The rays of sunlight started to drip through the window, illuminating the room. Killian opened his eyes and stretched his arms. He felt something on his chest; he looked down and saw Ariel's head rested on his chest, her hand placed on his neck. She looked quite comfortable actually, and quite beautiful. There was this innocent look that she had as she was sleeping, but he knew she wasn't as innocent as she may appear. He only wished that the reason she was in his bed was because of a different reason than what actually happened last night. He got up slowly, trying not to wake her up, but he did.

She started to groan and she moved to her side. She then opened her eyes, wincing at the sunlight. She quickly put her hand on her forehead. She had a massive headache. She felt like she had been hit with a 500 pound rock. She also found herself to be very sensitive to the sunlight for some reason, and she felt horrible.

"Morning Sunshine" said Killian, looking down at her as he put his shirt on. "How you feeling?" he asked, knowing what she would say.

Ariel sighed, struggling to get up. "Horrid" she said. "Why does my head hurt so much?"

Killian chuckled.

"Why are you laughing" she asked, confused.

"The reason your head hurts so much my dear little mermaid, is because you are hungover" Killian said, sitting down on the edge of the bed next to her, putting his hand on her cheek.

"Hung...over?" she asked, not knowing what that meant. "But I am not being hung from anything."

Killian chuckled again. "No my dear, hungover is a term we humans use to describe the following morning after someone got drunk."

"Drunk?" she asked, getting tired of this conversation, it was too much effort to try and understand what he was saying.

"Yes you drank too much alcohol last night" said Killian.

She looked around, suddenly realizing that she was in his cabin, lying on his bed. "Why am I in your room?" she asked.

"Well since you were drunk you ummmm tried to get me to sleep with you last night" Killian said, as a smirk formed on his face. "But, since I am a gentleman, I said no, but you fell asleep on my bed so."

"WHAT?!" she asked, surprised and angry at the whole idea. She did not remember any of this, but she was sure she wouldn't have done that, even if she was drunk.

"Relax" Killian said, chuckling again. "I am joking. No you did fall asleep on my bed last night but only because I brought you in to scream at you for what you did last night."

Ariel remained silent for a bit, as she slowly began to remember. "Oh" she finally said.

"Yeah oh" said Killian, more serious now. "You could have gotten yourself killed Ariel, or me for that matter."

"Well I am sorry" said Ariel. "And thank you for saying me I suppose."

"You're welcome. Now get up, we have a big day today. You are finally going to tell me where this treasure of yours is."

"Hmm do I have to?" asked Ariel.

"Yes" said Killian.

"But I'm... what was it called again?"

"Hungover, and I really don't care, we need a heading and time is ticking so... tick tock" said Killian.

Ariel went downstairs, where the rest of the crew slept and opened up her purse. She took out a piece of paper, and then head back up.

Killian was waiting for her up at the upper deck. She went over to him and handed him over the map.

Killian took it and then lowered himself so he was at the same height that Ariel was. He then whispered to her, in a low and seductive voice, "thank you my lady" and then he winked at her.

Ariel just rolled her eyes at him as he went over to take a look at the piece of paper.

He opened it up to find the map of the treasure. It lead to a small island called Isla de Niev. It was a small island, but full of beautiful waterfalls, rain forests and snow covered mountain tops. That was to be there next destination.

"Lovely" said Killian.

"Good morning" said Vanessa as she walked over towards them.

Ariel just stared at her, disgusted. Vanessa had a smirk on her face that said she was up to something. She turned over to Killian, put her hands on his face and kissed him.

Ariel just stared at them, angry, annoyed. She really, really did not lke Vanessa.

Killian was taken a bit by surprise at this. "Good morning lovely" he said, putting a strand of hair behind her ear.

Vanessa smiled, and looked down at the map, interested to see where they were going. "Is that our next destination?" she asked.

"Aye" said Killian.

Ariel decided to leave, not wanting to be around them anymore. Killian immediately noticed her leaving. He saw in her face that she was mad but also disappointed. She was probably jealous he thought. But that meant that she might have feelings for him, and Killian knew that he had feelings for her, but he didn't want to admit it. He didn't want to be with Vanessa, but she seemed like she just wanted to have some fun, nothing more. No harm in that he supposed.

"LAND HO!" shouted Holden, up from the crows nest.

Ariel quickly went to the railing to look out, and she saw the island right there. It was so beautiful. She couldn't wait to set foot on the sand, it had been a while since they had been on land. It took them about 9 days to get to the island.

"Beautiful isn't it?" asked Killian as he walked towards her.

"It sure is" said Ariel, mesmorized by the island. She had never seen anything like it.

"Just like you" said Killian. Ariel turned around after Killian said this, but he was already walking away, ordering his men around. Ariel couldn't help but blush.

"Have you been here before?" asked Ariel.

Killian stopped and turned around to face Ariel. "NO I haven't" he said.

He then walked away. In a few minutes they had reached the shore. The crew got off, and they started walking around, looking around to see what they would find.

Ariel got off last. She was quickly taken away by the beauty of the island. There was so many beautiful palm trees and exotic flowers. The water was clear and blue, the sand white and smooth. It was lovely.

"All right" said Killian, holding the map in his hands. "According to this, we must first head 100 paces due north."

And so they did, taking each step cautiously not knowing what might lie ahead.

They then walked another 200 paces north. By the time they finished it had gotten dark. They decided to camp there for the night, and they would continue their journey in the morning, since they had to climb up the mountain to get to the cave where the treasure was, and they figured it would be best to do that when the sun was out.

The crew settled down and unpacked their stuff. Some went off to find wood for a fire, some went to find some food. Ariel decided to try to get some coconuts she saw up in one of the palm trees. She started to climb the tree, but she just kept falling down. She then decided to take her pocket knife and use it get herself up there. It took her a few tries, but she was able to get herself up there. She then got the coconuts and threw them to the ground, knowing she wouldn't be able to carry them down.

Killian had been keeping an eye on her, in case something happened. Good thing he did, because as she was coming down her foot slipped on the trunk and she fell. Luckily Killian got there just in time to catch her in his arms. She didn't weigh that much so it wasn't a problem.

Ariel gasped as she fell into his arms. She then turned to look at him and thanked him.

"Don't mention it" Killian said. They stared into each other's eyes for a bit until he let her down. "Nice coconuts you got there."

Ariel laughed finding this funny. "Come on let's go eat" she said.

She decided to eat some fruit. Most of the men were eating fish that they were able to get. One of the men actually offered her some fish, but she quickly turned it down. She wasn't going to eat that, no way.

Once they were done, they all sat around the fire, telling stories. Ariel was amazed at all the adventures that the men had had. She could wish that someday she would have stories of her own to tell.

After a while, some of the men started to go to sleep. Killian decided now would be a good time. He walked over to Ariel. "Hey" he said.

"Hey" Ariel said, a bit amused and surprised at the same time.

"You want to see something cool?" he said offering her his hand.

"Sure" she said, taking it. "But I thought you haven't been here before?"

"I haven't" he said. "But I have heard of it before, and I am told that there is something rather magical here."

They walked into the jungle. It was dark, but the moonlight illuminated the way. Killian stopped, he then turned around.

"Close your eyes" he said.

"What? why?" asked Ariel.

"Its a surprise" he said.

She closed her eyes and then she felt his hand touch hers. His touch felt so good. His hands were warm, compared to hers which were always freezing.

She could feel him pulling her slightly, leading the way. "Ok" he said. "Open your eyes."

Ariel opened her eyes. It was beautiful. She saw this small pool of water, glimmering under the moonlight. There was a water fall, exotic flowers surround the pool. She could see these tiny little yellow bugs, that glew in the darkness. In the water she could see the reflection of the moon and the millions of stars.

"It's beautiful" she said.

"I thought you'd like it" said Killian.

Ariel suddenly heard the sound of clothing being dropped to the floor. She turned around and found that Killian was undressing himself.

"What are you doing?!" she asked, surprised.

"What? You think we came here just for the scenery?" he said. Except for his trousers he was completely naked. He ran towards the pool and jumped in, splashing Ariel.

When he emerged from the water he said "Well come on lass, don't just stand there."

"I don't know how to swim" said Ariel.

"Well I can teach you" said Killian. "Or you could take off that necklace and show me what you really look like."

Ariel stood there for a moment. She could let him teach her how to swim, but the truth is she missed her mermaid tail. She missed swimming underwater, her hair flowing. Plus she was kind of afraid she might drown.

"All right then" she said. She took off her belt and boots, and then her pants, her shirt being long enough to cover her bottom. She then sat down on the edge, dipping her legs into the water.

She took a deep breath, and took the necklace off placing it next to her clothes. She then dove into the water, taking her shirt off once she was under. She could feel her legs painfully coming together, her tail reappearing right before her eyes.

She was a mermaid once again. A big smile came to her face as she saw her tail. How she had missed it, how she had missed being in the water.

She started to swim around, happy to feel the water caress her skin once again. Then she remembered that Killian was waiting for her up in the surface. She rose up and saw him standing there.

"Ah there you are" said Killian. "I was afraid you drowned or something. So where is this tail of yours?"

Ariel swam over to the edge of the pool and got herself to sit on the edge. Killian swam over.

"Incredible" he said. "You know I have never been this close to a mermaid before. May I?"

Ariel nodded. He took his hand and ran it through her tail, feeling her slimy, smooth tail.

"You know I didn't think it would be possible but you actually look more lovely as a mermaid" said Killian.

"Thank you... I guess" said Ariel.

They were doing it again, he thought, just staring intently into each other's eyes. But he didn't really want to talk. He decided to lean in and kiss her.

The moment their lips met he could feel that same feeling again, that feeling he got when he first kissed her. It something he had never felt before, but he liked it.

They slowly pulled away from each other, taking a breath. Ariel was taken by surprise, but that didn't mean she didn't want to kiss him. She quickly pressed her lips against his, pulling herself down into the water to meet him. His arms went around her back, as her hands went up to his neck and the back of his head.

It felt so nice to be in his arms, Ariel thought. But wait, she said to herself pulling away. Killian slept with Vanessa, more than once. Why was he kissing her?

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Why are you kissing me?" Ariel asked. She decided she was just going to get straight to the point.

"What do you mean why?" he asked. "I just thought this is a rather romantic setting and I ... I like you so."

"You like me?" asked Ariel, shocked at the fact that he said that. "If you like me then why have you been sleeping with Vanessa this whole time?"

Killian looked at her with surprise; he didn't think she knew about that, besides that one night at the tavern.

"Yeah I know you've been sleeping together Killian, I'm not stupid" she said.

Before Killian could answer, he heard a twig crack to their left. Someone was there, he thought.