Of Shadow and Light

Prologue: Born of light, Born of Darkness

A wolf was running to get to his den. The wolf, in himself, did not appear to be impressive, if it were a matter of size. However if one were to look closely at his dark grey fur they would see multitudes of scars along him, and a long scar that traced along the side of his ribs. But the most prominent of them was the one on his face, a scar ran down his left eye along it entire length. This wolf is known to many as Robert…and he was a very anxious soon to be parent.

She's going to be fine. Nothing like what you went through is going to happen. I reasoned with myself as I kept racing for my den.

Malcolm had come running for me after getting Dante, Reba, and Janice- who were the pack healers- to go to my den yelling that it was Eva and was happening now.

She'd been pregnant and was now in labor, all the while I was out hunting with Hutch and Kate! I don't know why but I felt a vague moment of déjà 'vu but I brushed off the feeling and double timed it.

I arrived at my den to see Eva on her side in labor. Dante and Reba and Janice were helping her through the pain. When I entered Eva looked at me and smiled at me and I smiled back and went to her.

Dante looked at me and mouthed 'congratulations' with a smile on his face. He and Sabrina had a daughter of their own only three weeks ago.

I laid next to her, placing her paw on mine, and I whispered "Squeeze my paw if it becomes too painful." And she nodded then let out a small shriek of pain. The pups were coming.

I closed my eyes to help ignore the pain of her claws digging into my paw. "Ok your going great Eva, just one more push and the first pup will be born." Reba told her and with another yell and push the pup was born. Reba handed the pup to Janice who started to clean the pup.

"Ok, just one more Eva, remember, breath." Reba gently reminded her and Eva grunted through the pain that she'd heard. Shortly afterward the second pup was born who was being administered by Dante.

The first pup after being cleaned up by Janice was placed by Eva's stomach so it could take her milk, and after being cleaned up the same was done to the second pup.

Eva stared at our pups with a mixture of pride and happiness and I felt the same as her. We now had a son and a daughter. MY son and daughter, it was still a lot for me to process but is all I could feel at the moment was only happiness and peace, something that had seemed like a far off dream not even two years ago.

"We'll leave you two to your children; let us know if there are any problems, oh'and before I forget, congratulations ya omicron and alpha." Dante said with a chuckle hidden in his voice.

We both looked at him with smiles and shook our heads as they walked out, I did though catch the edge of their conversation. "You know Dante berries are really good and you've been a healer for awhile now, why don't you join us." Reba asked nicely.

"Because I don't feel like vomiting right after I eat that's why. Now if you don't excuse me I have to feed my mate and daughter thank you." And I could imagine him walking off towards the feeding grounds.

I heard Eva chuckle and knew she had heard it to. "Those two will never get him to turn away from meat and they know it." She told me and then turned her attention back to our children. "What do you think we should name them? I was thinking for the boy Tristan." She said pointing to a light grey pup with swirls of silver in his fur.

"I think that's a great name, as for the girl what about Trisscar?" I said pointing to a light grey pup with stripes of black running haphazardly along her back and sides. She also had silver fur running in between her eyes.

"I like it but how'd you know I wanted to name a girl after my mother?" Eva asked me with a curious look. I chuckled and replied "You told me a week after we got back here from the north, remember?" she rolled her eyes in a playful way. "Of course I do, I was just testing you." She said then let out a yawn. "We should get some sleep, it's been a long day." I told her and she mumbled agreement.

As I lied down facing her with the pups in between us, I couldn't help remember the dream I had two years ago. It actually happened. I thought looking at the love of my life and at my two children. I felt a smile on my face as I started to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

I had finally gained the peace I have fought for so long.

(Meanwhile in the northern tundra of Canada)

A she wolf had just given birth to a dark brown pup and his father was looking at him not with love but anticipation. As far as the dark grey colored wolf could care he had a weapon now to use against his enemies. This wolf's name was Malak. "I have the perfect name for him." He said to his mate.

Rosaline looked at him like he has gone insane. She had just given birth to their son and is all he could care about was telling her his name. She wouldn't mind as much if he had waited for her to at least catch her breath. But she knew her mate and decided it would be safer for both her and her son if she played along. "And what name would that be my love?" she asked panting.

Malak smiled evilly, "Bloodtalon, because he is going to be my talons to shed the blood of my enemies." He said leaving the den, laughing insanely and ignoring his mate all together and leaving her alone in the den that they shared with together.

She couldn't believe what she had just heard, is all Malak cared about was using their son as a weapon! She couldn't understand it, how did she fall in love with such an evil wolf? He is always willing to go into war, not caring how many wolves he would lose because of it.

But still…this wasn't the wolf she'd fallen in love with. She'd found him badly wounded with a vicious wound done to his back that she had treated for him. It had been done by a wolf though over time she had found out a truth. Malak had deserved it, he had betrayed his old clan and the last survivor of it had done that to him in his way of revenge, but the wolf wouldn't kill Malak.

She looked at her son; he looked more like her with his dark brown fur. And she wished he'd been born in a different clan other than the Harrkorians. She loved her son but she would never call him Bloodtalon.

And at that a thought burst into her mind- a name came to her that she had not thought about for years! "No, your name is not Bloodtalon…your name is Roarik, my little one." She said nuzzling her son who was still suckling contently. She smiled at him and laid her head down to sleep. 'Yes, your name is Roarik, the roaring dark fire.' She thought remembering the translation from old wolf in her mind as she fell asleep.

A/N: Alright there you have it the beginning of three of the four wolves lives. But who is the fourth you ask? Wait and see.