She woke up, on this the most special of days. It was her 18th birthday, the day the little mermaid would finally be able to realize her dream of going to the surface, to see the world.

Her whole life, Ariel had dreamed of being human. Of having legs, to feel the sand beneath her feat. To see the world and all its treasures. Today was the day she would finally make her dream come true.

She quickly went to eat her breakfast, and then went to see her father Triton.

"Morning daddy" she said. "You know what it is today right?"

Triton looked at his daughter, so young and innocent, and he knew that today would be the day that he would have to let her go. She had been planning this for quite some time, and he knew that there was no way he could talk her out of it.

"Of course I know what it is my dear" he said with a sad smile on his face. He went over to his desk where he had a necklace with a beautiful emerald jewel. He had created this necklace especially for Ariel. It had magical powers that would transform Ariel into a human as soon as she wore it.

"Here I made this for you" Triton said, handing over the necklace to Ariel. "As long as you have this on you will be human."

"Its beautiful daddy" said Ariel, as she took the necklace in her hand. It really was something.

"Well I better be off" said Ariel. "Thank you again daddy. Don't worry I won't be gone long. I love you"

She went over and gave her father a kiss and a hug. Then she swam off, ready to start this new faze of her life.

"Ariel wait" said Triton. He went over and got a beautiful blue dress that he had made for her to wear. He handed over the dress to her. "We can't have you walking around naked."

Ariel laughed as she took the dress. "Thanks daddy. Bye"

"Goodbye Ariel and be careful" said Triton, as he saw his daughter swimming away.

A few minutes later Ariel was at the surface. She couldn't believe it was finally happening. She swam to the shore, where she put on the necklace and saw her mermaid tail disappear, as her new human legs began to form.

She was so happy, she let out a small squeal. She got up and began to walk, but immediately fell down as she lost her balance. This was going to take a while.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, the Jolly Roger set down its anchor near the dock, as the crew began to get off the ship and head towards the local bar. They hadn't been on land for quite some time, and they were excited to just spend some time drinking, fooling around with women, and just having some fun.

The Captain of the ship was named Killian Jones, an incredibly handsome and charming pirate. He followed his crew into the bar, not knowing what he would find inside.

He sat at the table where his crew was, as they ordered drinks and looked around to see what they could find.

Ariel walked into the bar, excited to see what humans did in this strange new world she had never known.

People were everywhere, drunk, screaming, cussing at each other, fighting, laughing. Women all over the place, taking some of the men to strange quarters that were hidden away by some curtains. She was a bit intimidated at first, but she figured she would get herself a drink.

She sat the stool at the bar and ordered whatever the guy next to her was drinking.

Killian looked over to the bar and saw her sitting there. Her dark red hair falling over her shoulders. Her fair white skin covered in small freckles, her gorgeous blue-green eyes that reminded him of the sea. She was by far the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He decided to go over there and introduce himself.

Ariel sat there staring at her glass of whiskey, not quite sure what to do with it. She took it in her hand, breathed in the smell, and took a sip. The taste was strong and bitter and she couldn't help but make this strange face of disapproval.

"Not a huge drinker are you love?" said Killian as he sat next to Ariel. Ariel was startled at first to see this handsome man sitting next to her. She wasn't quite sure what to say, so she smiled shyly at the man, looking into his deep blue eyes.

"Well I am not even sure what this is to be honest, but I saw someone drinking it so I thought I would give it a try" she said.

Hook laughed. "Well at least your honest. Killian Jones" he said as he extended his hand over to her.

"Ariel" she said as she stared at his hand not sure what to do with it.

"Ariel…. what a lovely name. You are not from around here are you?" said Killian.

"What makes you say that?" said Ariel.

"Well you just seem a bit odd to be honest love. You didn't know that your drink is called whiskey, and you didn't shake my hand when I introduced myself. "

"Ok well you got me. You see I am actually a mermaid. But I have always wanted to be human and explore your world, and this necklace is allowing me to do that" she said, and took the necklace in her hand and showed it to Killian.

"I see. Well that explains your beauty, because only mermaids are capable of possessing such incredible beauty, and you my dear, are by far the most beautiful mermaid I have ever seen."

Ariel blushed, her cheeks turned red, and her heart started to pound a little faster. "I bet you say that to all the mermaids you meet."

"Actually, you are the first mermaid I have ever met" said Killian. And it was true. He had seen many mermaids in his lifetime, but he had never actually met one. "So you're a mermaid, and you are here now because you want to explore the world? Find adventures?"

"Yes" said Ariel. "I have dreamed about this my whole life. I have always felt out of place in my world. And now I can finally see all that your world has to offer."

"Well my dear, today is your lucky day" said Killian. "I happen to be a pirate, and I have a ship right outside. I would be happy to bring you along."

"Really?" said Ariel, as a huge smile ran across her face. This was amazing, she had just met a pirate, and she knew that pirates sailed the seas in search of adventure. But she also knew that they were dangerous. However, Ariel was young and naive, and passing up this opportunity was not something she would do. Besides, she figured it would be better for her to be around people than all by herself. Plus, she needed a means of transportation anyway.

"Ok, I would be honored to step aboard your ship" said Ariel.

"Excellent" said Killian, with a somewhat evil smirk crossing his face. This was all to easy he though, luring in this beautiful young woman to his ship. After all, with those lonely and long days at sea, he and his crew needed some companionship.

The crew had enough for one night, and started to head towards the ship. Killian took Ariel by the hand, and as soon as she stepped on the ship, she was amazed. It was so beautiful, and big, unlike anything she had ever seen before.

"Lads, I would like to introduce you to our new friend. Her name is Ariel" said Killian.

The crew looked at her, and they all started to smile. She was young and beautiful and innocent, just what the pirates wanted.

One of them immediately grabbed her by the arm, and started to smell her hair.

"Wow Captain" he said. "Where did you get this fine piece of meat?"

"I do ask that you be gentle with her mates" said Killian. "I would like her to be in one piece in the morning."

Suddenly, about five men started to grab Ariel, pulling her towards them. She was being touched, kissed, men whispering inappropriate things into her ear.

She tried to free herself, but they where just too strong. She screamed and kicked and pleaded for them to leave her alone. She called out to Killian, hoping that he would order them to stop. Tears started to roll down her eyes. She was scared for her life. This was certainly not what she had envisioned.

Killian looked over and saw her tears. If there was one thing that he didn't like, it was a women's tears. For some reason, he started to feel guilty. This was the girl's first night as a human, and there she was fighting off lusty pirates who wanted to rape her.

"All right all right let her go!" said Killian, ordering his men to leave her alone. "You know what, if you want sex go find some whore to spend the night with. Ariel is off limits to everyone, you understand?"

The crew was angry, but they respected their captain and so they did as he wished.

Ariel was confused, she didn't know what was going on. Why was this man helping her out all of a sudden?

"Thank you" she said to him.

"Here, you will sleep in the brig tonight" said Killian, as he took her hand and led her down to the brig. He locked her up telling her he would decided what to do with her in the morning.

Ariel sat on the floor, processing everything that had just gone on. First this man comes to her, offering her adventure. Then he hands her over to his crew as if she was some sort of animal. Then he decides to save her from his crew, but then he ends up locking her up.

Strange place this human world was.