Love Is War

Chapter 1: School IS Hell

William Taplin's Private Academy, a small little community in and of itself located on a small group of islands out in the middle of the ocean. With white sand beaches, tropical forests, and exotic Pokémon from all regions have many kids calling this place the ideal school to go. Many even go as for to call it heaven.

I call it hell.

Name's Blue Kurukku and I'm currently severing my fourth year here. I tell you, it's like the moment someone sets foot on this island it's the equivalent of falling off the face of the Earth. No television or even a newspaper! Nothing of the sort that can tell us what in the world is going on outside of the school.

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get off this island. I stopped counting after my thirtieth failure. It's like some sort of force is keeping me from leaving this place. I'll set out on Jiggly, my Jigglypuff, or Turtley, my Blastoise, and an hour later I'll be right back at the beach I set off from. It's just plain weird.

My roommate Yellow kept asking me why I want to leave so badly. I can't really say I have an answer for her. I mean, even if I do manage to find my way to the mainland it's not like I have anywhere to go, I was abandoned. I mean we, as in the entire school, were abandoned. It's not in that brochures they send out, but this is the place parents dump off their problem children. We were unwanted trash, children that can't live up to our parents expectations.

Maybe that's why I want to get out of here. I just wanna defy my parent's last instruction to me. "Stay here and graduate." were my mom's last words. My father didn't even say anything - hell, he didn't even look at me when they dropped me off here. I've even forgotten what their faces look like, but I couldn't care. I didn't need them anymore.

My last escape attempt was about six months ago. When I was out there, drifting on Turtley's back, I thought to myself. Why do I really want to leave? The academy isn't all that bad, I have actual friends here and not just people who use me for my amazing shoplifting ability (which I haven't even used since there's pretty much nothing to steal). We're spoiled like crazy too. The dorms are outfitted with cutting edge technology and we can get any book, game, or movie from the library. Truthfully, the only bad thing is that this place is a school and there is homework to do. If we don't do that homework our library passes get revoked, and that means nothing to do but stare at the ceiling in our rooms.

So anyways, after giving up on my escape plan I just said to hell with it and decided to raise some hell. I have less than a year left in my prison sentence, so why not go out with a bang?

Part 1: Let the Games Begin

Saturday; October 5th

"Gold is a dead man!"

I looked up from my book to see one of the Kostoris twins, Crystal, stomp her way into the dorm. Her face was red, making it look like she had just finished a marathon around the islands. Her dark-blue hair bounced with every angry step she took.

A few of the other girls who had gathered in the lounge with me immediately fled to the safety of their rooms when my anger-driven underclassmen took a seat across from me. Few people could calm Crystal down when she was in one of these moods. Even fewer still when it involved Gold.

Luckily, I was one of those few.

"So," I closed my book and grabbed a nearby notebook and pencil that one the girls had left when she fled. "Tell Blue what's wrong." I said.

Crystal rolled her eyes at my therapist act and crossed her arms. "What's wrong is that I'm going to get charged with justifiable murder."

"Oh, big words." I smiled. "What'd he do this time?"

"He saw her Smoochum panties." Another voice chimed in to our conversation. Another girl deposited herself into the overstuffed chair to my right as Crystal's face flushed darker.

"Lyra!" Crystal squealed, too embarrassed to say anything else.

The other Kostoris twin snickered before turning to me. "You should have seen it Blue. Crystal and I were just walking on back, when all of a sudden Crystal's skirt flew up! Gold –" But Lyra never got a chance to finish her sentence. Crystal had decided to silence her sister with one of her oversized history books. The giant book had been thrown with such force that Lyra, chair and all, were flipped backwards.

"Not another word!" Crystal yelled, huffing angrily.

"Gold was standing right behind us," Lyra told me quickly, taking cover behind the flipped chair. "And he was the one that flipped her skirt up!"

"Lyra!" Crystal had reverted to some sort of beast. Diving over the chair, she and her sister began one of their little fights. Anyone who hadn't already cleared out of the room by now had surely gone back to their room and bolted the doors. Well…all but one-


I looked up just in time to see another one of my underclassmen friends, Sapphire, launch herself off the balcony. She's not human, that one. Sapph can run circles around the edge of campus without breaking a sweat, spends most of her free time in the forest swinging from vines and creating secret bases, and loves to battle. My eyes followed her as she leapt into the whirlwind of a fight.

"I'm surprised Gold isn't here yet." I snickered to myself.

"What barbarians." A voice said from behind me. I turned to see Ms. Perfect standing there, watching the three girls duke it out. Platinum Berlitz, a freshman. I honestly had no idea how someone as bland as her had gotten dumped here with the rest of us. Her opal eyes always had the same boring expression that I remembered my mother having. "How do they expect to ever become proper women with this sort of behavior?"

"Well not everyone likes the rules." I smiled at her. Regardless of how much she reminded me of my mother, she had still worked her way into my small group of friends. Plus I still wanted to know how she had managed to whip two of her classmates into practically being her personal slaves.

"What's going on here?" A strict voice suddenly snapped.

The five of us froze, shivers running down our spines. I turned to see the dormitory mistress, Lorelei. She had somehow managed to materialize in the doorway without a single sound. She clicked her heel impatiently, looking to each of us before resting her gaze on Crystal, Lyra, and Sapphire.

"Um, well you see…" I started.

But Lorelei didn't seem to hear me. "You know that fighting, Pokémon battles or otherwise, are prohibited on campus." The three brawlers separated themselves immediately and stood up, trying their best to look like innocent little angels. But it didn't seem to work. "You three should know better by now. You'll be put on cleaning duty for a week."

"Yes ma'am." The three sighed.

Lorelei turned to Platina and myself now. "And as for you two,"

"Whoa there." I said quickly, putting my hands up in defense. "We didn't do anything."

"Exactly." Lorelei replied. "You should have reported this to me immediately when the fight broke out. I expect better of my dorm students." Then, looking past me and at Platina, "Especially you, Ms. Berlitz."

Platina nodded silently and Lorelei continued. "You will be helping them. I expect to see all of you at eight o'clock sharp."

"Yes ma'am." We said simultaneously. And with that, the she-devil, er, I mean dorm mistress, left.

Crystal huffed, putting herself back down on the sofa across from me. Lyra righted the chair that had been knocked over, and a silence seemed to fall over the room. Until I spoke up that is. "So Crystal." The dark-blue haired girl cast her glance my way, clearly still irritated with her sister. "You want revenge on Gold, right?"

"No. I want him to suffer. I want his children to suffer!" Crystal stood up, fiery determination burning in her eyes. "I want to inflict so much pain that his grandchildren feel it!"

I laughed evilly, getting a few stares from my circle of friends. "Well then, I may have a great idea."

Yellow's POV

"Blue are you sure we should be doing this?" I sighed. Only a few minutes ago I was reading in my dorm room, the next Blue storms in, says something about an ingenious plan, and now I'm hiding in the bushes outside the male dormitory.

"Oh it'll be fine." Blue smiled and handed me a small package. "Just smile at the front door and Red will let you right in. You know he already adores you."

I felt me checks flush up. "T-That's not true!" Whatever crazy idea Blue has in her head about Red and I, it wasn't true.

"Just get moving already!" Crystal sighed impatiently from behind us.

"Time is money!" Blue agreed and shoved me out into the open. I almost tripped and dropped the package Blue had given me. As I walked to the front door of the male dorm, I realized I didn't even know what it was. Much less what she wanted me to do with it.

Before I had the chance to turn back and ask my crazy roommate, a voice called my name from the building in front of me. "Hey, Yellow!" And my heart took up residence in my throat.

My gaze was brought to the fourth story window that belonged to his room. Red's room. "H-Hi Red!" I smiled back. His black hair shined radiantly in the sunlight, and his unnatural red eyes twinkled like a prince from a shojo manga.

Er, I mean, he was still wearing his school uniform. I guess he must have just gotten back.

"What'cha doing down there?" He asked, his voice setting off butterflies in my stomach.

I mean, perfectly calm and normal, I replied, "I don't have anything to do, and I can't find anyone else." I forced these words that Blue had force fed me. There was no way those words formed some magical phrase that was going to get me into the dorm.

"Oh really? Hang on, I'll let you in and we can hang out."

I blinked. What just happened?

Crystal's POV

I watched as Red let a rather dazed Yellow into the dorm. "So," I turned to Blue. "How exactly does getting Yellow inside help me exact my revenge on Gold?"

"Hm?" Blue turned to me with a cat-like smile. "Who ever said it would?"

"WHAT?" I growled.

"Oh calm down sis!" Lyra smiled, looping her arm around my shoulders. "It's all good. Blue's just trying to get her roomie laid!"

Blue rested her head in her hand. "Well, maybe not that far."

I ground my teeth. There had to be some sort method to this madness. "So what's next?"

"For what?"

"My revenge!" I snapped.

Lyra and Blue looked at me like I had just told them I murdered the teachers. "Sheesh, take a chill pill sis." Lyra backed up while she spoke.

"Don't worry. Sapph should be back any second now." Blue smiled.

Almost on cue, the trees above us started to shake. I looked up and spotted Sapphire hanging from a branch with a large sack over her shoulder. "Look out below!" She yelled as she fell. She landed before us, a giant grin plastered across her face.

"Did you have any trouble?" Blue asked, taking the bag from wild girl.

"None whatsoever!" Sapphire saluted. "Easier than stealing candy from Ruby."

Blue snickered and swung the bag across her shoulder. "Alright girls. Operation Revenge is a go." I was about to object, mainly because Blue hadn't even bothered to tell us what Operation Revenge was, but she had already pulled out her phone. "Hello? Platina! How goes your end?"

I tapped my foot as silence filled the woods around us. What I would like to know is how someone like Blue had managed to pull innocent little Platina into this mess. She usually sat in the library with a stack of books and her two man-servants practicing some stupid routine nearby.

Maybe I should take some notes from Platina. I could turn Gold into my man-slave.

"Um, Crystal?" Lyra's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "You're drooling."

I blinked. "Wha?"

Blue snapped her phone shut, smiling at the three of us still gathered here. "Platina's got us a way in. Now, let's get this operation underway."

"Keep watch." Blue whispered, dropping down to her knees. "We don't want anyone catching us." As she dug a small box out of her pocket I heard her mutter under her breath, "We're in enough trouble as it is."

Those words struck a chord in me. Lorelei already had them on cleaning duty, and that was one of the lesser punishments she was infamous for assigning. What would she say if she found out we broke into the male dorm to play pranks? "Um, Blue. I'm having second-"

"Done!" Blue chirped happily, interrupting me. She slid two small metal picks back into the box she had pulled out and pushed the door open. "So what were you saying?"

I sighed. "Nothing."

Sapphire was the first one in the room, immediately digging through everything in sight. "Is this really Gold's room?"

Lyra pushed her way in as well, her hands behind her back. She looked around lazily like she was walking into a grand museum rather than Gold's bedroom. "Not what I expected."

"Well what did you expect?" I asked.

"Nothing much." She admitted. "I was just expecting some porn lying around."

"Well Silver lives in here too. Would you expect him to let Gold let any of that disgusting stuff lie around?" I asked her. I almost sat down on one the beds, but thought better of it. "Where in the world he even get some?"

"Oh you'd be surprised what they sell on the black market here." Blue was digging through her sack, which I still haven't seen the inside of. I have no idea what the cunning burnet had in store for Gold, and when she pulled a pineapple out of the sack, I was even more confused.

"Wait, a black market?" I ignored the pineapple. "Just what kind of school has a black market?"

Blue opened her mouth, probably to say something witty, but we all froze at the sound of another voice. "Oh come on Silver, please let me copy your notes!"

"No." Replied a calm voice, which was bordering on irritation.

Key fumbled in the lock, and the four of us exchanged guilty and panicked looks. "We need to hide!" Blue mouthed.

Sapphire shot up and pointed across the room. "The closet!"

I was closest, so I threw the doors open. I nearly passed out from the smell. "Dear Arceus!" I almost shouted.

"In, in, in!" Blue began shoving the three of us into the closet.

"I'm not hiding in there!" I protested, "Can't you smell it?" I would much rather bath in Grimer-polluted water.

"We don't have a choice!"

Before I knew it, Blue had managed to cram the four of us into the closet. Four girls, in hiding, stuck inside Gold's closet, and I was standing in Arceus-knows-what. All I know was that was spoiled and more than likely the source of this rancid smell. At least I hoped it was.

"Oh why not?" Gold complained, he and Silver now in the room.

"Because you slept through class today."

At this point, Blue let loose something I can only describe as an 'eep.' It was so high-pitched and loud, it was as obvious as a Snorlax's hungry stomach. "Watch the hand!" Blue hissed at Sapphire.

"Did you hear something?" Silver's voice came through the closet door.

Lucky for us, Gold waved it off. "I didn't hear anything…now, about those notes…"

"For the last time, no!" Silver snapped at his roommate. "If you sleep through class then,"

"I can't help it if Sabrina puts me to sle, wait. Is that a pineapple?"

I could feel Sapph and Lyra tense up next to me. This was it; they would know someone had been in their room. All because of that damn pineapple!


"I think your Pokémon are stealing food from the cafeteria as well." Silver guessed.

"What do you mean as well?" Gold demanded.

"You know what,"

And then the closet door opened. Silver was standing there, a dark red sweater in his hands. I spotted Aipom in the middle of the floor, playing with the pineapple. Gold, luckily, was nowhere in sight.

Silver, his mouth still open in midsentence, just stared at us. In a flash, Blue grabbed him and dragged him into the closet with us, the door pulled shut behind him. I couldn't see anything, but I heard a 'thump' and assumed Blue had pushed him up against the wall. "Not. A. Word." Blue hissed to him.

The door was kicked open again, and Silver thrown out. I knew we wouldn't be ratted out by Silver. We were in the same grade, but I didn't know a lot about him personally. What I do know is that he and Blue were inseparable for his first year here; they were closer than siblings could be.

"What were you doing?" Gold's voice came through the door.

"Um, nothing." Silver replied quickly. "Excuse me, I need your Aipom for something."

"Aipom?" The poor purple monkey was more than likely snatched up and gone by the time the door had slammed shut.

"Whatever." Gold called.

Silence followed, and the next minute and a half seemed like fifteen years.

"I'm going to check." Lyra declared in a whisper.

"No!" Blue hissed at her. "What if he sees you?"

"That's a risk I'm willing to take!"

The door opened a crack and it was like the light of heaven as showing through that crack. My heart beat like a drum in my ear, and adrenaline raced through me. It was a surprising rush that I never expected.

The four of us crammed together at the door and tried to catch a sneak peak at Gold. I spotted him almost immediately. Sitting at his desk Gold's attention was on his school-issued laptop. "His headphones are in." Blue pointed out.

"Let's make a run for it." Sapph suggested.

"But what if he spots us?" I objected. I could only imagine the reaction Gold would have to a group of girls falling out of his closet.

"Well when are we going to get another chance?" Lyra demanded.

I couldn't counter that. Apparently neither could anyone else. So, without any objections, Blue silently pushed the closet door fully open. I could see it from the point of view of one of Sapphire's video games. We were a group of spies, four copies of 007, sneaking through enemy territory. We crept across the room, Gold still as oblivious as a rock. Blue led the whole time, and she was already at the door.

Just a few more inches and we would be free…

Blue reached for the doorknob.

And then I realized my mistake too late.

I had stepped on that pineapple, and let out a cry as I crashed into Lyra. From there, Sapphire and Blue had somehow gotten tangled up in my mistake, and in seconds we were a mess of tangled limbs. Stuck on the bottom of the pile, all I could do was glare at Gold. Of course he would have heard us, and now the stupid pervert was smirking down at us.

"Four beautiful girls appear in the middle of my room?" Gold was grinning from ear to ear, and all I wanted to do was knock that smug look off his face. "I didn't know it was my birthday."

Yellow's POV – Earlier

I can't believe those stupid lines actually got me in here. Then again, Red wasn't the kind of person to just leave someone standing around, looking like an idiot.

"Earth to Yellow."

Red's voice penetrated my thoughts and I realized he had been trying to get my attention for some time now.

"Y-Yes?" I stuttered quickly.

Red smiled slightly at me. "Good, you're back. How was the trip to daydream land?" I blushed slightly, and that was from embarrassment! Before I could respond, Red continued. "Anyways, what do you want to do?"

I shrugged. "I don't really care." I hadn't thought this far ahead, nor had Blue given me any sort of instruction on what to do. I didn't even know what was in that box she had given me. I kept it hidden from view, mainly because I didn't want Red to see it. If he saw it, he'd want to know what it was, and how stupid would I look if I said I brought something and I didn't even know what it was? Right now it was stuffed into my oversized lounge chair.

Red smiled again and looked around the lounge. It was slightly bigger than the one we have in the girl's dorm, but it basically had the same furnishing. "Well, I think the basement is taken right now, Ruby kicked everyone out of the 3rd floor lounge a while ago for some reason…"

As I listened to Red think aloud, I also heard Gold and Silver walk by. Gold was pestering Silver for notes or something, but I couldn't pick up any specifics about their conversation.

"So," Red said to me, snapping my attention back, "does that sound like a plan?"

I curse mentally, a smile still on my face. "Sure." I had no idea what I just agreed to, but hopefully it was something I liked.

Red stood up, and just as I was about to do the same, a green-haired boy burst into the lounge, his breath raged like he had just run a marathon. I couldn't help but notice he was wearing a very light green kimono rather than the school uniform. "Red!" He shouted, "have you seen Emerald anywhere?"

Red shook his head, "Sorry, haven't seen him."

The boy frowned at Red before taking off down the hallway again.

"That was Wally, right?" I asked Red. I had seen him around campus before, someone with naturally green hair was hard to forget, but I've never seen him wear anything other than the uniform.

"Yeah, it was." Red laughed slightly. "He hates wearing the uniform. Claims it's too stuffy for his taste."

"So why the kimono?"

Red shrugged. "Wally is…unique."

I laughed a bit at Red's goofy smile and response, and accepted it. I took the hand Red offered me, and when I stood up, I also heard someone sit down. Right across from us, of all people, was Emerald, his nose burry in a book. Emerald was also someone that was hard to forget. A midget with a croissant-style haircut. You could spot his blond hair from half-way across the islands.

Red and I exchanged a knowing glance, but before either of us could get a word out, Wally appeared. "Emerald!" He yelled happily before diving across the room at him.

Emerald simply raised his foot which Wally crashed right into. The green haired boy lay at Emerald's feet for a moment before Emerald looked up from his book. "Wally? What are you doing down there?"

Wally sprung to his feet, his face already bruising. "No time to explain! Ruby and I need you right now."

As Wally dragged Emerald out of the room, I turned my confused look to Red. "What just happened?"

Red shrugged. "Not sure. No one knows what Ruby's doing up there."

"No, not that." I gestured to the chair previously occupied by Emerald. "It was like Emerald didn't even notice that he kicked Wally in the face."

"Oh, that." Red scratched the back of his head a bit awkwardly. "Well, Emerald's gotten so good at ignoring Wally's advances that he just does it naturally."


Just when I thought I couldn't be any more confused, Blue, Crystal, Lyra, and Sapphire skidded into the room. "Yellow!" Blue exclaimed. "We need to perform a tactical retreat!"

"What?" I didn't even know we had done anything. That deserved a retreat.

"All ready!" Sapphire exclaimed after throwing open the window.

Blue wrapped an arm around my waist and dragged me over to the window. "Sorry to cut your date short Red!"

"W-wait!" I yelled in protest as my friends were getting ready to jump out the window. "We're four stories up!" But that didn't seem to bother anyone, especially not Sapphire who screamed 'geronimo!' as she dove out the window.

Red's POV

I ran over to the window as Blue and the other girls jumped out, Yellow's scream following them all the way. I looked down at the ground in time to see them land on a large pink landing pad, which was most likely Blue's Ditty. I sighed in relief as they rolled off it and ran for the forest, headed in the direction of the girl's dormitory.

"Where are they!?"

I turned and saw Gold standing in the doorway, his right eye was black and blue and he held a pineapple in his left hand. I could probably guess who he was talking about, but I decided to play innocent. "What's with the pineapple?"

Gold threw his hands up in frustration. "I have no idea. One minute I'm sitting quietly in my room and the next Blue, Crys, Lyra, and Sapphire are there with a pineapple."

"And how'd you get the shiner?" I smiled, pointing at my own eye.

Gold frowned and slunk down into a nearby chair, the pineapple now in his lap. "I don't want to talk about it."

Blue's POV

"Well that was a disaster." Crystal's voice came from across the bathroom, her voice laced with sarcasm.

"It wasn't all in vain," I pointed out to her as I stood up and stretched. We were stuck with cleaning duty, save Yellow, and were now working on the fifth bathroom. Who knew the floors of a girl's bathroom could get so dirty?

"So breaking into Gold's room, getting caught, and jumping from windows is your idea of success?"

"She's got a point Blue." Lyra pointed out, her head poking out of one of the stalls she was cleaning.

"Ah, but Yellow did get my package into the boys dorm." I objected. "That means phase one is complete."

"And what exactly was in the package?" Crystal demanded.

I giggled. "A little surprise I cooked up by myself." Crystal looked dissatisfied with my answer, so I assured her. "Don't worry Crystal. The games have only just begun."

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