Chloe POV

Ever since my accident, I can't remember everything from the past. But I remember the main parts of my life. My friends, family, crushes, and dance. My mom did say we still had to move. I packed my stuff. I was pretty sad. So was my twinnie.

"I can't believe this is good bye." Paige said to me.

"Yeah I know, we've went through everything together." I replied, tearing up. We quickly hugged. Said stuff about visiting and stuff quickly hugged again and said goodbye. Then I got in the car. I thought about all the stuff I was leaving behind. My dance career, my friends, and my past. Wow. I never thought this would happen. We drove away. The whole time I was looking back where my twinnie, Paige was standing.

At the Airport….

As I was getting on the airplane. My mom stopped in front of me. I ran into her.

"Moooom, what was that?" I asked annoyingly.

"I can't do this. No. Let's go back. Home." Me, Clara, and my dad stared at her, gaping.

"WHAT?" we exclaimed.

"Yes, c'mon let's go quick!" we ran out of the airport.

In the end, we got our house back, my pets, my dance career, and best of all, my twinnie, Paige.

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