"Oh, fuck! Harry, please," Draco begged.

"I'm almost there," Harry answered, breathless.

The head board banged against the wall, keeping time with Harry's thrusts. Each one ending in a pointed grunt. Draco, still not quite used to being bottom, whimpered and moaned as Harry raked his prostate. His hands were bound with a soft velveteen rope he'd transfigured from the ones Harry produced from his wand, while his ankles rested on Harry's shoulders. Normally, Harry enjoyed submitting. But when Draco offered to change positions, Harry carefully tied his hands above his head.

The sight of his lover so vulnerable and trusting made Harry want to devour him. He was afraid he would cum before they had a chance to get too far into it. They'd been at it for nearly an hour, though, thanks to the cock rings Harry conjured, their orgasms kept at bay. However, from Draco's begging, Harry knew too much longer would be uncomfortable, to say they least.

Ordinarily, the pair would have cast a spell to soundproof their room. But with the castle mostly empty, they didn't bother. On the contrary, Harry was turned on even more by the thought of being heard by any staff that may be around.

"I'm ready," Harry groaned.

Using a wandless spell, he loosened the rings surrounding his and Draco's cock and bollocks. Draco immediately cried out, shooting his load hard into the air. Harry joined him, buried deep inside his husband.

After hugging together while they caught their breath, the newlyweds lay in post orgasmic bliss. Harry untied the ropes, freeing Draco's hands. Once flaccid, Draco easily slipped off the ring and handed it to Harry.

"I have to say, once in a while those muggles do come up with something brilliant."

"Yes they do," Harry agreed. He Evanescoed the rings and snuggled up. "I love you."

"I love you." Draco rubbed his hand lightly over Harry's skin. "I've been thinking. We should travel this summer. I'd love to take you to Paris and show you all of my favorite places."

"I'd like that," Harry replied. "I was there a couple of times, but on official Auror business, not on holiday. Actually, I've been a lot of places on business that I'd like to see for leisure."

Draco grinned. "It'll be our extended honeymoon. We can fuck in a different city every week. How about if I get a few travel books and we can plan it all out?"


Pulling Harry closer, Draco said dreamily, "It will be perfect. Just you and me traveling the world, going to all the places I thought would have been terribly romantic if only I'd had someone special at the time. And new places too. I've never been to America. Have you?"

Harry shook his head. "No, I haven't. But I've seen photos of a place called the Grand Canyon."

"Yes, I'd like to see that too," Draco said. "We should take advantage of our summers off and travel somewhere different every year."

Nodding against Draco's shoulder, Harry agreed. The two lay quietly, each contemplating Draco's plan.

Harry was excited by the idea of spending the summer with Draco exploring the world. He was envious that Ron and Hermione wouldn't have to wait for their honeymoon. They were leaving for Italy that very night. Hermione had been learning Italian and chose Rome so she could practice what she had learned. Ron didn't care much either way. He just wanted time away with her alone before they began their family.

It wasn't lost on Harry that the sorts of vacations Draco was planning wouldn't be possible if they had small children. Perhaps Draco was right, at least for the time being. Children didn't yet fit into their lifestyle. And they needed time to be alone for a while.

"I'm famished. Is it supper yet?" Draco's voice cut through Harry's daydreaming.

"Just about. Do you want to shower or should I just cast a Scourgify?"

"Scourgify is good enough for now."

Harry cleaned the cum from Draco's chest and the bedsheets, and used his specially gentle charm for Draco's arse. They dressed and made their way down to the Great Hall.

A handful of students who stayed behind for the break sat together at the Ravenclaw table. More than half of the professors remained and were seated at the High Table.

"Harry. Draco. I thought you wouldn't come back until tomorrow," McGonagall said, surprised to see them.

"We'll take a honeymoon over the summer. We wanted to get a head start on lesson plans for the next several weeks, since the students won't be back until Tuesday," Harry explained.

"Admirable, but you should relax and enjoy the time off," she said. "By the way, the ceremony was lovely. And your family home, Draco, is magnificent."

"Thank you," Draco replied. "My mother has spent a great deal of time and effort renovating it."

Harry briefly glanced Knox's way, knowing that he was the only professor to whom they didn't extend an invitation. Not that the rest all attended. Some of them needed to remain to supervise the small group of students. And others went to spend the holiday with their families. Still, he felt a bit guilty.

"Congratulations," Knox nodded and smiled weakly.

"Thank you," Harry said. "Did you enjoy your Easter holiday?"

"I, um, stayed here. My . . . um, my family . . . isn't . . ." Knox stammered.

"Oh, Knox, I'm terribly sorry. I wasn't thinking," Harry apologized. "Are you all right?"

Knox nodded. "My parents' trial begins in two weeks. I'm not certain what the delay was, but they've been in prison all this time."

"I'm sorry," Harry reiterated.

"I'm expected to testify."

Harry bit his lip. "For or against?"

"Both, actually. Although, I don't know how I'll be of any help either way. I was in America for the important parts."

"Who is the Interrogator? Do you know?" Harry asked.

"Madge- Madget, something like that."

"Madgest? Frank Madgest?"

"Yes, I think."

"He's a good man. Fair and honest. He'll give your parents a fair trial," Harry assured him. "What about the defense?"

"A man called Pucey. Do you know him? I believe he went to Hogwarts around the same time as you."

Harry nodded. "He was a couple of years ahead. But he was Slytherin. Draco would know him better than me." Harry turned back to Draco, who was still speaking with McGonagall. "Draco, love, do you remember much about Adrian Pucey?"

"Pucey? Why do you ask?"

"He's representing Knox's parents in their upcoming trial. I thought you might have some insight."

Draco leaned forward to make eye contact with Knox. Though the man was no longer any sort of threat to him, and perhaps never was, Draco still didn't like him. But he appeared to be a shell of a man these days, and Draco wasn't without sympathy.

"He was a competent student I suppose," Draco offered. "However, he cheated when he could to get good grades. I would say more out of laziness than lack of intelligence. I had heard that he was studying law. He's got as good a chance as any to keep your parents out of prison." Draco threw him a bone.

"But I don't want them to get away with what they've done," Knox said. "I was sort of hoping you'd tell me he was a dolt."

Draco's eyebrows rose sharply. "Maybe there's hope for you after all," he said.

"Draco," Harry nudged him.

"What? Where would I be today if I had blindly supported my father? Knox is finally growing some bollocks." He turned to Minerva and blushed. "Pardon my language."

She merely gave a grunt.

"But you didn't turn your back on him," Harry retorted.

"No, but I don't let him control me anymore. Believe it or not, Harry, I understand what Knox is going through. His parents just hid it better than mine did. They manipulated him to keep up appearances. I'm not saying that he should wish his parents ill. I'm only saying that it's not his responsibility, whatever happens to them."

Knox said, "Thank you. I think you're right. No matter what the outcome of their trial, I've decided to make a fresh start. That's why I will be leaving Hogwarts at the end of the term."

"Professor?" McGonagall questioned. "Your family's activities during the war don't reflect badly on you. There's no need to leave."

"I understand, headmistress. But there are other reasons . . ." Knox glanced at Harry. "I've begun applying to other schools. I was planning to pen you a letter this week."

"Don't be too hasty," she told him.

"No, I've been considering it for some time," he said. "I think it's best."

"We'll be sorry to see you go," Minerva said.

"Thank you," he replied sadly, noticing that Harry hadn't chimed in.


"You're awfully quiet," Draco commented as he and Harry walked back to their quarters.

Harry shrugged.

"You're not an Auror any more. Stop trying to fix Knox's problem's in your head."

Harry smiled. "How do you read me so well? And I know I'm no longer an Auror. I wish there was a way to help him without getting too involved."

"You can best help him by not getting involved at all," Draco said. "Clearly, he's trying to get over you by leaving. Let him leave."

"I wasn't going to convince him to stay. I just feel badly for him."

"I do too." Draco rolled his eyes at Harry skeptical expression. "I do. When my family's freedom was at stake, I had been a, well, perhaps not a willing participant, but I was a participant nonetheless. I knew there was a chance that we would all go to prison, and I was able to prepare myself for that. Knox was clueless. I'm not a totally heartless bastard."

"It's ironic that he's leaving when you've finally found some common ground," Harry said.

"Don't misunderstand. I feel sorry for him, but not enough to forget our entire past. I think he'll be fine. A fresh start is what he needs. It worked out pretty well for me," Draco smirked.

"Me too." Harry took Draco's hand as they walked up the staircase.

Draco gave Harry a furtive glance as they walked. The faint smile on his husband's face made him wonder what he was thinking about. Draco himself recalled his first day back at Hogwarts. The first day of his fresh start. He remembered walking up the long pathway to the gate and seeing Harry standing there waiting. The man was just as handsome as he'd been in school, and seemed just as unaware of the fact.

A smile came to Draco's face.

"What's got you grinning?" Harry asked.

"I was thinking about our first meeting when I came to teach here. I remembered being surprised that you were so personable with me. We actually carried on a normal conversation for the first time."

"I sort of surprised myself," Harry laughed. "I was amazed I could talk at all, you took my breath away."

"I did? That first day?"

Harry nodded. "I have a confession to make. I nearly wanked thinking about you that night."

Draco feigned a gasp. "Scandalous." He hesitated before making his own confession. "Well, as long as we're divulging secrets . . . I kissed you after we went to the Leaky the first time."

"What? I don't remember that."

"You had passed out by then." A grin grew on Draco's face at the memory. "But you had asked for a kiss, so I felt obliged."

"Hmm. Sorry I missed it," Harry said. "Do you have any other secrets I should know about?"

They continued walking in silence for a few more minutes.

"I did wank that night."

A giggle escaped Harry's lips as he opened the door to their quarters.

"What shall we do the rest of the night?" Draco asked, leaving Harry to wonder if he was serious about the wanking.

"Oh, I thought we were going to work on lesson plans."

"McGonagall was right. We should relax. It's still our wedding weekend. We can work on lessons tomorrow."

"Well . . . I could think of a thing or two to do," Harry grinned.

"It's always all about shagging with you, isn't it Potter?" Draco said affectionately.

"It is our wedding weekend," Harry pointed out. "By my count, we've only done it five times. That's not even our shag record for a regular weekend."

"Yes, but those weekends usually include Friday night and all day Saturday. We've only had last night and today."

"There's plenty of time to get two more shags in." Harry glanced at the clock. "It's only half-seven."

Draco walked to Harry and kissed his neck. "If you insist," he smiled against it.

Reluctantly, Harry broke away. "Actually, that wasn't what I was really talking about."

Draco's brow furrowed.

"You know the stories I wrote? The ones about the boy called Liam? Well, I was thinking about cleaning them up a bit and trying to get them published. What do you think? Would you want to help me?"

"I'm not a writer."

"But you're a reader. You know what's good and what's not."

"You could probably get them published as is. Any publisher would snap up Harry Potter's stories in an instant."

"That's Potter-Malfoy now. And I don't want to use my name. I'd like to see if they're worth anything on their own, not simply because they're mine."

Draco stepped back and cocked his head. "You're serious about this."

Harry nodded.

"All right. I'd be happy to help. But, like I said, I'm not a writer. Nor am I an editor."

"Draco, if anyone is particular enough to critique my work, it's you. I know you said you liked the stories before, but that was when we were shiny and new. I need you to be brutal now."

Smirking, Draco said, "All right. But you have to promise not to take any of it personally. I don't want it to cause any tension between us."


"So, what prompted this all of a sudden?" Draco asked.

"It's not all of a sudden. I told you before that I might want to do something with them down the road," Harry said. "But to be honest, it was watching you read to Dominique. I wondered what it would be like to listen to you read about Liam's adventures."

Draco smiled. "We didn't have a chance to read this morning. Shall we take up our place on the sofa?"

"Now?" Harry asked.

"Why not?" Draco paused. "Oh, do you not have them in order yet from when I tossed them? I'm so sorry about that. I can help you-"

"No, they're all in order. Don't feel badly about that. I didn't blame you one bit for being angry with me. I'm lucky you didn't burn them. Anyway, that's all behind us."

"Then join me."

Draco lay down first with Harry settling between his legs. He leafed through toward the end of the parchment book, and found what he was looking for. He cleared his throat.

"Wait, you're starting with the last story?" Harry questioned. "That one is just for you and me."

"Yes, I know," Draco smirked. "I figured we could multitask. I'll read, and get us in the mood to meet our weekend goal."

Harry shifted from side to side, pressing his back into Draco's front.

"Not yet, I haven't even started reading."

"I was thinking we could act it out instead," Harry suggested.

Draco paused and pursed his lips in thought, then tossed the book onto the floor.

"Good plan."