensei Kakashi Hatake.

Kakashi was surprised by the looks that everyone was giving him and his student and decided to ask the Proctor a question, "We're not late are we?"

The Proctor gave Kakashi one of those Looks and then responded, "It was the decision of the Hokage after much debate that your student be disqualified due to his failure to show up for his match."

Kakashi was surprised by this as he thought that the Hokage would be willing to overlook being a tiny bit late even if it was a couple of hours just so that the village could show what one of its most promising young shinobi was really capable of.

If Kakashi was both surprised and shocked by what was happening then one could only imagine what was going through his students mind at this moment, 'How can I be disqualified, but at lease that loser didn't even advance and they have the nerve to deny me my match.'

Sasuke however looked at his opponent then over to the other man and was shocked by the armored warrior's appearance, it was at this moment that the strange warriors mask seem to come to life on its own and move apart revealing the face of his teammate Naruto who did not look too amused at Sasuke's antics.

The look on Sasuke's Face was priceless as he was in total shock to see that his teammate who he thought was a total loser had somehow made it past his first round and to make it even worse looked even stronger then Sasuke himself, it didn't help his current attitude that both of the competitors as well as the current Proctor were practically corralling at him to get off the arena floor so they could begin the match.

Kakashi could since the tension building and decided that he could get answers later right now he had to get his star pupil off the field before something bad happened to them, after they left the field the two fighters immediately took up there position on the field and prepared for combat.

The Emperor stood up from his seat walked to the edge of the Kage's booth and shouted for all to hear, "Let Kombat begin, FIGHT!"

As soon as this was said the two of them instantly engaged each other in combat to determine the winner of this tournament.


Orochimmaru was now becoming impatient as he waited for the right moment to initiate the invasion thanks to the timely arrival of Sasuke and his sensei, but at the same time the Snake Sannin felt quite uncomfortable knowing that these strange warriors could be quite the threat to him and his plans for the Hidden Leaf.

But on the same level he was becoming more and more impressed with the nine tails house as he continued to become more and more powerful, he looked down into the arena floor and became instantly mesmerized by the battle taking place.


As soon as the battle began Gaara shot out several sand tentacles trying to impale Naruto upon them only to watch in utter shock as the dark yellow and black clad ninja shot out what appeared to be ice at them and freezing them solid in a second, he quickly unsheathed one of his katanas and went to work tearing them apart piece by piece as he went.

Gaara had a psychotic smile upon his face as he continued to send attack after attack at his worthy opponent but was becoming more and more surprised by the amount of ground this strange ninja who control both ice and fire was gaining, several more tentacles were sent flying only to be this time hit by a strong flame that turn them into glass which were then shattered by a single sword strike.

Just at that moment Naruto disappeared in a flash of flames and then reappear to directly behind Gaara in the middle of a heavy haymaker which connected with the sand ninjas face cracking his sand armor in the process and sending him lying about 5 feet away, the one tells host was totally shocked by his opponents actions and then much to even his own shock had to spit out some blood from his mouth as well as a tooth, "Blood, it's my blood."

One of his hands shot up holding his head as he was in some form of pain and then let out a mournful scream and then charged the Shirai Ryu ninja without a care in the world as he let his rage and anger takes control of him, the two of them continue to battle turning the arena into a scarred battlefield.


Every single person in the stands was in total shock at the battle that was happening before them, Kakashi was still trying to come to grips with what had happened in his absence as he kept a close eye on his other two students.

Sasuke watched the bow before him intently with his bloodline active studying every single move his teammate and the foreign ninja made as they danced their dance of death, Sakura had just finished telling him all about Naruto's fight with the Hyuga prodigy, "You should have seen it Sasuke, he literally beat the hell out of Neji for what he did to Hinata. And that's not all he's also the grandson to that strange skull wearing guy up there who claims to be an emperor of some place called Outworld."

"You're telling me that Naruto's a prince and basically took out Neji with extreme prejudice just because he could?" Sasuke asked her.

She just looked at him and her sensei and then replied, "Pretty much, everybody was a little mad that you didn't show up on time for your match what happened?"

Kakashi continue to watch the battle happening directly below them in the arena with intensity as he then replied to his student, "That was unfortunately my fault as I was trying to prepare him for his match with Gaara."


Orochimaru Had grown rather impatient but was happy to finally receive the signal from his men that everyone was in position and wasted no time activating his signal to start the invasion, unfortunately much to his shock the Emperor himself turned his menacing gaze on to him and said, "I was wondering when you would start the invasion, let Mortal Kombat begin!"

End of C3

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