Heavy footsteps echoed down the darkened corridors of the Decepticon stronghold as they headed to the Warlord's throne room.

The tall, imposing figure came to an abrupt halt as the heavy doors slid opened to reveal the Warlord in all his notorious glory as he sat brooding on his horned throne surrounded by the chatter of cackling and bawling lieutenants.

"What is it Soundwave?" the room instantly fell silent as his deep, ragged voice reverberated through the chamber, causing mechs to shift into the darkened corners and open the way for the much respected and much feared Third in Command.

Soundwave ignored the lieutenants and bravely strode towards the centre of the room to stand before the mighty silver mech on his elevated dais. Had he been able to quiver with fear at the news he knew his master would despise, he would have. As it was he hid his emotions behind his visor and raised his monotone voice.

"Mission: Infiltrate Autobot mainframe. Status: failed."

A heavy silence fell over the room as nervous mechs averted their optics and tried to hide from their Master's response. The braver few cautiously peeked at their lord's face, waiting for the inevitable outburst that could possibly mean the end of their pathetic existence.

Yet his outburst did not come from Warlord himself, but from a slender red and blue seeker, leaning arrogantly against his throne.

"Ha!" he screeched, "I knew this plan was doomed to fail, o my illustrious leader. Now if you had only listened to me, I..."

"SILENCE" Megatron roared as he slammed his fist onto his throne's elegant armrest.

The seeker abruptly fell silent as he glared at his lord, disdain coupled with a hint of defiance clear in his calculating optics.

"Soundwave, what of our operative?" Megatron growled softly, leaning back into his throne and fixing his hard glare on the figure in the centre of the room.

"Operative Codebreaker: deceased."

Another growl reverberated through the silent chamber.

"At least tell me he was able to dispatch of Prime's second?" Megatron demanded, his crimson optics narrowing dangerously as he thought of the hated tactician. It would be a devastating blow to the Autobots and an outstanding victory to the Decepticons if they could get rid of that, unfortunately, brilliant tactician.

"Negative Lord Megatron." Soundwave responded.

A roar ripped through the chamber as Megatron launched to his feet and paced his throne room like a furious beast, hands clenched as he snarled at his lieutenants in the room. The lieutenants backed even further into the walls, cowering in the darkness that shrouded them as they avoided the fierce stare of their lord and master, lest he turn his smouldering wrath on them.

Megatron finally came to a stop in front of Soundwave and vented loudly. Cocking his head he looked at his third in command and communications officer as he contemplated the diabolical scheme forming in his processor. "If memory serves me correct, Codebreaker was also a Praxian, the same as...Prowl." Megatron growled the last word out as if it left a bitter taste and turned to face Starscream, still arrogantly perched against his throne.

"Starscream!" He bellowed.

"Yes, o mighty Megatron?" Starscream sneered as he lazily canted his head to the side.

The Warlord barred his teeth as he glowered at his insolent lover, looking at him with piercing crimson optics, but at the same time through him to a macabre vision playing out before him. "It is time to show all Praxians and all of Cybertron the might and fury of the Decepticon army." He stated sinisterly and then started laughing, soft at fist and then louder. The lieutenants cast worried glances at each other and at their lord, unable to fathom what their lord might find so humoristic in the situation. So they waited in dreaded silence for their mighty leader to inform them how they might show their power to the whole of Cybertron.

Starscream straightened and pushed off the throne, curiously eyeing his lord as he inched closer to the menacing, crowing figure. He knew enough about his abusive lover to know that this bode ill for the Autobots, and he revelled in the thought of showing their might, his might, to all of Cybertron, both Autobots and Neutrals alike. Let them quiver in their wake.

Megatron suddenly stopped laughing and focused on Starscream again, his crimson optics bright with the lust of imminent bloodshed.

"Praxus. Level it. Now."

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