Chapter One: The Worrier

(James P.O.V.)

When James Potter came home from the Auror's office that chilly November night, he did not expect his wife, Lily, to run from his side and shut herself in a room. Before he realized it was the bathroom. He sighed.

James made dinner (or tried) and when Lily came out ten minutes later, the smell almost made her turn back around. "So, Lils, an Every Flavor Bean gone wrong, eh?" Lily shook her head. "How about you, Prongs? Dinner smells awful. What is that disgusting thing?" she wrinkled her nose. James blushed.

"And anyway, Prongs, no it's not an Every Flavor Bean. I think I'm allergic to them. Dumbledore says it's a bug. It'll pass. Move over, I want to fix that revolting thing you call dinner." James sat with his elbows on the table, his hands supporting his face.

He watched Lily as she worked. He loved her bright green eyes the most. He stared at the sky as she told him an amusing story about one of her best friends, Marlene McKinnon. James thought that she and James's best friend, Sirius Black, were madly in love,though the pair of them refused to admit it. Idiots, James thought gleefully.

When Lily was done, she sat down, and with a wave of her wand, plates, utensils and cups flew onto the table. The pasta Lily made served itself onto their plates, and Lily and James ate.

Lily, while they were about to eat the pudding she made, stood abruptly and ran to the bathroom. James followed, worried. "Lily?" he called nervously.

In between coughs, she said, "I'm-cough-perfectly-cough-okay, James!" James didn't move, because she had called him James, not Prongs.

He was so nervous, he didn't realize he was half way between a stag and human. When his nerves had calmed slightly, he sat back down (as a human, it would've been rather difficult for him to sit down, seeing as his Animagus was a stag.) at the kitchen table. When Lily came back, she was pale and clammy. They ate their dessert and talked for a bit about tomorrow's Auror test, then went upstairs to bed.

Before James fell asleep, he was a little worried about Lily, but concluded that if something was wrong, she'd tell him. He fell asleep, smiling.