Chapter Nine

Kayla reached her father and glanced over her shoulder and what she saw filled her heart with so much joy. Michael was still carrying Robert and Robert was clinging to him with his head resting on Michael's shoulder. She wanted to stand and watch them for the rest of her life but a loud yelling in her ear interrupted her.

"What on earth do you think you're playing at young lady? What is that boy doing with my grandson!" Mr Coulson demanded. Kayla sighed and turned and looked at her father.

"Hello Daddy, so nice to see you, isn't the weather lovely this morning" She said.

"Don't talk to me that way! I asked you a question! Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in?"

"Oh shut up" Kayla yelled, stunning her father into silence "Just shut up!" She repeated.

"I beg your pardon" Mr Coulson replied, finding his voice again.

"I'm not a frightened little girl anymore Daddy, I'm a grown woman you can't run my life. I refuse to have you order me around like some kind of slave. I'm leaving today, I'm taking Robert and we're going to stay with Michael and his friends."

"Over my dead body. That boy is nothing but a parasite. I will not allow you to take my grandson anywhere with him. I am your father young lady and you will do as I say."

"No I will not. I'm old enough to make my own decisions. I have the welfare of my son to think about, not only does Robert need to be with his father but I need to be with him too. Michael is the only man I've ever loved and he left because of you! I am not going to make the same mistake again. I am not going to let you bully me into making him leave like you did last time. He is leaving on his own accord and Robert and I are going with him."

"I will not hear of it you ungrateful little leech. I raised you. I took care of you when that no good oaf left you because you were stupid enough to allow him to get you pregnant. Have you shown me gratitude? Have you thanked me! No."

"He left because of you and you know it!" Kayla told him.

"I did you a favour. Did you ever think that maybe he was glad to get rid of you, maybe I did him the favour. How could he love a snivelling little whiner like you? You're nothing, you're beneath him. He could do a thousand times better then you" Mr Coulson yelled. Kayla's eyes were stinging with tears, she'd heard it all before and it hurt just as much but she stood her ground. His words were fuelling her anger and for the first time she was determined to beat him.

"That's not true. Michael loves me, he came back to get me, to be with me" Kayla told him firmly. Mr Coulson scoffed.

"Don't make me laugh. How could anyone love you, you're just like your mother, worthless! You'll end up just like her."

"God, I hope so! She had the sense to walk out on you, I only wish I'd had the guts to do the same years ago."

Mike was watching from the other side of the road. He desperately wanted to know what was going on between Kayla and her father, to hear what they were saying. He knew Kayla was angry, her arms were flailing all over the place and he could just make out the look on Mr Coulson's face and he didn't like what he saw, Mr Coulson looked angry and disgusted all at the same time. Mike let out a breath and turned to Micky.

"Doesn't look good does it?" The drummer said, watching Kayla as well.

"No, it doesn't" Mike agreed, "Here take Robert" He said to Micky and handed the boy to him.

"Mike, what are you doing?" Micky asked suspiciously, struggling to keep hold of Robert.

"I have to go over there. I can't stand by and watch this. She needs my support."

"No Mike that's not really a very good idea. You heard her yourself; she has to do this herself."

"I know but you don't know what he's like Mick, look he's done some pretty awful things and he treats Kay like something he's just stepped in. I can't stand by and let her be put through that, she deserves someone to defend her, she needs my support" Mike told him. Micky shook his head.

"Look I know it's difficult for you to stand aside and watch, believe it or not, it's pretty hard for me too but you have to think about Kayla. From what I've witnessed her temper is as hot as yours, do you really think she's going to appreciate you butting in? She needs to fight her own battle."

"Micky's right Mike" Davy put in "From what we've seen, it's pretty obvious Kayla needs to do this for herself. If we can see it, three people who hardly know her, then you should be able too to" He told him. Mike looked at them, even Peter was quietly pleading with him to leave her be. He knew they were right, Kayla would not be happy if Mike stormed over there to fight her battle for her but he also couldn't stand the thought of the woman he loved being put through what he knew Kayla would be being subjected to. He knew Mr Coulson would say anything to make her stay, no matter how much he hurt her in the process. He also knew Kayla had been having trouble standing up to her father since Robert was born so maybe it was best if he left her to stand up to him, it may restore some of the confidence she had lost.

"Okay" Mike agreed reluctantly, "I get your point, I'll stay right here. I'll stand by and watch," He told them. Davy put his hand on Mike's shoulder.

"It's the right thing to do Mike you'll see" He told him.

Mike didn't want to believe him. In his eyes, the right thing to do was to stand by Kayla's side and protect her from that monster but he knew it wouldn't be what Kayla wanted.

Mike's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden out burst of giggles form Robert. He looked and saw his son being entertained by Micky pulling faces and laughing just as much as Robert. Robert was just as fascinated by Micky's curls, he had his fingers wrapped around a tangle of them and Micky pretended to howl with agony, the more Micky howled, the more Robert laughed. Peter and Davy were laughing too and it wasn't long before their laughter had infected Mike and he was laughing right along with them. Micky winked at the Texan.

"See, told ya I'd be his favourite," The drummer whispered and Mike couldn't help but laugh harder.

For a moment Mike forgot about Kayla and her ongoing battle with her father. His attention was diverted to watching Robert interact with his friends. Soon Peter had joined in and was playing peak-a-boo with Robert and Mike could tell Peter loved it every bit as much as Robert. The blonde was giggling just as much as Robert. Mike was delighted. Robert seemed to love them and that pleased Mike so much. Davy and Micky had joined forces in pulling faces and Robert was having so much fun, giggling wildly. Suddenly Davy stopped and a look of worry covered his face.

"What's going on over there?" He asked no one in particular. Mike looked around and the grin on his face melted into a worried stare.

"I don't know," He admitted. He didn't like what he was seeing, he knew that much. Kayla had tried to walk away from her father but he had grabbed her elbow and pulled her back. Kayla was fighting to wrench her arm free, thinking of everything she could to pull herself free but her father grabbed her other arm and was shaking her.

"That's not right at all. Mike, maybe you should get over there after all," Micky told him.

"Yeah I think I should" Mike replied and he started to head over there. He didn't get very far, it happened in a flash, he saw Kayla kick her father in the shine. He heard Mr Coulson yell with pain and then he shoved Kayla hard away from him. Kayla stumbled backwards and fell off the curb, she managed to stay on her feet but was thrown in front of a speeding car. "KAYLA!" Mike screamed but she didn't hear him. Mike watched in horror as Kayla froze and the car slam on its breaks but it was too late. The car hit her full on and Kayla was thrown up on to the bonnet smashing her head against the windscreen and then was thrown off the side landing hard on the pavement, where she lay, silent and still.