When the Age of Fire had reigned for three hundred years, one of the surviving everlasting dragons emerged from its hiding beneath the earth . It had hidden and hungered for centuries, ever since it was driven away from the surface world by the Great Lords in the ancient war against the dragons. Amongst its kin it was known as She-Who-Devours-Younglings, the Gods knew her as the Mother of a thousand horrors. Seath the Scaleless called her Adrasiii the eggbearer, and Adrasiii the scaly mountain. The beast was one of the mightiest of the everlasting dragons, and even its kind feared it.

When foul Adrasiii still slumbered in her cave beneath the surface, her vast size had increased for every breath she took. When she awoke and moved for the first time in decades, the world above shook. When she let out her first roar in centuries, the dogs and wolves from Balder to Berendike began to howl in horror. As she began to emitt her accursed dragon breath upon the roots in her cave, entire forests on the surface withered and died.

And so she dug her way up into the sunlight, and her hatred and lust for vengeance against all things good was sensed by Duke Seath in distant Anor Londo. And he hurried to his ruler Lord Gwyn, and warned him about the impending threat.

"Lord Gwyn, I bring an urgent warning to thee. A horrible roar has been heard in the south, a roar not heard since the dawn of our age. The dragon I know as Adrasiii have awoken from her long sleep, and I fear she threatens all that we have created. My lord, when we fought the Ancient Dragons together, she retreated underneath the earth, intending to bide her time. She is a Queen among my kind, and I fear she carries the eggs of our foes in the many thousands. She hungers for vengeance against us, my lord, for our undoing of the age she treasured so. We must strike hard against her now, so that none of her spawn infests our world."

Great Lord Gwyn listened to Scaless Seath, and called the Gods and Lords to council, exept for Gravelord Nito, for he cared not for the lives of Gods or mortals. And they decided to face the beast in battle with their armies, to defend mankind against her appetite and her lust for destruction.

Great was the army that marched towards horrible Adrasiii, it shimmered like a silver ocean in the sunlight. Lord Gwyn and his son, armed with the bolts of sunlight. Allfather Lloyd, marching beside his grandson, and followed by his holy army of White. Dragonslayer Ornstein,commanding the faithful knights of Gwyn, and wielding his great dragonslayer spear. Gough the Hawkeye, commanding four hundred dragonslayer archers. Flann, fearsome to behold, red-armored army in tow. Three of the Chaos Sisters, but not their mother, for the witch of Izalith was otherwise occupied.

Ten thousand men strong was the army marching towards the dragon Adrasiii, for no greater threat against men and Gods had emerged during the Age of Fire for at least a century.

As the army approached Adrasiii, Allfather Lloyd turned to Gwyn and spoke:

"It has been many lifetimes of men since I last walked in these parts of your kingdom, and the landscape has changed greatly since then. Tell me, grandson: what is the name of that dark mountain in the distance, and why do the sight of it fill me with such worry? Have the unholy beast made its nest there?"

"No, uncle." Gwyn answered. "It is not the monster's lair that fills you with worry, nor is it a mountain you see that stretches towards the sky and casts an unholy shadow over this land. The dark shape in the distant is the beast itself. Prepare your troops. Let us put an end to the abomination, and let it know it has no place in our age or our world."

And the army of the Gods marched towards the hideous beast towering in the distance.

Adrasiii's head touched the sky, her wings pierced the highest clouds. Each of her eight horns were as large as the spires of the Palace of the sun. Her legs were as thick as arch-trees, each claw could cut apart the greatshield of the giant guards of Anor Londo . Her spiked tail stretched as long as a river, and each of her teeth were as sharp and large as a broadsword. Eight eyes the monster had, each an endless well of hate and contempt. Her body was covered in scales as thick as Anor Londos walls, and her belly could devour every mortal who ever lived, and still hunger for more. In all ages of the past and the future, no dragon have ever grown to such horrible proportions, for the Everlasting Dragons were as different from one another as the Lords themselves.

But the army of Gods did not shudder at the vastness of their foe, and the soldiers of Gwyn, of Flann, and of Loyd lined up behind their rulers, in row after row of faithful knights.

And Lord Gwyn hurled his legendary sunlight spear towards Adrasiii the eggbearer, and a thousand spears followed it. And the spears of sunlight did reach their goal, and the scales of the dragon exploded into ash. And Adrasiii roared in pain and in rage, and she spread her wings and flew up high into the sky, intending to sweep down upon her attackers.

But Gough commanded: "Dragonslayers! Ready your bows and arrows! Let us send the beast back to the earth from whence it crawled!"

And Hawkeye and his trusted archers fired their greatbows. And their aim was true, for their arrows struck the monster's leathery wings. And the beast crashed down unto its belly, and its impact on the ground shook the very earth. But the holy army stood fast, and the Lord of Sunlight turned to his fellow Gods.

" I wonder why my duke hath chosen to jest us so? This dragon seems no more fearsome than its fallen brothers, although it's size is far beyond theirs. Come, brothers. Let us deliver the killing blow."

And Gwyn and his son walked towards the grounded beast, and Loyd and Flann and the daughters of chaos followed them. And they surrounded the ancient dragon.

"Divert her gaze!" Flann bellowed. "I shall rip this beast in two!"

And Gwyn nodded, and hurled his great sunlight spear at Adrasiii's eyes. And the dragon let out a stream of fire from her mouth, but it did not harm Lord Gwyn, for the chaos sisters waved their catalysts and shielded him from the flames. And Flann quickly grabbed the tail of the beast, and with divine strength he tore it of her body. And in his hand it became a spiked warhammer, and he struck the hind leg of the dragon with it. And there was a crack of broken bones, and the warhammer too, shattered at the impact. When the dragon turned to Flann in rage, the son of Gwyn saw his chance, and he leaped onto her back. And he tore of her wings one by one. And Adrasiii roared and rolled around on the ground, intending to crush him beneath her weight. But the wargod leaped away and narrowly avoided his death. With the beast on her back, the Gods raised their weapons above their heads, and struck them into the flesh of the dragon, and the dragon fell silent.

And the son of Gwyn pulled out his spear and said: " And thus falls Adrasiii, mother of a thousand horrors. I feel as if her rumour was exaggerated."

And the Gods turned around and walked back to their army, who cheered over their victory. But their joy turned to surprise, as the fallen mountain of flesh began to rise again, wounded and beaten, but not defeated. For the legendary weapons of the Gods had not truly killed the dragon, even though they had cut it's flesh deep, and caused it great pain. Surprised Gwyn turned around and said to his trusted captain:

"It seems we were too hasty to claim victory. The dragon still breathes. Finish this now, Ornstein. Impale the heart of the beast, as you have with so many of its kin."

And Ornstein charged forth with great speed towards the dragon. And he leaped onto her, and drove his lugged spear into her flesh. But even though Ornsteins spear was buried so deep that his hand and shoulder disappeared into the wound, it did not reach the dragon's heart. And Adrasiii roared and shook her body, so that the knight fell down unto the ground. And Adrasiii struck him with her great paw, and Ornstein the lion was hurled back towards the army, and his landing formed a crater in the ground, from which he crawled out wounded and humiliated.

And the beast charged forward with new strength, every step quaking the ground beneath. And the Gods and their followers charged towards it in turn, enraged by the harm done to their comrade.

And the the met as the stormy ocean meets the mighty rock.

The silver spears of Anor Londo's knights struck Adrasiii's fat belly, the great arrows of dragonslayers embedded themselves in her head and chest. Swords broke against her claws, warhammers bent themselves against her legs. The lightning of Gwyn and his followers struck her body, Lloyd's white light blinded her eyes, and her skin became blackened by the fire of the Chaos sisters. But the everlasting dragon did not fall, even though it's wounds were deep and its black blood dropped like rain. And each attack of her claws killed knights in the dussins, each stomp of her legs crushed all beneath them. Her acursed breath burned thousands, and hundreds of brave warriors were devoured by her vast crevice.

Although the monster Adrasiii did not fall from her enemies blows, she felt the pain of every strike. And no pain was greater to her than that of Lloyd's holy light. For Adrasiii had become a creature of darkness during the centuries in her cave, and the sharp white light from the Allfather filled her with more pain than even Gwyn's bolts or Flann's flames. So she reached towards the army of white with her paw, and she grasped the Allfather and lifted him up from the ground. And Adrasiii opened her horrible toothed mouth, and she devoured Lloyd in a single bite. And Adrasiii roared in triumph, for she knew how dear Lloyd was to his children and grandchildren, and to all of mankind. And the Gods and the mortals alike froze in horror, and fell silent.

But Flann clenched his fists, and from his mouth emerged a battle cry so fierce and loud that it was heard all over Lordran. And the Gods in Anor Londo heard and understood, and they too cried out in anger over the loss of Allfather Lloyd. And the beast heard the Gods, and it huddled in fear.

And from the eyes and nostrils of Adrasiii, and from every wound in her body, beams of white lights emerged.

And the dragon roared one last time, in fear and pain. And Adrasiii, slayer of thousands, devourer of dragons, threat to all mankind, was torn apart in an explosion of white light. And were the beast had once stood, there was only a smoking crater. And Gwyn's firstborn stepped towards it and shouted in joy. For in its center Lloyd could be seen unharmed.

And Lloyd emerged from the crater, and he spoke:

"Rejoice, my friends! For the dark beast is no more! Erased it has been from our world, thought our victory was costly, and our sacrifices many. Indeed, I too was nearly consumed by its terrible hunger. Devoured I was, and I fell further than I have ever fallen. Surrounded by darkness and silence I was, and even my own light seemed unable to penetrate the blackness inside the devourer. And I feared for my life, and lost all hope.

But from far away I felt the anger of my fellow Gods, their rightful fury I felt. And the power of your wrath filled me, and I embraced the power of our divine anger within my own soul. And I felt my power increase tenfold. And I released this power unto the beast that surrounded me, and the darkness was pushed away. And my light destroyed the monster from within."

And the army cheered, and kneeled before Lloyd. And the victory was celebrated throughout the world of men and Gods. May it be remembered until the end of the world.

When Evil surrounds you, have faith in the Gods, and let their power flow through you. For none can withstand the might of their wrath.