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Ty is due in exactly 3 minutes, 22 seconds. I am actually going slightly mad, I haven't seen him in like forever! Okay like three days, but who's counting? (Well me). Chloe and Emily are slightly more subdued, basically not bouncing round the room like me. Adam's happy about seeing Ty, of course. But guess who else is coming over? Your never guess... Yes Soraya, is coming. That is why Adam has a big grin planted on his face.

"You okay Adam?" I asked raising an eyebrow at his over happy face.

"Hmm. Fine." Was his response. I mean, 'Hmm. Fine.', basically (using my knowledge from English, where they make you tear apart every single little detail) 'Hmm' means he is thinking, and 'fine' classify that he is happy with that thought. Think that was a pretty good analyses if I do say so myself. Thankyou, thankyou.

I turned to Emily, who was scribbling something on her hand. She looked up an smiled, "Someone's happy."

I rolled my eyes, "Well yes, I'm gonna see Ty."

She flopped back onto her bed, her hand over her eyes. "Oh yes, the Ty." But no she wasn't finished, "The gorgeous Ty..."


"What about Matt?" I fired back.

She raised an eyebrow, but otherwise didn't move. "Matt's good, haven't met him yet. But you sure hit jackpot with Ty." She stated, rising into a siting position, crossing her legs indian style.

"Yeah I certainly did." I smiled happily, thinking of Ty.

The door bell suddenly rang and I screamed, don't think I've ever screamed that loud before. I ran frantically to the door, my arms stretched out in front of me, almost like a zombie. Finally recovering, I peeped round the door; there was Ty. The greek god him self. I shrieked and threw myself into his arms. He chuckled softly, stumbling back a few steps at my weight.

I kissed him and hugged him, "You have no idea how much I missed you!"

He laughed, "I missed you more."

Emily had now arrived at the door, leaning against the door frame; surveying Ty. "Hmm." Was the outcome. Think he passed. I glanced up at her, "Ty, this is my best friend, Emily."

He smiled, "Nice to meet you."

Chloe had now joined Emily on the step, "And this is my other best friend Chloe." I finished.

He nodded at her, "Nice to meet you too."

Both girls chorused a, "Lovely to meet you too."

Ty just chuckled softly, his arm still wrapped round my waist. I hugged him gently, he smiled softly and planted a kiss on my head. I sighed relaxing into his arms again.

"So..." Chloe started, turning to glance at Adam who had just stuck his head between her and Emily's shoulder.

Ty took the hint, "Soraya's just coming."

Adam nodded, "Good."

Everyone looked at him funny, "What!"

"Nothing." We all replied simultaneously.

Soraya suddenly appeared, I looked up and let go of Ty, running towards her. "Soraya!"

She laughed and hugged me tight, "It's so good to see you!"

I smiled happily, and led her over to the door. Emily and Chloe smiled warmly, "Hey," Soraya said happily.

"Hey." Chloe and Emily smiled simultaneously.

"Soraya this is Emily and Chloe." I introduced them.

She nodded, and turned to Adam. "Hi Adam."

We all raised an eyebrow at this. "Hey, just ignore them; their being weird." He stepped forward an hugged her. Eyebrow's still sky-high.

"So..." I started, when they pulled back from their 'embrace'. "Wanna have a look around?"

They all nodded, "Sure."

I smiled and proceeded to head in the direction of the barn, "We haven't had much time to look around." I explained, admiring the wooden barn.

"It's really pretty." Chloe spoke up.

"It is." Emily agreed.

Adam was nodding away, his hands in his pockets in a slouched type of way. Ty looked deep in thought, I looked up at him.

"So when you gonna bring Spartan and Minnie out here?" He asked, I had told him all about my beloved horse.

I thought for a minute, "In the next week or so?"

He nodded, "What ya gonna do about Summer?"

"Well we were deliberating over whether Amber will let us buy him?" I responded, running my fingers over the stall doors.

"I see." He hummed.

"What about you, have you visited Promise recently?" I asked, slipping into one of the empty stalls.

Soraya looked up at this, "You didn't tell her?"

I frowned, "What?"

He chuckled, "I bought Promise, she's at my ranch."

I nodded, "So she will let me buy him."


Soraya came over and rested her elbows on the stall door, "Ty hasn't exactly finished."

"He hasn't?" I asked, baffled.

She shook her head, and looked at Ty expectantly. Ty continued, "Summer's at our ranch too."

I looked up in a panic, "So you bought him?" I asked, why did he buy him; he was kinda mine.

He shook his head, I visibly relaxed. "Summer and Promise are inseparable, I couldn't separate them; so Amber said to hold him at mine, until you bought him."

"Ah, I see. Inseparable you say?"

Soraya rolled her eyes, "Like you wouldn't believe."

I laughed, "Would it be possible for me to see him?"

Ty glanced at his phone, "Sure." He smiled happily.

I turned to Emily and Chloe, "Coming?"

They both nodded, I rolled my eyes at Ty. "They wanna see your mates."

Ty laughed, "I have a few stable hands."

Both Emily and Chloe glanced up at this, we both looked at them funny. "What?!"


We all hopped into Ty's truck and pulled out the yard, waving a farewell to dad. He was on the phone, chatting away with Spartan and Minnie's stable back home.

I slumped back in my seat, watching the country side race by. The ride was short, like 5 minutes and soon we were pulling into Ty's long driveway. I looked at Ty confused, "Neighbours."

"Ah, I remember." I replied, nodding along.

The driveway was lined with acres and acres of pastures, open land; stretched across the horizon. I pressed my head against the window, "Wow."

Their house was huge, I'm sorry their mansion was huge. Their land, totaled a whopping 1000 acres. They had stable blocks after stable blocks, a massive barn and plenty of training rings. They had everything.

Ty just chuckled, "Were pretty lucky."

"You can say that again." Emily said, gazing out at the pastures.

"It's not that big." That was Soraya. We all turned to her, apart from Ty. "Okay it is."

I laughed, "Your so lucky!"

Ty quickly parked and we all piled out; my feet landing on the ground with a soft thud. I spun round slowly, taking everything in. "This is. A. M. A. Z. I. N. G."

The house, eh hem, the mansion towered up in the sky, with creamy coloured walls. Ivy adorned the front, weaving in an out of the windows. Dark brown mahogany doors, stood proud at the entrance. Millions of windows dotted the walls. It was beautiful. "Wow."

"It's pretty nice." That was Soraya. Diplomatic or what?

"It's pretty awesome!" Chloe corrected her.

Soraya just rolled her eyes and glanced at Adam. Hmm Adam. I looked up at Ty, "Can I see Summer now? Please?" I asked sweetly.

He chuckled softly, taking my hand; he lead me towards the barn.

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