A/N: Drabble. Based off a piece of artwork I adore by Karen Hallion. What I wrote as the summary is a description of the piece. Enjoy!

Summary: What if, instead of going home and waiting for her prince to find her, Cinderella went off on an adventure with a strange man in a blue box?"
Rated: K
Doctor Who/Disney (Cinderella) Crossover
Characters: Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Cinderella

I don't own Doctor Who, Disney, Cinderella, or the artwork!

Cinderella raced down the stairs of the castle. Her ball gown grew increasingly heavy as she ran further away from the prince. She stumbled down the stairs, losing a slipper as her balance was betrayed her. She turned around to grab for it, but seeing the prince follow her, she quickly kept going. Oh, she had to get out of there! It would be midnight in only minutes!

As she left the palace grounds, her carriage could not be found anywhere. It seemed that she would have to walk her way back to her home. She gazed at the castle clock. Two minutes until midnight. As she approached the pathway that would lead to her home, a large blue box blocked her way. Curious, she stepped towards the mysterious object, and observed it. Had that been there all along?

A man's head popped out as the door opened. "Why, hello!"

Cinderella jumped, nearly losing her other shoe. Her eyebrows creased. "Who are you?" She asked.

"The Doctor. You must be Cinderella!" The Doctor responded, stepping out of the box. Cinderella raised an eyebrow, confused as to how a man could fit in there—and as to how he knew her name. "Oh, it's bigger on the inside." He seemed to read her mind!

"What is it?" She asked him, placing a hand on the blue painted wood.

"This," he stated, "is the TARDIS. Time and relative dimensions in space!" He grinned proudly.

Cinderella looked between the man and the box. "What does it do?" She questioned.

"Travels! Can go to different dimensions, different planets, anywhere in the universe—at any time!" He said, excited.

"You're a mad man," Cinderella squeaked. "That's not possible!"

"I am a mad man." He told her, walking back into the TARDIS. "A mad man with a box!" She did not follow. The tall man turned to see her rooted in place. "Coming? I can take you anywhere, whatever time you want, princess,"

She tilted her head, thinking. Didn't Father always say never go with strangers? But this one…didn't seem bad. "Any place?" She asked. He nodded, sticking his hands in his trench coat pockets. "Any…any time I want?" He smiled at her.

"Any place you want. Any time you wish."


He held a hand out and holding it open for hers. "C'mon then. Now, where exactly do you want to go first? Ancient Greece? New New York? The planet Centauri Seven?"

She took his hand and smiled as she walked into the TARDIS. He kept babbling on and on about the different places they could go as he pulled and pushed on different controls. "Let's go to all of them!"

As the TARDIS took off, the clock chimed midnight, and her previous life was left behind—traded for one of adventure and excitement.