Twenty-one year old Michael Nesmith hummed happily to himself as he scribbled down some lyrics on a piece of paper then carefully folded it and placed it in the pocket of his jean jacket. He was on a break from his job at the local music store owned by a guy named Mr Robbins, who Michael liked a great deal, they got on very well. He was sitting in the back room aimlessly sifting through a new shipment of records that had just been delivered. Michael loved music, it was one of his greatest passions and he longed to be a solo star or even part of a group, he didn't mind either way as long as it meant he could make music. He knew it would take a lot of work and patience but he was very ambitious and knew that if he worked hard enough at it he could achieve his dream. He had always wanted a motorcycle as well and saved every scrap of money he had and a few days after his nineteenth birthday got his wish and brought his very first bike.

Then with no particular destination in mind, said goodbye to his mother, packed as much as he could onto the bike and took off, leaving behind his home in Dallas. It amused him that he had ended up in Saginaw, so close to home, but there was a very good reason for that and her name was Kayla. Kayla Coulson, the love of his life.

Michael hadn't planned on staying in Saginaw, just stocking up on supplies and doing a few odd jobs to earn some money and then he was going to take off again. Then he met Kayla and leaving was out of the question. Michael knew there was a big age difference but he didn't care. Kayla was about to turn eighteen years old in a couple of months and they had been together almost two years now. Michael had fallen head over heels in love with her. To his absolute joy Kayla had told him she returned his feelings and the two had been inseparable ever since.

"Michael" The murmur from the doorway brought him from his thoughts and he looked up and saw her standing in the doorway. He smiled.

"Kay, what are you doing here? I was just thinking about you," He told her. Kayla was shorter then Michael. She had long blonde hair that flowed past her shoulders and big blue eyes.

"I'm late Michael," She said.

"Oh, well give me a sec and I'll drop you off on my bike, I'm sure Mr Robbins won't mind me taking off for a few minutes" He replied but Kayla frowned.

"That's not what I meant," She told him.

"Then what did you-" He stopped when it hit him "-Oh" Was all he could think of as a reply.

"By almost a week" Kayla added.

"Oh" Michael said again "I see," He added. He was frozen in his chair, he couldn't move or think, just stare. Suddenly Kayla burst into tears, which shocked him even more. He had never seen her cry before.

"I'm sorry Michael, I'm so sorry" She said. Michael shot up and rushed over to her. Forgetting the recent news, just seeing the woman he loved in distress and wanting to hold her in his arms and comfort her.

"Hey no more tears ok" He said and wrapped his arms around her "It's ok everything will be ok I promise."

"You mean it?" Kayla asked.

"Of course I do. We'll make an appointment with the doctor and we'll go together. We'll do this together," Michael told her.
Kayla looked up at him and smiled.

"Thank you. So you're not mad at me?"

"Why on earth would I be mad, you silly thing. Of course I'm not mad," He said kissing her forehead. Kayla tightened her grip on him.

"I love you so much," she said leaning her head on his chest and closing her eyes.

"I love you" Michael said "Listen, meet me after work ok I really should get back my breaks almost over" He added.

"Ok, I'll see you later" She replied and kissed him goodbye and left. Michael sat back down on his chair and thought about what had just happened. He was completely stunned. The thought of becoming a father scared him to death but on the other hand he thought about Kayla, he loved her more then anything and the thought about creating a life with her filled him with so much happiness. He knew they were still very young but it also felt to him like it was just at the right moment. He went back to work feeling happier then he had done for a very long time.

Kayla returned later that afternoon, she and Michael went to the doctors and managed to get an appointment for that same day. It wasn't long before their suspicions were confirmed. Kayla was pregnant.

"It's fine Kay, we're going to be alright. I've got some money saved and I'll start working more shifts at the store, we'll be ready" Michael told Kayla as they walked down the street one afternoon after Michael had finished his shift at the store.

"I hardly see you as it is!" Kayla said.

"I know but we've got a lot of responsibilities now. We're going to be a family and we need to save for a new apartment and the wedding" Michael told her. Kayla stopped suddenly.

"Whoa! What are you talking about?" She asked.

"Well we can't stay at my place, it's hardly big enough for me. We'll need some place bigger."

"No, no that's not what I meant. You said 'we need to save for the wedding', what wedding?!" She asked. Michael stopped and looked at her.

"Well, our wedding of course" He said, a little confused. Kayla was shaking her head.

"No, we're not getting married. We're too young for that," She said.

"Babe, it's a little late to be using that argument don't you think? Look, we're having a baby and I love you it's the right thing to do plus I would imagine your father will say the same thing. You know how overprotective of you he is," Michael told her.

Kayla lived with her father in a house in the centre of town. She was an only child and her mother had left her and her father when Kayla was seven years old and Kayla had nothing to do with her. Michael's relationship with Kayla's father was strained at best. Michael knew Mr Coulson disliked him a great deal and did not approve of Kayla's relationship with him, but put up with Michael for Kayla's sake. If Mr Coulson had his way, Kayla wouldn't even know what the opposite sex was, let alone have a boyfriend. That was why Michael was dreading Mr Coulson finding out Kayla was pregnant. He didn't like to think what would happen to him, he just hoped he was still alive at the end of it.

"I don't care" Kayla continued as she came over to Michael "Look I know it sounds weird but I'm not ready for marriage yet. I just want us to have this baby and be a family. Moving in together is fine but not marriage, please understand that Michael" She told him.

"Do have any idea what people are going to think! They already raise an eyebrow at the age difference but to have a baby out of wedlock is just..."

"I don't care and neither should you. The only thing that's important is that we're together, all three of us" She reassured him, reaching for his hand and placing it on her stomach. Michael smiled "What other people think is not important, this is none of their business."

"Yeah you're right," Michael said and they kissed "So what shall we do about your father?" He asked as they started down the street again.

"That I don't know, he's gonna be pretty angry" Kayla said.

"Do you want me to tell him, I mean it doesn't matter what he does to me as long as you're safe" Michael told her.

"Thank you but I think it's better that I handle it."

"Ok but still, I'd like to be there too. I think it would be better if we faced him together" Michael said.

"Safety in numbers" Kayla said with a smile "ok let's do it," she added.

"Are you feeling brave enough to do it now?" Michael asked.

"Yeah I guess so, no time like the present I suppose" she replied.

"Come on then, let's go" So they changed direction and headed for Kayla's place. Michael was trying to stay calm but on the inside he was absolutely petrified. Kayla was holding tightly to Michael's hand she was just as petrified as Michael, this was her father after all and she knew the temper he had on him.

Kayla crept in the house with Michael following cautiously behind her, mentally preparing himself for what was about to go down.

"Why are we sneaking around!" Kayla asked suddenly almost making Michael jump "We want my dad to know we're here!" she added. Michael shrugged.

"Force of habit I guess" He told her and Kayla smiled. She walked over to the stairs.

"Dad, are you here?" She called. A middle aged man appeared from a doorway to the left.

"Kayla there you are I was just about to...oh hello Michael" Mr Coulson said, his tone changing from relaxed and informal to stern and sharp, the second he spotted Michael.

"Good afternoon sir" Michael replied.

"Kayla, I was just about to go out I've left you a note" Mr Coulson said, not taking his eyes from Michael which intimidated Michael even more.

"Can you hang on a minute please Daddy, Michael and I have something we need to discuss with you" Kayla told him.

"Oh?" Mr Coulson asked, finally dragging his eyes away from Michael and looking at his daughter "Is it important?" he added.

"Yes sir very important" Kayla told him.

"Ok well come in and take a seat then" Mr Coulson told them. Looking at Michael again before turning around and going back into the room he'd just come from. Kayla and Michael looked at each other and then followed. The room was a spacious lounge with a high ceiling. Two sofas sat opposite each other in the middle of the room with a coffee table in-between them. There was a fireplace on the wall opposite the door with a large copy of 'The Water-Lilly Pond' by Claude Monet above it. Michael loved that painting and could spend hours looking at it and studying it. There were tables next to the sofas with lamps on and various tables dotted around the room with knick-knacks and ornaments on them. There was a large bay window on the wall to the left as you came into the room that let in the brilliant sunlight that was shining outside Michael thought to himself as he came in the room.

Mr Coulson sat on one of the sofas and Kayla and Michael sat on the other, they sat close together and Kayla was gripping tightly to Michael's hand. Mr Coulson was very unpredictable and Kayla had no idea how he was going to react when he found out her news. She sat looking at her father for a moment before clearing her throat and
choosing her words carefully.

"Daddy, you know Michael and I care about each other very much and are extremely happy together" She said.

"Yes" Mr Coulson replied rather sharply, almost discussed, glaring at Michael a little before his stare returned to Kayla.

"Well we've got some news. We're both very excited and happy and we hope you will be too," Kayla told him. Mr Coulson didn't say anything he just looked from Kayla to Michael then back to Kayla again. Kayla could swear she could see panic in her father's eyes.

"Go ahead" He said finally.

"The thing is" She began before pausing and clearing her throat again "well what it is..." she tried before pausing again.

"Kayla and I are having a baby," Michael blurted, causing both Kayla and Mr Coulson's heads to snap round and glare at him.

"I beg your pardon!" Mr Coulson asked.

"Michael!" Kayla whispered.

"I'm sorry" Michael whispered back.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Mr Coulson asked. Kayla sighed and shook her head.

"No it's true. Michael and I are going to have a baby, I'm pregnant," she told him. Mr Coulson suddenly jumped up and moved as quick as lightning over to Michael, pulled him up by his collar and before Michael knew what was happening, Mr Coulson had punched him hard in the face and Michael was on the floor "DADDY!" Kayla screamed jumping up and running over to Michael, she helped him sit up. Michael was shocked to say the least and he had pain shooting through his face. He brought his hand up to his cheek and realised he was bleeding.

"If you come anywhere near my daughter again I swear to god I will kill you. Now get the hell out of my house right this instant!" Mr Coulson yelled, standing over Michael. Kayla turned and glared at him.

"How dare you treat the father of my child that way" Kayla screamed back.

"Don't you dare raise you're voice to me young lady, you are in so much trouble, get to your room." He looked at Michael "She's three years younger than you. This is considered as rape and I swear I will have you arrested," He vowed.

"Daddy please, I love him," Kayla pleaded, tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

"You're seventeen years old you don't know what love is!" He shot back. Kayla glared at him then turned back to Michael.

"Are you ok baby?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm fine don't worry. I think it's best if I go."

"You're damn right it is. You're not welcome in this house anymore" Mr Coulson told him. Kayla ignored him and walked with Michael to the front door.

"I'm coming with you" Kayla told Michael. He was leaning against her for support.

"I don't think that's a good idea. You have to stay here," Michael told her.

"No I don't want to."

"You have too Kay. It's ok I'll be fine but things need to cool down with your father" Michael said.

"I don't think they will."

"Kayla please, listen to me. It's best if you stay here tonight and I'll call you in the morning ok" Michael told her.

"Ok" Kayla agreed, somewhat reluctantly "Make sure you do" She added.

"I will I promise. I love you" Michael said.

"I love you" Kayla told him and kissed him goodbye and Michael left. Kayla looked over to the door lounge door and saw her father standing there.

"I meant what I say Kayla, if he comes anywhere near you again I will have him arrested" Mr Coulson told her. Kayla didn't reply she shot daggers at him before running upstairs and locking herself in her bedroom.

Michael got home and slumped onto his bed in his tiny two-roomed apartment. The lounge, kitchen and bedroom were all in one room and the bathroom was in the other. Michael's face was beginning to sting now and he had a thumping headache. He brought his hand up to his cheek and realised he was still bleeding. He got up off the bed and went into the bathroom and switched the light on, which hurt his
eyes, but was necessary to see. He didn't get much natural light in his place. He grabbed some toilet tissue and soaked it in water and dabbed in on his face to wipe the blood away, he knew he would have one heck of a bruise in the morning. He stared at himself in the mirror for a long while thinking about what had happened. He knew Kayla's father would be angry but he never expected that he'd forbid them to ever see each other again. Michael was determined not to let that happen. He loved Kayla they were going to be a family, that was the only thing that mattered to him. He sighed and splashed some water on his face, which made it sting even more and he sucked in a breath. It was still early but suddenly Michael felt exhausted. He went into the next room and climbed into bed, not even bothering to change his clothes just take off his shoes and fell into a restless sleep.

When Michael awoke the next morning he called Kayla like he had promised, hoping that she would get to the phone first but unfortunately he wasn't that lucky and Mr Coulson answered.

"Hello, Coulson residents" Came his replied. Mike took a deep breath.

"Hello, may I speak to Kayla please?" He asked politely. Mr Coulson recognised his voice immediately.

"I don't think so" he replied and slammed down the phone "He's got some nerve," He muttered to himself. He turned round and saw Kayla coming down the stairs "I told you you're not to have anything to do with that boy," He told her.

"How dare you decided who I can and cannot see it's none of your business."

"You are my daughter and as long as you live under my room you live by my rules."

"Fine then I'll leave. I'll go pack my things and move in with Michael" Kayla said as she started back up the stairs.

"Oh no you don't" Mr Coulson said running up the stairs and grabbing her by the arm "I mean it Kayla, I will call the police. I told you I forbid you to see him again, he's already got you in enough trouble!"

"Then what am I suppose to do? You don't want me here and you won't let me live with Michael, where should I go Daddy? On the street? Is that what you want for your grandchild?" Kayla asked.

"I'm not going to have a grandchild you and I are going to the hospital and you are having a termination," Mr Coulson told her. Kayla stared at him but didn't say anything "Did you hear me!" He yelled.

"Yes I heard you and it's not going to happen! This is my baby and you can't make me get rid of it."

"Yes I can young lady."

"I HATE YOU!" Kayla screamed "Michael would be three times the father you ever were, no wonder Mom left you" She yelled in a fit of rage.
Mr Coulson's temper had hit boiling point and before he knew what he was doing he lifted his hand and slapped Kayla hard across the face.
Kayla's hand flew up to her cheek and she stared at her father in complete shock as tears began falling down her cheeks. Mr Coulson was just as shocked.

"Oh Kayla I'm so sorry...I didn't..." He reached his arms out to her but she pushed past him and bolted out the door.

Michael was just about to leave for work when a loud thumping on his door made him jump three feet in the air. The banging continued as Michael regained his composure and walked over to the door.

"Alright I'm coming keep your hair on" He yelled and opened the door. Two men stood there. One had thick black receding hair and a rather distinctive nose. He was wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt and black trousers and black shoes. The other had blondish short hair and was wearing a tan suit jacket over a white tee shirt and tan trousers with black shoes.

"Are you Michael Nesmith?" The one in the Hawaiian shirt asked, he had a thick Chicago accent, which made Michael wonder how he had ended up in Saginaw.

"Who wants to know?" He asked instead. The Hawaiian guy spoke again.
"Oh I beg your pardon. My name is Detective Vecchio and this is my partner Detective Kowalski. Saginaw PD."

"Morning" Kowalski said with a slight nod. Michael was frozen on the spot he stared at the detectives but managed to keep his composure.

"May I see some ID please?" He asked.

"Of course" Vecchio replied. The two men reached into their pockets and revealed their badges, which Michael studied carefully.

"Ok" He said with a satisfied nod "So what can I do for you fellas?" He asked.

"We'd like for you to accompany us to the station we've got some questions we'd like to ask you" Kowalski told him.

"Am I under arrest?" Michael asked, slightly alarmed.

"That depends on you, Mr Nesmith. If you come quietly with out a fight then no you are not, but if you refuse then I'm afraid we will have to put you under arrest" Kowalski explained.

"Ok well I guess I'll come quietly. What's all this in aid of anyway?" Michael asked as he grabbed his jacket and followed the detectives out the door.

"We're investigating a complaint made against you by a Mr Coulson. He's made a very serious accusation and we need to question you" Vecchio told him.

Michael almost screamed with frustration! Why hadn't he realised that earlier! Why was that guy being so difficult! He never expected him to go through with calling the police.

"Don't worry Mr Nesmith we're just here to find the truth. If you co-operate with us fully then you won't have any problems" Vecchio added, with a rather smug smile.

Michael returned home a few hours later exhausted from all the questioning but satisfied with how it had gone. He came in the door and got a surprise. Kayla was lying curled up on his bed.

"Kay?" He said. Kayla turned over at looked at him.

"I thought you were working, what are you doing here?" She asked him.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Michael said coming over and sitting on the bed. Kayla sat up.

"My dad and I had a fight...he...he hit me" She said. Michael's eyes went wide.

"He did what!" He yelled "Right that's it I'm gonna give that guy a piece of my mind how dare he hit a woman!" He said.

"No Michael please just stay here please just stay with me" Kayla begged. Michael nodded and kissed her on her forehead.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"I will be, what about you you've got a nasty bruise," Kayla pointed out.

"I'm fine I'm more worried about you."

"I'll be ok it was my own fault really I lost my temper and said something I shouldn't" She said then looked at Michael. "Why aren't you at work anyway, don't you have a shift this morning?"

"Yeah I did but I've been down at the police station. I had a visit from the friendly neighbourhood police detectives. It seems you dad went though with his rape complaint," He explained. Kayla's eyes widened but then she remembered something.

"It wasn't a detective Vecchio and Kowalski was it?" She asked.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"They're poker buddies of my father. He probably pulled in a few favours. Did they arrest you?"

"No not yet, they said it was just an investigation and they're waiting to see if your father will press charges." Michael explained.

"I don't think he will. My father knows he hasn't got a leg to stand on when it comes to his rape claims, he's just trying to scare you."

"Well it's working! This thing is getting way out of hand Kay" Michael told her.

"I know" Kayla said she sighed, "What makes it worse is, this is only the beginning. I think he's going to get worse until he gets what he wants. Maybe he'll have you arrested for real next time and we can't risk that."

"What shall we do then? I've been thinking about it and I just can't come up with a solution," Michael said.

"I think I can" Kayla said. She paused and then looked at him "I love you Michael you know that don't you."

"Of course I do and you know that I love you," He said, not sure he would like where this conversation was headed.

"I couldn't imagine being with anyone else" Kayla continued and Michael knew there was a but coming at the beginning of her next sentence and he was right "But, as much as this will hurt, I think it's best if you leave, he'll be fine once the baby's here he will calm down eventually…if you're not here" Kayla told him. Michael couldn't believe what he was hearing and he was almost sick as he stared at her.

"Kayla do you realise what you're asking me to do! There's no way I'm going to leave you. I'd never see you again."
"You think this is easy for me?" Kayla shot "I'm so scared Michael, I've never been more afraid in my life, I'm scared for you and I'm scared for our baby. I don't want to give up either of you but when it comes down to it..."

"You'd rather give up me," Michael said.

"No of course not. Giving up this baby would mean killing it and I'm not prepared to do that, are you? If you left then there's still hope that one day we'd be together again. This is so hard but if you think about it then you'll know it's the right thing to do."

"I can't leave you Kayla I can't. I love you too much to just give up."

"I love you too but this isn't giving up. It's giving our baby a chance to live."

"Come with me, we can start fresh some place new just the three of us."

"I would love nothing more then that but it can't happen. If my dad found us he'd kill us both, you know that. Please Michael it's the only way."

"It can't be, there has to be another way, there has to."

"You said it yourself, there's no other way" Kayla told him. Michael sighed and thought about it. He looked at Kayla and cupped her face in his hand.

"I'll come back for you I promise, one day we'll be together again." He told her.

"Does that mean you'll do it?" Kayla asked.

"I don't have any other choice do I. I just hope we're making the right decision. Stay today I won't go to work. That doesn't matter anymore I just want to stay with you."

"I'll stay," she said. He kissed her and they melted into a passionate embrace.

That night when the sun had set Michael packed as much as he could onto his motorcycle, leaving the rest of his stuff for Kayla and then, for the sake of his unborn child and the woman he loved, took off into the night not sure if he'd ever be back.