Inspired by the song "Forever" by Chris Brown and the conversation I had with my friend, Dandani.

I have nothing to do with the Fast and Furious franchise, although I confess that I like very much, because it would be done a little different story.

Forgive me errors, I'm an amateur writer is my English is cruel.

My God! It was less than a week, I had torn her a kiss on the feast of Hector, and I still felt hard just thinking. What is this girl just a kiss and a mischievous look, she could drive me crazy in a matter of seconds.

His name was Letty Ortiz, the wild girl who lived on my street. I knew her for about six years, and something always struck me about her. I thought it was due to his love for cars and his daring. But it was not just that, and now I could see how she was beautiful.

I have had many women over the years, were sexy, no further aroused in me the feelings and desire, that this girl was only sixteen awakening. She had become an obsession to me since my lips touched hers. And tonight, I was ready to give her, the ride of your life at any cost.

At night, after the races, I would handle it, go she is my trophy and I make her mine forever ...

Leticia Ortiz, was destined to be my life and my death at the same time. Forever ...

1, 2, 3, 4

It's you and me

Moving at the speed of light

Into eternity

Tonight is the night to join me

In the middle of ecstasy

Feel the melody in the rhythm

Of the music around you, around you

I'm gonna take you there

I'm gonna take you there

So don't be scared

I'm right here, baby

We can go anywhere, go anywhere

But first it's your chance

Take my hand come with me

It's like I've waited my whole life

For this one night

It's gonna be me you and the dance floor

Cause we've only got one night

Double your pleasure

Double your fun

And dance

Forever (ever, ever)

Forever (ever, ever)

Forever (ever, ever)

Forever on the dance floor

Feels like we're on another level

Feels like our loves intertwined

We can be two rebels

Breaking the rules

Me and you, you and I

All you got to do is watch me

Look what I can do with my feet

Baby, feel the beat tight

I'm driving you can take the front seat

Just need you to trust me