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Life without You Chapter 1

Paige's POV

"Hey Chloe!" I called to my twinnie.

"Oh hey Paige." She responded. She sounded kind of down for some reason.

"Are you okay Chloe?" I asked.

"Umm, not really I need to tell you something…" But before Chloe could tell me, Ms. Abby called us in for pyramid.

Chloe's POV

"Girls, pyramid time!" Ms. Abby yelled at us. We all ran in there as soon as possible. I was going to tell Paige my secret I was hiding from everybody but I was interrupted. Maybe I was lucky that I never told Paige….

"On the bottom, Brooke, Nia, and Kendall. You guys had your chance in your trio but when one of you messed up, it messed up the whole group." Ms. Abby said.

"Next, is Paige. You did good but in the group you were off a beat. Mackenzie, great job. And…" I hated when Ms. Abby did this to me and Maddie. She always made it so dramatic. But I already know the answer. Maddie is at the top of the pyramid. She always is.

"Chloe, fantastic job on your solo not a beat off at all. And, at the top, is…. MADDIE!" Ms. Abby exclaimed. Maddie smiled. She's probably used to all this.

Paige POV

As Ms. Abby is telling us the pyramid, I zoned out. I wonder what Chloe was going to tell me. Is it good news? Probably not, she was acting kind of sad… I wonder what.

"Paige. Paige. PAIGE!" Ms. Abby screamed at me.

"Oh sorry Ms. Abby."

"Save you're day dreaming for room. Now girls, 5 minute break." Oh good, Chloe can tell me what the heck is going on with her.

Chloe POV

Oh no, break time. I can't do it. I can't tell Paige that I'm moving all the way to Nebraska. No I can't do it. I have to fake being sick. NOW. As I went to talk to my mom, I bumped into Maddie.

"Hey Chloe."

"Oh hi Maddie." Trying to dodge Maddie.

"Where you going?" She asked.

"Uhm, no where special just talking to my mom." I moved to the side. So did she. She was blocking my way.

"Could you move please?" I asked urgently.

"Since it's such a problem, NO." She said like a brat. I heard Paige calling my name.

"Chlo where are you? You were going to tell me something remember?" She asked.

"Oooh, 'Chlo' What secret you going to tell her? You can tell me ya know." Maddie said. Oh great. I'm getting cornered. I'm going to have to tell her.

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