"Who is this?" a male teen walked up to them.

"Go away Michael." Ginny stiffened and her hand twitched towards her wand.

"I have a right to know when my girlfriend is out with another man." he glared at the two of them pointedly.

"I told you it is over." Ginny growled, "I told you three months ago that I never wanted to speak to you again. I will not tell you again. Next time I'll just hex you."

"So who is this perv you're shacking up with." he fingered his wand still in his pocket.

"No one you want to mess with." Harry said, "I'd advise you strongly to walk away now before I have to embarrass you."

"Not likely." he said and puffed up his chest, "I was the best dueler in my year."

"Wow." Harry said dryly, "I'm so impressed."

Michael quickly pulled his wand but it was remove from his hand before he could form a curse. He gaped as Harry looked his wand over, "Cherry and dragon heart string?"

"Yes." he growled quivering with anger, "Now give it back."

"Certainly as soon as you apologize to MS. Weasley." he said still looking at the wand critically.

"I don't apologize when I call a spade a spade, or a slut in this case." Michael sneered.

"Just how brittle is this wand?" Harry asked as he grabbed it in both hands and bent it a little, "Feels like I could snap it in two with just a slight twitch."

"You wouldn't." Michael gasped with undisguised horror on his face.

"I would, I've done it before." Harry said, "Now would be a good time to apologize and leave. If I hear another word from your mouth about her I will personally find you and break your wand."

"Sorry." Michael had begun to sweat as he watched Harry twirl his wand in his hand.

"Just make sure you stay as far away from me as possible." Ginny growled at him, "I'll hex you the next time I see you."

Harry handed him back the wand and watched him leave post haste, "Sorry about that. I hate it when people get so pushy and nosy. I'm sure you could have hexed him into next week but I didn't want you to have to sully yourself by talking to him anymore."

"He's so different than he was when we dated." She said as they entered the store locking the door behind them, "As soon as I told him no sex until marriage I found myself dumped and he was with another girl within the hour. We had been together for nearly a year."

"He is a complete jerk." Harry reiterated, "To treat a lady that badly he must come from poor stock."

"Poor stock?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Maybe I should stay poor character." he offered, "I find I talk more like Sirius and Remus the others my own age."

"I was just wondering if you mean character or money." she looked at him closely.

"Money doesn't make the man." Harry said as he fingered the skiving snackbox he'd picked up, "I've seen plenty of rich men who have no character what so ever. I've seen poor men that can run circles around everyone else when it comes to bravery and goodness." he paused for a moment gathering his thoughts, "Sirius has this friend I met once. Name was Arthur lovely gentleman, good heart, strong sense of right and wrong, all around good guy. A better character that most anyone I'd ever seen. He told me he has seven kids and Sirius said he would take another in a heartbeat even though he struggles to make ends meet. His heart has no bounds when it comes to people. We talked for about a few hours and he told me about his kids, six boys and a girl, plus their friends. I'd love to be a part of something like that. I need to ask Sirius his last name so I can find him and thank him."

"For what?" she asked.

"I was really depressed the day of our meeting. He helped me get a better outlook on things. I realized I had more to fight for than just this world at large that I knew nothing about." Harry shrugged.

"What are you talking about?" she asked confusion clearly etched on her face.

He looked up sharply at her question, "Sorry I forgot you don't really know anything about me."

"I know a lot about you." she grinned, "Your favorite color is red, you would like to try to play seeker in a pickup game because you won't try to go professional, chocolate dream is your favorite ice cream treat and you dislike broccoli."

"Intensely dislike broccoli." he corrected.

"You're right that I don't know everything about you." her smile softened, "But I'd like to."

"Would you go on a second date with me?" Harry asked.

"Yes I think that would be great." she nodded, "Today has been fantastic."

"Ok, now to probably ruin the whole thing." Harry grimaced and Ginny frowned slightly, "Have you notice that I didn't tell you my last name?"

"No." she said with a shrug, "I was having so much fun being around you I didn't think about that."

"Well we do that on purpose because it tends to cause a riot when mentioned." he said.

"Should I be worried?" she asked.

"I don't know." He replied and stuck out his hand, "Nice to meet you Ms. Weasley, my name is Harry Potter."

"Mr. Potter." Ginny accepted his hand shake and said, "That explains your reluctance. I heard about the mob at the Anniversary Ball."

"That was a nightmare." Harry agreed with a roll of his eyes, "Luckily I was able to slip past since they really don't know what I look like." he said, "I felt sorry for that poor girl that got hurt."

"Do you know why she was mobbed?" Ginny snickered. Harry shook his head, "Well a friend of mine was there as a reporter and she said the girl claimed to be your date and insisted on being let in."

"Well that's… I don't feel quite so bad now." Harry sunk to the floor and leaned on the shelf behind him, "She brought that upon herself."

"She did." Ginny grinned joining him on the floor, "Arthur that you were talking about earlier. I think I know who that is."


"My Dad." she said, "I have six older brothers and my father is one of the greatest men alive in my book."

"Mine too." Harry grinned, "Come to think of it he did have red hair. But now I have a bone to pick with you. You never told me you were royalty and Arthur always called his daughter his princess."

Ginny's face turned red, "Do I look like a princess to you?"

"Yes." Harry said looking at her.

"Ok so I'm the quidditch princess." she shook her head.

"So… will you still have a second date with me?" he asked.

"Yes." she said, "Really your last name makes no difference to me. Unless it had been Riddle then I would have bailed."

"You know who Tom Riddle is?" he asked.

"I know." she shuddered, "I met him at the Battle for Hogwarts. Of course I was only sixteen and wasn't supposed to be there but when all the seventeen year olds decided to skip dinner I followed them and didn't get sent to Beauxbatons."

"Were you at the ball then?" he asked.

"No. Michael had broken up with me that day and didn't feel like going alone." she said.

"He's a jerk." Harry summed it up.

All of the sudden Ginny started laughing. Harry wasn't sure of the joke but found himself smiling at her mirth, "If Michael only knew." she continued to laugh hard enough that she had to lie on the floor.

"If he only knew what?" Harry asked.

"He pulled his wand on Harry Potter." she giggled, "If he had known who you were he would have wet himself."

Harry grinned, "Well if he comes around again I'll be sure and let him know."

"Oh no." she said, "I get to do that. I want to see his face."

"I do too so we have to be together." Harry chuckled.

"Deal." she shook his hand.

He pulled her into sitting up again and then pulled her closer, "If we're dating does that mean you're my girlfriend?"

"Hmmm, that sound about right." she stared up at him.

"Does that mean I can kiss you now?" he whispered.

"I believe it does." she leaned forward and met his lips. It was sweet and over far too quickly for either one of them.

"Brilliant." Harry whispered hoarsely when they pulled apart again, "I like having a girlfriend."

"I'm pretty fond of having a boyfriend." she sighed, "But that means you have to meet the rest of the family."

"I know the twins and your dad." Harry shrugged, "Who else is left?"

"Mum, who will probably start planning the wedding right away so don't be scared if she mentions it. I get to decide all the who, when and where stuff no matter what she says." Ginny shook her head, "Then there are the rest of my brothers. Bill is a curse breaker for Gringotts and Charlie works on the dragon reserve in Albania."

"I've met Bill, Charlie and the one younger… Percy." Harry said, "I met them the first time I was at Hogwarts but I was in disguise. Then I had a lesson on magical creatures in Romania with Charlie once."

"Ok, then Percy works for the Ministry. The twins are next in line. Finally last but not least is Ron. One year older and more protective of me than the Palace Guard is of Queen Elizabeth. He'll be the worst to get past."

"Chess master." Harry nodded, "I met him at the battle. He formed some of the strategies that kept me alive until I had to meet Voldemort. Genius in that kind of thing, he's in Auror training right?"

"Yep that's him." she grinned.

"All these Weasleys and I never put it together. I figured they were related just not that closely." Harry shook his head in mock exasperation.

"And now you know." she grinned and kissed him again.

"Ginny unhand our investor's Godson." Fred yelled from the doorway.

"No." she yelled over her shoulder and returned to kissing a grinning and chuckling Harry.

"What's going on?" Sirius asked as he stepped up beside Fred and saw the two on the floor kissing and trying to stop laughing.

"So totally unfair." Sirius said, "First girl he meets that is his age and he has some interest in, he gets a date and then a kiss at the end. He shouldn't have it so easy."

"It was not easy." Harry called back, "I had to fight to keep her attention when other suitors tried to steal her attention away."

"He was not a suitor." Ginny huffed and turned back to the door leaning against his shoulder, "He had to chase off Michael."

"I wish I could have seen that." George pouted, "Did he wet himself?"

"No Harry didn't introduce himself this time." Ginny giggled, "Next time we plan on doing just that."

"Next time?" Sirius asked.

"I doubt we'll see him on the next date but maybe one of the following." Harry shrugged, "I hope our relationship doesn't get out before we get to scare the pants off him. The press always seems to ruin my fun."

They were right that they didn't see the boy for several more dates. It was a Halloween celebration at the Weasley's home that brought the boy into contact with them again.

"What is he doing here?" Ginny hissed at Ron.

"George invited him." Ron said, "I tried to tell him not to but he just wouldn't listen. I told him Michael was an ex-boyfriend that was horrendous."

Harry started snickering and the two Weasleys looked at him in confusion, "George doesn't want to miss it."

Ron still looked confused but Ginny understood and gave an evil grin, "This is going to be sooo good."

"What?" Ron asked and Ginny quickly told him about their last meeting, "That's good; don't start until I get next to Hermione."

"Make sure Fred and George are near too." Ginny giggled, "They took the time to set this up they don't want to miss it."

She was right but she didn't know just how they were going to do it until the twins appeared at either side of Michael. She tried to hide her grin as they led him to the middle of the floor while giving Ginny the slightest of nods and a face that told her to look angry.

She schooled herself for a moment before stomping over to them with Harry in tow, "What is he doing here?"

"We can invite whomever we want." Fred said, most everyone was watching what was happening.

Before they could continue their fight Michael had his wand out and pointing it at Harry, "If it isn't the idiot who tried to hex me last time I tried to talk to my girlfriend."

"You know I don't remember that." Harry said, "I kind of remember a rat waving his wand in my face. I just took it to examine it. If I had considered hexing you it would have been done not just thought about."

"Is that a threat?" he yelled, "You all heard him threaten me."

"That wasn't a threat." Harry chuckled, "That was a statement. Although I have no doubt I could take you in a duel."

"You're full of hot air." Michael sneered, "You weren't even good enough to go to Hogwarts. Where did you end up Beauxbatons with the rest of the sissies?"

"Nope I was home schooled by my Godfather." Harry grinned, "Perhaps you've heard of him his name is Sirius Black."

"Ha now that's funny because his godson is Harry Potter. That was in the paper just last week." Michael laughed, "Don't try to tell me that's who you think you are."

"Well I did think so." Harry scratched his head then yelled, "Hey Sirius am I Harry Potter?"

"Yes pup has Ginny scramble your brains with her kisses again?" Sirius yelled from his spot by the door as he tried to keep the laughter in.

"No, I'm fine, this guys just doesn't believe it." Harry turned back around to find a pale and trembling boy with a puddle between his feet, "Ha you were right Gin he did wet himself."

"I think we'll just escort our guest back home." George grabbed one arm as Fred grabbed the other.

"Harry, can you take care of that spot please?" Fred indicated the puddle on the floor, "You did cause it after all."

"Sure." he waved his wand and the puddle disappeared. Music started and he turned to Ginny, "May I have this dance?"

"Yes, but let's move about five or ten feet away first." she scrunched up her nose and tried to ignore the spot on the floor.