Naruto the third Rikudo Sennin

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. This fic was inspired by Naruto Uzumaki: Rise of the Sanninme no Rikudō by joshnaruto. For those who have read his fic there will be certain similarities.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki, currently I'm sixteen, still a mere Genin and right now I am facing the very person who had just destroyed the village and killed people I cared for like Kakashi-sensei, Shizune-chan and countless other people. Me just a mere Genin, was facing off against what could possibly be the strongest Shinobi of all time, well he would be if he wasn't crippled, forced to use bodies as puppets and separate his abilities between the Deva, Animal, Preta, Human, Asura and the Naraka Paths. To put it simply it was the toughest fight of my life. One good thing that has come out of this battle is now I know who my father is, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, the man I'd always looked up to. Luckily for me I have more secret Jutsus up my sleeve than just Rasengan with the variations, Sage Mode and theShadow Clone jutsu.

When I was thirteen, pervy sage took me away from the village to train me and make me stronger to defend both my and my precious people from anyone who would wish to harm them including Akatsuki. When he told me we were leaving for two and a half years I was admitally excited as any growing Shinobi would be, knowing they were going to be getting stronger and learning powerful jutsu.

However things were different than I had thought. Instead of training to use powerful jutsu I had to train my body to be stronger and faster. Obviously at the time I complained because I wanted to know flashy and powerful things. Pervy sage had to explain about what exactly we were going to be doing during training. He told me his original plan was to just build my strength, speed, resilience, chakra control, Taijutsu and maybe try to learn how to control Kyuubi's chakra. He further explained that after Sasuke's going rogue he had to change how he was going to train me since I had more than just Akatsuki to deal with. Instead of just those few aspects of being a Shinobi, he had decided to fill me up with whatever he could throw my way to make me the absolute best I could ever be.

So during those two and a half years everything about me was improved to the point that I could go toe-to-toe with pervy sage going all out and beating him half the time. My growth had surpassed beyond even pervy sage's expectations. I was able to find out my nature affinities were Wind, Lightning, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Within the time limit however I couldn't master all of them. Pervy sage had me training with water lighting, fire, and earth with the time in which I had fully mastered before the time came to return home which was largely possible thanks to the shadow clone jutsu.. I learnt, mastered and even creating some of my own jutsu in those two and a half years. Some could be considered even S-Rank and high A-Rank which I was entirely pleased with, knowing I had created such strong jutsu.

Although pervy sage told me that when it came time to return home that I needed to keep my skills a secret. In other words to only show so much so that I would have plenty of trump cards. He hadn't wanted Akatsuki or anyone else to find out just how strong I really was, when I'd asked him how strong I was he had truthfully told me I was at least mid-high A-Rank to low S-Rank. In the end I agreed to only show a little of what I could do, though at many times I hated it.

However there was training that I did that only I knew about and that was training with kyuu-chan. That's right the most powerful of the Bijuu is a smoking hot babe. Long flowing red hair, fox ears, nine tails, mile long legs, and G-cup breasts. At first things were rough between us but eventually she became a trusted companion and naruto was able to learn how to control up to seven tails but she warned naruto that if he got real mad the number of tails he could control would go down and he would be completely overtaken with four tails.

Soon she joined a list of sorts of girls who had become my most trusted female companions who felt the same way for me I did for them. The girls names are hinata, hanabi, moegi, tenten, ino, temari, isaribi, sasame, kurenai, koyuki, ayame, yakumo, haruna, shizune, yuugao, hana, and toki. It had all started during the academy days and throughout my shinobi career that I met each one of them. One by one I fell in love with them and in turn they fell in love with me. When I came back, through more missions I gained more loves in the beautiful forms of amaru, shion, and akari.

Through all of these adventures not only did I gain new lovers but a new weapon in the form of the dragon blade. I now had another weapon to defend those I cared for and loved. However I had for now pretend that I had lost the dragon blade which really sucked.

For the entire time I had stepped foot back in Konoha. From Gaara's kidnapping, Asuma's death, mastering my wind element and completing Wind Style: Rasenshuriken and even Nagato's attack on the village, I had to keep my true abilities hidden. I hated lying to all of my friends except my loves because I couldn't lie to them. Especially Kakashi-sensei and Yamato-taicho when they helped me with my wind style. I had wanted to tell them I could use all of the elements. However I couldn't because I was too afraid that if I did, then people like Danzo would find out. So I had to play dumb, act like I was still stupid despite the fact that over the time away from Konoha I had become much smarter from working on strategy.

The only time I didn't play dumb, was when Pa and Ma taught me how to use nature chakra which I had no idea about since pervy sage hadn't mentioned that there were many types of chakra before. If he had, maybe I could have learnt to use nature chakra before. The feel of being connected to the Earth was unlike anything I had ever felt, it was pure, more pure than anything I had ever felt before.

Now though, after listening to Nagato speak about his past and coming to realizations on my own, I had to show everyone and I mean everyone who I really am, what I can do, and to stop playing around. Maybe if I had decided to do so earlier, I could have saved the other Jinchuriki or Asuma. Shaking my head of such thoughts, I looked back up at Nagato as he continued to speak.

"Just by living people hurt others without realizing it. As long as people live, so too will hatred. There can be no peace in this cursed land. What Jiraiya spoke of was nothing but a fantasy." Nagato had just told Naruto, who was stood across from him, all about his past, what had made him the man he was today.

Nagato had told Naruto all about his past. How he, Konan and Yahiko were all just poor orphans in Amegakure. He told him everything about how Jiraiya found them and had trained them in the ninja arts for three years, to the meeting with Hanzo when Danzo and the other two elders along with all his ROOT Shinobi had made an alliance with Hanzo to destroy the group which resulted in Yahiko's death.

"I lost so many more friends in battle after that. So many friends so many people kept dying. Everyone in the land of fire crows about peace but each mission Konoha undertakes funds the war. The people of the land of fire know they are in conflict in the war, yet they hypocritically speak of peace. The peace of the big countries is built on the sacrifices of the little countries. Now you see my reasons. Back in the village I asked you if you had a better solution, do you?" Nagato asked.

Naruto was silent for a moment, "That may be true." He said softly as he pulled out a book with the title 'The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja', and remembered Jiraiya's words.

"I believe the time will come when people truly understand one another!" "I think you're right." Naruto said shocking Nagato. "Really?" Nagato asked with wide-eyed. "I understand you. But I still can't forgive you I still hate you." "Then let's finish this." Nagato stated moving to get out of the machine he was placed in.

"But" Nagato stopped as Naruto spoke, the blonde's blue eyes fixing him with a gaze filled with so much determination it was almost frightening. "That Ero-sennin believed in me so I will believe what he believed in." Naruto stopped, his grip tightening around the spine of the book. "That's my answer." Nagato's rippled-eyes had gotten wider as the blonde spoke. "I won't kill you."

'What is this boy?' Konan wondered to herself, staring at the blonde in question with shock and awe. Never before had she seen so much determination in someone's eyes, well, besides Yahiko that is.

"You won't kill me?" Nagato turned the statement into a question, more for his benefit than anyone else's. The words repeated over in his head and he couldn't help but wonder how such a young man could be so determined after being given the short-end of the stick since the first day of his life. "You will believe in what Jiraiya believed in? I see so that's your answer." He looked at Naruto for a moment before shaking his head with incredulity. "So should we just sit here and wait for you to bring peace to the world?" He asked rhetorically as he inclined his head to move forward. "Give me a break! How can I believe in Jiraiya now? There's no such thing as real peace!" Naruto looked up from the book. "It's impossible as long as we're living in this accursed world!"

"Then" Naruto spoke up after a moment, his Sage Mode still active. "I will break the curse. If there's such a thing as peace, I will find it. I won't give up."

Nagato's eyes had gotten wider with each word spoken before looking at the young man in bewilderment. "You…that's" Words eluded him as he tried to say what even his mind couldn't place together.

Konan looked at her life-long friend in alarm at seeing him so shocked and simply taken aback. "Nagato…what's the matter?" "Those words" Nagato uttered, staring down at the blonde. "That's right those were lines from this." Naruto spoke low, looking down at the book in question. "The first book he ever wrote. He wrote this book to change the world. At the end, he says he was inspired by a pupil of his to write this. That was you Nagato. "Nagato looked at him in further shock, his Rinnegan glowing from his emotions.

"What?" Nagato muttered. "Is this just a coincidence?"

Naruto hadn't finished yet though. "And the name of the main character is Naruto!" Nagato's wide-eyes hadn't lessened in their intensity, only rose. "So my name is a precious memento of him! I can't just give up on and stomp of this memento! I will become the Hokage, like my father before me! And I'll make sure there's a place for Amegakure, too! Believe in me!" He almost pleaded at the end.

Nagato stared at him for a moment, and for that single moment, he could've sworn he saw Yahiko's translucent figure hovering behind Naruto as if they were one in the same. "We studied under the same master I told you before that we should therefore be able to understand each other. Then, I was just joking but now, you're an odd kid you remind me of myself when I was younger"

"Nagato" Konan whispered to herself, glancing at the red-headed Shinobi.

"I couldn't believe in what Jiraiya believed in. Or in the myself. A different path. In you I can see a different future" Nagato looked up into Naruto's own startled Sage eyes. "I will believe in you Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto let out a breath and a weak smile as his Sage Mode finally ran its course and returned his eyes to their shocking blue color. "Thank you Nagato." He whispered in relief.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Nagato spoke, gaining the boy in question and Konan's attention. "Before I die, there are a couple things I must do. I wish to give you, a few gifts that will help to allow you to bring peace to the world as you want to."

"What?" Naruto questioned as he was definitely confused look. "My eyes the Rinnegan will be put to better use…in your care." Nagato said, drawing a gasp from Konan while Naruto's eyes had gone wide and mouth agape. "There are more to my eyes than them being a Doujutsu. In a way, they are sentient; they hold knowledge, power and the ability to bring change to the world. The Rinnegan's chakra, will merge with you, travel through your body and change it to how it should be, you will most likely grow taller, your hair may change, you may gain more muscle, I don't truly know what will change in you. But I do know, it will unlock your potential, give you your true power."

Naruto looked at him shock for a moment at the ability of those eyes that were considered a myth not long ago before blinking. "How would you even give me the Rinnegan?" He asked, considering its power. After all, power in the right hands could be used for good or evil.

Nagato smiled down at him. "I will have my Rinneganimplanted within you, it will sense your Uzumaki blood…and chakra and it will bond with your chakra network, your mind and bring out who you really are." "Uzumaki blood? And chakra?" Naruto questioned before blinking in shock. "Then you are" "An Uzumaki? Yes." Nagato answered with a sad smile. "We are distant relatives, my family had left the Uzumaki homeland before it was destroyed and moved to Amegakure."

He flinched as he felt his life leaving him, bit by bit. "Anyway, back to what I was saying when I have my eyes transplanted within you, I will be passing along everything my Rinnegan has stored, jutsu, knowledge, you will be able to do many things you've never used as if you have used them before. It may or may not get confusing for a while, but over time you will get used to it. The transplanting will be painful, I warn you, which is why I must have you be unconscious during the procedure. In that time, your DNA will change, your body will change to how you should look and you will know everything I do."

Naruto looked at Nagato for a moment. "Say I agree to do this, will I have to go out and find some dead bodies to share the power I'll possess?" He questioned, not wanting to go that far for power. "No." Nagato chuckled, shaking his head. "I had to do that because when I first used my Rinnegan really used it, it left me crippled, unable to use the full capabilities. I was forced to gather bodies, implant part of my power and giving them the Rinnegan to share and split it amongst six bodies.

You however, have the power of a true Uzumaki and you are more powerful than me even now. Should you accept this power, you will be able to use its full powers, adding in your almost unlimited chakra supply, you will be able to do so much more with it. Your healing abilities will affect the transplantation though, the Rinneganmay stay permanent for a short while but your healing ability will return them to your original blue ones allowing you to still use your sage mode and the Rinnegan itself like an Uchiha would use his Sharingan. I wish I could explain more and teach someone like you along the way, but, everything I know, you will soon know."

Konan stood off to the side slightly, looking at Nagato with nothing but shock, sadness and pride at having him back to how he used to be, though she knew it would only be a short time. Looking at Naruto she noticed the determination mixed with anxiety and wariness, if she was correct she could also see hesitance in accepting the power. "Yes these eyes store information, words from a book, jutsu, Taijutsu styles even the amount of rain drops you may see fall." Nagato answered. "Now, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, will you accept this gift I offer you?"

Naruto looked down at the book in his hands and instantly knew he had to take the power. While yes, it was a very dangerous Doujutsu, it was only dangerous to the bearers' enemies and in this case that would be Naruto's enemies, namely the Akatsuki and Sasuke Uchiha. He could protect his precious people, especially his fiancées with power like that.

Looking back at Nagato he gave a curt nod. "I accept." Nagato gave a nod and a smile filled with relief. "So what happens now?" He asked, grateful for what Nagato was giving beyond words. "Now we will place you unconscious and start the procedure. Don't worry about returning to Konoha too late, this will take only a total of ten minutes with Konan's skills and to bandage your eyes and your healing abilities will kick in straight away.

"Naruto-kun." They all heard an unfamiliar voice; though to Naruto it was familiar causing him to jump having forgotten about his extra passenger. He looked on his shoulder to see Katsuyu slither up to it and look at him. "What shall I tell your friends?" She asked politely.

"Oh, Katsuyu, I almost forgot you were here!" Naruto exclaimed with wide-eyes before taking a deep breathe. "Tell them I'll be back soon and to not worry." He almost grimaced at what he'd said telling people like his fiancées to not worry was just asking for trouble.

Katsuyu looked at him for a moment, scrutinizing him and hoping he was making the right decision by taking the power of the Rinnegan even though even she knew how much it could help Naruto. "All right, I hope you know what you're doing. For Tsunade-sama's sake." The little slug told him, getting a small smile in return.

"I do." He gave a nod to the Slug Queen. Naruto sighed and gave a nod to Nagato about what he'd said before Katsuyu reminded him she was still there, praying everything went fine. "Alright, let's do this" He trailed off as he felt a prick in his neck, his vision went blurry, his speech went slurred and he couldn't find the strength to stand. The last thing he saw was heading to the ground before everything went black. Konan pulled the needle from his neck and quickly caught him before he struck the ground. "I got you." She whispered and lowered the future Rinnegan wielder to the ground, the only hope the world will have for a savior.

"Nagato do you have to do this?" She asked, biting her lip to stop her emotions from jumping out. "After everything I've done this is all I can do to repent for my mistakes." He looked down at his fellow clan member. "This is all I can do to give Naruto the power to protect his future, and the world's future. He will give birth to a new era, one of peace. The least I can do right now is to help give him the power and the hope he needs to make those dreams into reality." He placed his hands in a seal. "Help him back to Konoha when this is over, he will most likely go into a coma for a couple days to gather the information within the Rinnegan and use that time to look through everything."

"What about Madara?" Konan asked, accepting her mission. Nagato's eyes narrowed at the name. "He will be looking for my corpse to take my eyes no doubt. Forget about him, protect Naruto. If Madara finds out what has happened here, I don't know what Madara will do to get these eyes but he will cause nothing but devastation. "Understood." Konan asked shortly before closing her eyes as Nagato's chakra spiked, well, what he had left. "Path of Heavenly Life Technique."

Back in Konoha everyone was starting to collect all the corpses of people killed in the invasion and placing them all at the same part of the village when all of a sudden a massive poof of smoke rose up from the centre of the village. When the smoke cleared it displayed the Outer Path in all its glory. They all looked at the creatures as its mouth opened up to impossible lengths and thousands of green tendrils burst from its gaping maw. Each tendril struck a corpse making everyone back away in alarm and caution, not knowing what to expect.

Then to the astonishment of everyone who had been killed started to come back to life. The ones who knew just what was happening was Naruto's fiancées. Only he could change someone who had just destroyed their home and killed many people would suddenly bring everyone back to life.

Nagato had just finished the jutsu and had been laid down beside Naruto by Konan who had to wipe at the tears that fell from her eyes. Coating her hand in green chakra, she bent beside Naruto Uzumaki and placed her hand just above his left eye. "I hope you know what you're doing Nagato." She told the body of her now deceased friend. Looking down at Naruto she smiled slightly through the tears that wanted to fall. "You'll become a strong man Naruto and I'll do as Nagato wished and help you where I can." With one last sigh, she got to work on transplanting the eyes.