Swiveling around in her chair, Caroline glanced down at her cast. It'd been eight weeks since she'd had it put on and today marked the day that it finally came off. Over the course of the two months the formally white plaster had been covered in signatures and scribbles though Klaus' bit of art remained the most prominent piece on the cast. Caroline smiled as she stared down at it, thinking back to when he had first drawn it. Part of her was almost sad to see the cast go.

"Hey," Caroline's head snapped up as Elena appeared beside her cubicle.

Swiveling back toward her desk, she looked up at her friend. "What's up?"

"Could you sit in on the Neill & Associates deposition today?" Elena asked, shooting her friend a pleading smile. "You know how Pruitt gets when there are no paralegals taking notes during his depositions and I'd do it myself but –"

"Sorry, can't." Caroline cut Elena off before she could go any further. "I would but I'm leaving a little early today to get this nuisance taken off." She said, wiggling her cast covered ankle in Elena's direction.

Elena sighed, propping her chin on the top of the cubicle wall as she stared down at Caroline.

The blonde just shrugged with a laugh. "See if you can get Thomas to do it?"

Elena threw her a look as if to say 'oh please.' Pruitt was a cold hearted bastard and watching him in a deposition was like watching a wolf devour a bunny, no one would be taking that on willingly least of all Thomas the paralegal who was so shy it'd been months before they'd even realized he worked there.

"Finally losing the cast then?" Elena said, changing the subject and nodding down at Caroline's foot.

"Yup." Caroline said, popping the p. "Freedom at last. Speaking of which," she glanced down at her watch before standing up, favoring her good foot, "I should be heading out. Klaus is picking me up in ten." Caroline gave Elena a quick hug and wished her luck with the deposition before scurrying off to the elevators.

She made her way out of the building, glancing down at her watch and seeing she still had a few more minutes before Klaus would get here. Driving with this ankle cast was a bitch so Klaus had taken to dropping Caroline off at work in the mornings and picking her up again when she was off. This worked out well since the two had also taken to spending most nights together, usually at her place and occasionally at his (though the fact that Rebekah still lived there made that harder to do. Caroline had offered her her room back in the apartment but Rebekah had declined, insisting she liked being close to the bar where she now earned a steady paycheck. And Caroline suspected seeing Stefan every morning and every night didn't hurt either.) Klaus and Caroline had fallen into a nice routine and for the first time Caroline was hit with the realization that that routine might change now that she was having the cast removed. They had never really talked about living together, it had just sort of happened out of convenience since the cast limited Caroline's mobility and Klaus insisted on making himself useful.

Caroline was tugged from her thoughts as a familiar car pulled up in front of her.

"Hey you." She said to Klaus as she slid into the front seat, leaning across the console to peck him quickly on the lips.

Klaus slid his fingers into her hair and pulled her closer for a longer kiss before freeing Caroline from his grasp and placing both hands back on the steering wheel. "Ready to be free of that cast?" Klaus teased as he took off down the street.

"So ready." Caroline said with a huff as she leaned back in her seat. "Anything exciting happen today?" She loved hearing about the strange patrons that visited the bar and Klaus had taken to regaling her with some of the more absurd stories - occurrences that would normally annoy him but he now enjoyed just because it gave him a story to tell Caroline.

"Old Rick was back today." Klaus said, tossing Caroline a grin before turning his gaze back to the road. Old Rick was senile and a drunk but he was kind of also a sweetheart and one of Caroline's favorite patrons.

She laughed as Klaus relayed the old man's latest antics and half an hour later Caroline glanced up to see they had reached the hospital. She climbed out of the car and wobbled her way in with Klaus right behind her.

Caroline swung her legs back and forth as she sat on the hospital bed waiting for her doctor to come in. The woman had just walked in when a loud ringing sound filled the room.

Klaus pulled his phone from his pocket, glancing down at the screen before looking back up at Caroline. "I have to take this." He said, already moving toward the door.

He'd been taking suspicious calls like these and disappearing for hours at a time for weeks now but Caroline didn't read too much into it. She just nodded before turning back to her doctor.

"Let's see what we have here." She said, sliding forward on a stool and taking Caroline's ankle in her hand.

Caroline remained silent until the doctor pulled out what looked like an electronic, oversized pizza cutter.

"Wait, don't!" Caroline exclaimed, waving a hand out. "Don't cut over this part." She said, pointing to Klaus' drawing. "Please." She said shooting the doctor a sheepish smile.

The other doctor just smiled, shifting to cut the cast at a different angle. As the doctor worked, Caroline explained why she didn't want to destroy that part of the cast and the other woman was kind enough to even cut out the section with the drawing and handed the plaster to Caroline to keep.

"Thanks." Caroline said with a grin, hiding the plaster behind her back as Klaus reentered the room.

The process was over within minutes and Caroline wiggled her ankle for the doctor, letting the woman know there was no lingering pain, just a stiffness like her foot had fallen asleep. After a few standard warnings to take it easy for a few days, Caroline waved a goodbye to her doctor and followed Klaus back out to the street.

Klaus noticed the bit of plaster Caroline held in her hand as they walked and shot her a questioning gaze.

Caroline just shrugged in return, throwing him a small smile before looking down at the cast where Klaus' name was hidden amongst a flourish of hues and watercolors. "I wanted to keep it."

"You know if it's art you want, I can paint you something real – on paper, or canvas." Klaus pointed out.

"You do that." Caroline shot back, throwing him another grin. "But I'm going to keep this anyway."

Klaus shook his head with a laugh, holding the passenger side door open for Caroline before jogging around and climbing in the driver's seat.

Caroline had barely settled into her seat before propping her newly freed and slightly swollen ankle up on the dashboard. "I feel like I should do something to commemorate this moment." She said lightly. "Like go jogging or biking or something."

Klaus laughed again as the car took off down the street. "Try to contain yourself, love."

"I'll do my best but I'm not making any promises." Caroline shot back with a grin.

They reached the bar just as the sun was setting and Caroline practically skipped her way inside, Klaus striding in behind her with a smile on his face.

"Well would you look at that!" Stefan exclaimed, holding his arms out wide as Caroline reached the counter where he stood.

"Thank you, thank you." Caroline said theatrically as she posed dramatically, gesturing down to her cast-free ankle before hopping up onto the stool.

Stefan laughed, shaking his head. "A shot to celebrate?" He asked, already pouring vodka into a shot glass he placed in front of her.

"Ah, I shouldn't. Early start at work tomorrow morning." Caroline said, shaking her head as she eyed the shot. She'd learned the hard way not to take advantage of all the free booze she was offered spending so much time at the bar with Klaus – one shot would lead to four and the next morning would be hell.

Klaus sidled up behind her, wrapping one arm around Caroline's waist and using the other to reach for the shot glass. He downed it quickly before slamming the glass back down on the counter and shooting Stefan a mocking look. "Stop trying to get my girlfriend drunk."

"Whatever you say boss." Stefan shot back with a grin before turning away to serve more customers.

He was barely gone a moment when Lexi appeared in front of them, a wide grin on her face.

"Remember when you said I could cut out early tonight?" She asked, still fixing Klaus with that cajoling grin.

Klaus furrowed his eyebrows. "No, I don't remember saying that at all." In fact, he was willing to bet he'd never uttered anything near those words.

"Are you sure because I distinctly remember –"

"Do you?" Klaus cut her off, cocking one eyebrow, "Do you really remember?"

Lexi rolled her eyes before continuing. "Okay, full disclosure – I have a hot date tonight." She said, pointing to herself while grinning at Klaus.

"That's funny because you also have a shift tonight." Klaus pointed out.

Lexi opened her mouth to speak again but Caroline interrupted. "Oh come on Klaus," she teased, elbowing him in the stomach, "she has a hot date tonight!" Caroline looked over her shoulder to catch his eye and Klaus sighed. "Let her off the hook this one time. The bar will survive."

"Listen to her." Lexi jumped back in, seeing Klaus' resolve weaken just because Caroline had asked. "She is the voice of reason."

Klaus huffed again, looking away from Caroline and back at Lexi. "Fine, fine. Go."

Lexi mumbled a quick "Yes!" and was already turning to leave when Klaus spoke again.

"Hold on." He grumbled, turning and striding off in the direction of the office.

While he was gone, Caroline grilled Lexi about this date and by the time Klaus returned the bartender was downright blushing. He didn't bother asking why, simply handed Lexi an envelope.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Lexi tore into it and the look of confusion quickly turned into one of elation. "End of the month bonuses, yes!" She did a little celebratory spin before heading off.

"What's this I hear about bonuses?" Stefan asked as he reappeared, waving a quick goodbye to Lexi before turning to face Klaus.

Klaus rolled his eyes, handing his friend an envelope. Stefan had barely taken it out of his hand before Rebekah appeared, snatching the final envelope from Klaus and shooting him a sly grin.

"Thank you." She said, already pocketing the envelope and striding back down the bar.

Stefan tipped an imaginary hat to Klaus before following Rebekah away.

"I employ a bunch of ingrates." Klaus said playfully as he turned back to Caroline.

She just laughed shaking her head. "It's cute, it's like a little family."

Klaus rolled his eyes again, dropping a quick kiss to her lips before vaulting over the counter again and standing on the other side of the bar. "I need to cover Lex's shift, are you going to be fine here love?"

Caroline just nodded with a smile. She'd be more than fine, she actually enjoyed watching Klaus work. He placed a glass of sparkling water in front of her before disappearing again to tend to the other patrons. Sipping her water, Caroline relaxed in her seat, chatting with Stefan, Rebekah and Klaus as they passed by her corner of the bar. She'd lost track of how much time had passed when a dark haired man appeared beside her, leaning against the bar and staring at Caroline.

She tilted her head to the side to throw him a dismissive look before facing forward again. The guy must not have taken the hint because he continued on anyway.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"I'm good, thanks." Caroline replied smoothly, gesturing to the full glass of water in front of her.

The man took this as an invitation to sidle closer before offering again. "Come on, a girl like you can handle something a little stronger." He said, sliding the glass of water away from Caroline.

She threw him a glare before reaching for the glass and pulling it back toward her. Out of the corner of her eye, Caroline caught sight of Klaus striding back toward her, a scowl on his face. She let out a sigh before turning to face the guy again. "Here's an idea. Let's save me some time and you some embarrassment and just skip to the end where you scurry off with your tail between your legs." Caroline said, shooting him a snide stare.

The man muttered "bitch" beneath his breath as he turned to walk away and Caroline just shrugged. She faced forward again just as Klaus appeared in front of her.

"Who was that?" He asked, nodding to the retreating guy's back.

Caroline just laughed, standing up from her stool and leaning across the bar until her nose brushed his. "You're cute when you're jealous." She kissed Klaus quickly, her fingers still lingering in his hair.

"That doesn't answer my question." Klaus murmured against her lips though the anger that had filled him moments before was already seeping away.

"I'm a big girl." Caroline said softly, kissing him again. "I can handle myself."

Klaus was lifting a hand to tug her closer when Caroline pulled away with a small laugh that sent a rush of air dancing across his lips.

"I'm getting tired." Caroline said, slapping both palms on the countertop. "I'm going to head up and get ready for bed."

This time it was Klaus that leaned over the counter, pulling Caroline to him for one last kiss. "I'll meet you up there soon." He whispered against her lips and smirked at the shiver he caught racing down her spine.

"Yeah, yeah, get back to work." Caroline said, recovering quickly and shoving him away with a grin.

Klaus watched as she retreated toward the stairs that led to the upstairs apartment, waiting until Caroline was out of sight before doing as she bid and getting back to work.

Caroline let herself into the apartment and strode straight toward the bedroom. Opening the drawer that Klaus had designated hers, she pulled out shorts and a tank to sleep in before heading out of the room and to the bathroom. Caroline took a long shower, once again enjoying the freedom of her cast having been removed. She was brushing her teeth when the sound of the front door opening drifted back. A few moments later the bathroom door opened and Klaus closed the small distance between them, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling Caroline back against him.

"That was fast." Caroline said, bending to spit into the sink.

"I had a pretty good incentive." Klaus shot back, his fingers tracing patterns on her skin as Caroline rinsed out her mouth.

"Is that so?" She asked once her mouth was toothpaste free, turning in his arms to shoot a smirk up at Klaus."

He grinned back at her before pressing his mouth to hers. Caroline's lips parted on a gasp and his tongue slid inside, his fingers tightening their grip on her waist.

"Minty." Klaus said with a smirk when he finally pulled away.

"I can't imagine why." Caroline said sarcastically, waving her toothbrush between them.

With a laugh, Klaus freed Caroline from his hold and she danced around him, making her way out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom. She'd already gotten comfortable in bed by the time Klaus finished his nightly routine and came to join her. He landed on the bed like a cat, smirking at Caroline as he inched up her body. By the time his face reached hers, Caroline's nerve endings were already on fire. It didn't matter that she'd had him this morning, that felt like eons ago to Caroline and she wanted him right now. Reaching her hands up to bury her fingers in his hair, Caroline moved to pull Klaus' face down to hers but he just smirked, ducking to run his lips across her neck instead.

"You know," Klaus murmured as he caught her earlobe between his teeth and tugged lightly on it, "with that cast gone, we've got a whole lot of possibilities." Caroline could practically hear the smirk in his voice as Klaus nibbled at the taut skin of her neck.

"I agree." Caroline said on a moan before flipping them over until she was sitting astride Klaus. He shot her a pleasantly surprised look and Caroline just grinned back as she trailed her fingers down his bare chest, her hips making slow rocking motions that ignited a delicious friction between their bodies. "Endless possibilities, but where to begin?" She teased, her hips still moving at that infuriatingly slow pace.

With a low growl, Klaus caught her hips between his hands and used his grip to quicken her pace, thrusting his hips up to meet hers in a thumping rhythm. "I don't know, I think you've got the right idea love." Klaus groaned, already desperate to bury himself in Caroline. The thin layer of clothes that separated them was enough to drive him crazy.

Caroline was leaning forward to press her lips to his again when the sound of the front door slamming and heels clicking across the hardwood floor had them both freezing in place.

"Fuck." Klaus growled beneath his breath.

Caroline could hear Rebekah moving around out in the living room and sighed as she rolled off of Klaus and landed back on the bed. "Well that's a mood killer." She said, turning her head to look at him. The walls of this apartment were nowhere near thick enough and knowing Rebekah was just a few feet away had doused the heady passion that had filled the room just moments before.

Klaus frowned and Caroline couldn't keep from laughing at him.

"Don't look so disappointed, it's just sex." She managed to get out between giggles.

Klaus shot her a glare. "Easy for you to say." He said, glancing down at his still stiff length.

Caroline kept laughing and Klaus' lips curled into a reluctant smile.

"I'm glad this amuses you sweetheart." He said, reaching for Caroline. "Come here." He pulled Caroline into his side, curling his body around hers as her giggles finally stopped.

Like every night for the past few weeks, Caroline settled comfortably into his arms and fell asleep, having long since forgotten what it even felt like to sleep alone.

The next morning she woke up to the sound of Klaus' hushed tones as he whispered into his phone. Caroline rolled over in the empty bed before finally sitting up to see him standing across the room with his phone held up to his ear. Klaus caught sight of her and stopped speaking, covering the mouthpiece of the phone as he turned to look at Caroline.

"I'll go start breakfast." He said quickly before striding out of the room, lifting the phone back up to his ear.

Caroline shrugged off the strange call the same way she shrugged off all the other strange calls. She trusted Klaus implicitly and when he wanted her to know what all the calls and disappearances were about, he would tell her. She rummaged through Klaus' closet to pull out one of the few work outfits she kept at his place for times when she couldn't make it back to her apartment before work. By the time Caroline was showered and dressed, the smell of bacon had already begun to fill the apartment. She entered the living room just in time to see Rebekah climbing up from her makeshift couch-bed and stumbling over to the kitchen.

Still talking heatedly into his phone, Klaus slid two plates full of bacon, eggs and toast onto the table before retreating back into his room and shutting the door.

Caroline glanced from Rebekah to the closed bedroom door and back again. The other blonde just shrugged before pulling one of the plates toward her and digging into the breakfast. Caroline followed suit and the two talked idly while they ate. When Klaus reappeared he was fully dressed, keys jingling in his hand.

"Ready to go?" He asked, already pulling Caroline off her chair and into his arms.

Smiling, she went willingly. "You haven't eaten yet." Caroline pointed out as Klaus tugged her toward the door.

"I'll eat when I get back. You're going to be late." Klaus explained, already pulling her out the door.

The two called out a goodbye to Rebekah who just waved her hand in their general direction.

Contrary to what Klaus had said, Caroline wasn't late for work, making it just in time and giving Klaus a quick kiss before reaching for the door handle.

"I'll pick you up at 5?" Klaus asked as Caroline climbed out of the car and onto the sidewalk.

Turning around, she braced one hand on top of the car door and bent to look back at him.

"You know you don't have to keep chauffeuring me around." Caroline pointed out. "I can drive again now."

Klaus arched one eyebrow at her. "And how, pray tell, do you intend to get to your car love?"

"Good point." Caroline said, with a smile.

Klaus grinned back with a shake of his head. "I'll pick you up at 5." He said firmly before ushering her away.

Caroline shut the car door before turning to race into the building. She'd barely settled into her chair when Elena appeared, a wide grin on her face. Her friend proceeded to regale her with a twenty minute long retelling of an encounter she had with some guy last night. Elena's smile was infectious and Caroline found herself grinning too. She was ecstatic with Klaus and if her friend could find even a quarter of that happiness, Caroline would be thrilled for her.

After Elena returned to her cubicle, Caroline buried herself in her work and time seemed to fly by. She skipped lunch and didn't glance up until the sound of her phone ringing pulled her from her thoughts. Seeing it was Klaus calling, Caroline glanced quickly at the time and realized it was after 5.

She picked up the call, already gathering up her things. "I'll be right out." Caroline said, not giving Klaus a chance to speak before hanging up the phone again.

She popped her head into Elena's cubicle to say bye before practically sprinting to the elevators and out of the building.

"Sorry." Caroline muttered as she climbed into Klaus' car, leaning across the console and kissing him quickly before settling back into her seat. "I lost track of time."

"I don't mind waiting sweetheart." Klaus replied with a shrug, already taking off down the street.

Caroline let out a laugh, shaking her head. "Careful there, I might get used to this sort of treatment."

"Good." Klaus shot back without hesitating, his lips curling into a smirk.

Caroline just smiled, turning to look out the window. It took her a moment to realize they weren't heading in the direction of the bar or her place.

"Where are we going?" She asked, turning her head to face him again.

"You'll see when we get there." Klaus said with a smug look.

Caroline wrinkled her nose slightly. "Surprises can be disastrous you know."

"This is a good one, I promise." Klaus said with a laugh. "Have I let you down before?" He asked, throwing her a quick look before facing the road again.

Caroline smiled, thinking back to the last time he'd surprised her that night on the roof. Come to think of it, that would explain the shady calls and disappearances – just like last time.

"You know, if this is another rooftop vacation you're going to need to shake up your material." Caroline teased with a grin.

Klaus let out another bellowing laugh. "I'll try to keep you on your toes love."

Still grinning, Caroline turned to look out the window again as Klaus slowed the car down. As he parked, she glanced around at the nice Chicago neighborhood crowded with high rises.

"Okay, still confused." Caroline said lightly as she climbed out of the car and walked around it to join Klaus on the sidewalk.

"Patience love." He shot back, taking her hand and leading her into the nearest building.

He toyed with her fingers as they rode the elevator up to the 27st floor, something Caroline had come to realize was a bit of a nervous habit for him. And the fact that he was nervous in turn made her nervous. She didn't ask any more questions as Klaus led her down a quiet hallway before finally swinging a door open and ushering Caroline in. The first thing she noticed after stepping into the condo was all the natural light. Large bay windows lined the far wall and Caroline could see the sun setting behind the array of other high rises. The place was completely empty and her footsteps echoed on the wooden floor as she walked further into the apartment.

Her eyes flitted around the empty living room before she turned to face Klaus.

"What are we doing here?" She asked, still confused.

Klaus leaned back against one of the pillars that separated the open living room space from the open kitchen space. Behind him Caroline could see the kitchen was composed of mostly stainless steel.

"I bought the bar when I was 26. I left London, left the family home, left my brother's company and I came to Chicago. Saw this rundown little bar for sale and I sunk all my money into it." Klaus said, still watching Caroline closely as he spoke. "I moved into the apartment space above the bar and that was it. I've never really had a place." He said, gesturing out to the empty apartment. "Rebekah and I were talking about it and I decided it's time we both got our own space so I'm leaving the apartment above the bar to her." He finished, still gauging Caroline's response.

"So that's what all the mysterious calls have been about? This is your apartment?" Caroline asked, spinning around to take it all in again, already envisioning what it would look like once it had Klaus' stamp on it.

"As of this morning, yes." Klaus said, pushing himself off the pillar and walking closer to Caroline who spun around to face him again. "Once the deal was done, I thought of who I wanted to share this moment with and that was you." Caroline's eyes widened slightly as Klaus took another step closer until their shoes were touching. "Sad as it may seem at my age, this is actually quite a big deal for me." He continued, his voice softer now and his hand cupping her cheek. "And I couldn't imagine sharing this occasion with anyone else." Klaus brushed a strand of hair back behind her ear, his eyes still locked on hers. "I guess this year is full of new experiences for me because I've also never loved a woman before. Not the way I love you Caroline."

She inhaled deeply and in that moment Caroline swore her heart might have stopped.

While she was still in shock, Klaus pulled a long, thin rectangular box out from his back pocket. He held it up in front of her, flipping the lid open to reveal a key hanging on a long silver chain. "We can add another new experience to the list. Live with me Caroline?"

And Caroline was certain then that her heart did stop. And when it started back up again it was thumping wildly.

When she didn't respond immediately, Klaus felt a small sweat break out across his forehead. "I don't want this to be my place, I want it to be our place." Still no response from Caroline and Klaus felt his whole body tense. "It doesn't have to be right now, or even any time soon. It can just be whenever you're ready. I just thought-"

Klaus didn't get a chance to continue because suddenly Caroline's lips were on his, cutting off his air supply. The two went stumbling backwards until Klaus' back hit the pillar again and Caroline was all but crawling up his body.

"I take that as a yes." Klaus managed to say between frenzied kisses, a heavy weight lifting off his chest and a sense of sweet relief settling in.

Caroline pulled away, still breathing heavily as she stared back at him. "I love you too." She whispered softly.

Those three little words did something to Klaus he couldn't explain and suddenly he was the one attacking her. He lifted Caroline in his arms, her legs wrapping instinctively around his waist as Klaus spun them around so it was her back that was pressed against the pillar.

Flames raced across her skin and Caroline swallowed a moan as Klaus sucked on her upper lip. Her hips bucked wildly as Caroline's sensible pencil skirt rode further up her thighs until it was bunched around her stomach.

"Say it again." Klaus growled as he pinched her bottom lip between his teeth.

Caroline didn't have to ask what he meant. "I love you." She repeated, practically panting into his mouth.

Klaus let out a low groan, thrusting his hips in time to the thrust of his tongue in her mouth. The maddening back and forth motion was all Caroline could focus on as her vision clouded with an almost primal need. Klaus' nails dug deeper into the skin at her hips but Caroline couldn't register any pain – couldn't register much of anything beyond the blinding need to feel him on her, in her, all over her. Needing to get to his skin, to feel that familiar heat of him against her, Caroline tugged at Klaus' shirt, nearly tearing it as she pulled it over his head.

The shirt was barely gone before Klaus was crashing his lips to hers again, feasting at her mouth as if he could somehow absorb that energy of hers that drove him insane. He didn't bother taking care with her top, tearing it open and sending prim little buttons dancing across the hardwood floor. Her cute lace bra didn't fare any better, not that Caroline minded. She gasped into his mouth as his callous fingers went to work, rolling and gently pinching her taut nipples. Clutching his biceps, Caroline trembled as Klaus' thumbs drew slow, teasing circles around each rigid nipple before he ducked his head and sucked one into his mouth.

Her head slammed back against the pillar as Caroline arched her back, succumbing to that familiar tension Klaus never failed to build in her. She slid her hands down his firm chest, practically clawing at him as Klaus trailed a searing line of kisses up her neck. Everywhere his mouth touched set her skin on fire and every deep moan he let out vibrated against her throat, letting Caroline know he was just as far gone as she was.

Reaching down between them, Caroline snapped the button on his jeans open, sliding her hand inside to wrap her fingers around the thick base of his cock. She stroked the hard, throbbing length as Klaus' lips found their way back to hers. Tightening her grip around him, Caroline savored the primal growl that rumbled its way through his chest and bled straight into hers.

"You have no idea how much I love you." He breathed against her mouth. Klaus fixed his blue gaze on hers as his thumbs returned to her nipples. "You couldn't possibly comprehend it." She moaned as he nipped lightly at her lips.

"I think I know." Caroline shot back, as she stroked him again, guiding his stiff length forward until the head brushed against the soaking wet lace of her panties, loving how her body pulsed and contracted in anticipation.

Klaus' chest rumbled again and his hands left her breasts to tear her panties off.

"Please." Caroline whispered softly and Klaus knew then he'd always do everything within his power to give her anything she wanted.

Right now, what she wanted was him and Klaus drove his hips against her, plunging deep and stretching and filling her all at once. Caroline's back arched on another moan as she struggled to suck in much needed air to her lungs. Klaus did that sometimes – made her forget she needed to breathe, made her forget she needed anything but him.

This wasn't a gentle coupling as Klaus pulled out then slammed back into her, again and again, each thrust impossibly deeper than the one before. His lips trail bites up her neck until Klaus was whispering in her ear again.

"I love everything about you Caroline." He said, punctuating the statement with another hard thrust. "I love the way you feel, the way you smell, the way you taste."

Fisting her hands in his hair, Caroline gasped as she tilted her head back to look up at the ceiling. Klaus froze, buried deep inside her, before gripping Caroline's hair in his hand and tugging her face back down to look at his.

"Look at me," He said, his fingers tightening in her hair, "I love you."

Klaus stayed buried inside her but not moving and Caroline bucked her hips wildly in an attempt to get him to pick up the rhythm again.

Finally she brought her eyes to his again, locking her gaze on his. "I love you too." She repeated and Klaus started up again, a slower rhythm now, hitting that precise spot over and over again without breaking Caroline's gaze. Her fingernails dug into the backs of his arms but Klaus ignored it as he worked his way in and out of Caroline, over and over again.

Feeling the waves begin to crash over her, Caroline pressed her mouth to his again, screaming into his mouth as her body shuddered. Wave after orgasmic wave tore through her body and stole her breath right out of her chest as Klaus pushed even deeper inside her and groaned against her lips. Her eyes slid closed as he slowly rocked her hips back and forth, still buried in her to the hilt.

It was the tightening of her walls around him that pushed Klaus over the edge. Those little tremors she got post-orgasm sucked him dry until Klaus was burying his teeth in her neck, his body quaking against hers as his release swept over him.

Like jelly, Caroline's legs dropped from his waist to the floor though she still relied on Klaus to carry the brunt of her weight since her body had gone limp. Klaus managed this for a moment before realizing he was no better off than she was and slowly lowered them both to the floor.

The sound of their mutual heavy breathing was all that filled the room for a long moment.

It was Klaus who finally broke the silence, tugging Caroline's head onto his chest and staring down at her.

"I love you." He repeated yet again. Klaus had never said the words to a woman before and now he couldn't seem to stop saying them. Every time he looked at Caroline, the words just came dripping off his tongue.

She beamed up at him and Klaus decided so long as those three little words kept eliciting that smile, he'd say them again and again and again.

"I love you too." Caroline whispered back against his chest.

And Klaus realized then that the only thing better than saying those three words was hearing them.

WHAT IF I'M NOT READY TO LET IT GO?! Is this story ending, is it not ending? I just don't know!

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