"So how did it go?"

Caroline glanced up from her spot lounging on the sofa and accepted the plate of Thai noodles Klaus held out for her. He sat down beside her, his own plate in hand, and Caroline turned to sit cross legged on the couch facing him. She brought a forkful of noodles to her mouth to put off having to answer his question. The "it" he was referring to was her date last night with Tomas, a journalist she had met through a friend.

Six short weeks ago, Nathan had been just the beginning of what Caroline was starting to see was a dating spree. They were all perfectly suitable guys but none made it past the first or second date. Tomas had been an exception, making it to the fourth date.

"I don't think it's going to work out." Caroline replied after she swallowed, shrugging a little.

Klaus arched his brow and paused to stare at her. He didn't need to speak for Caroline to know what he was asking.

"I don't know. He's a journalist. Every date feels like the Spanish Inquisition." The lie slid easily off her tongue. The truth was, Caroline didn't know why it wasn't going to work with Tomas. She just knew it wouldn't. A little voice in the back of her head, one she had taken to ignoring, whispered that it wouldn't work out with Tomas because Tomas wasn't Nik.

Klaus just let out a short laugh and the conversation moved on but when there was a lull in the banter, he couldn't help but bring him up again. Tomas. Klaus wasn't a fan, but then again he hadn't been a fan of any of the guys Caroline had gone out with. He had taken solace in the fact that none of them seemed to last very long. Up until Tomas anyway. And Klaus wouldn't consider himself a masochistic but there was something nagging at him and he needed to know, for better or worse.

"Did you sleep with him?" He tried to toss the question off casually but from the corner of his eye, he noticed Caroline's body tense just a little.

"Why do you ask?" She replied quickly, tilting her head and throwing him an inquisitive look.

"Well he seemed to be hanging on longer than the last few. I was just wondering if things had gotten serious between you two."

Caroline pursed her lips and shook her head no. "Nope. Nothing serious."

Klaus just grinned down at his plate.

Caroline let out a dramatic sigh. "Now that I think about it, it has been a while. A girl has needs." She said, tossing her head back over the top of the sofa.

Klaus felt his body tighten and his dick harden – something that wasn't exactly an uncommon occurrence in Caroline's presence. "I'm not one of your girlfriends, Caroline." He growled out, his eyes clouding with lust. "You can't talk about things like that with me and not expect me to react." He bit out, unable to stop his eyes from trailing down her body.

Caroline sucked in a breath at his words and the action caused her breasts to rise and fall enticingly. His eyes roved up from her tantalizing chest to rest on that delicate collarbone and Klaus restrained the urge to bury his face there and taste her skin. It had been a month and a half since they'd last slept together but Klaus could still clearly remember her delectable taste (he would likely never forget it) and he was itching for a just a tiny, little nibble.

Heart racing, Caroline watched Klaus' gaze form into that all too familiar look. The look that said he was going to do salacious, unforgettable, sinful things to her body. Before she could think twice about it, her body was reacting. Caroline placed her plate on the table before leaning in closer to Klaus, loving his addictive scent.

"I'm thinking we should suspend our no sex agreement. For just one night." Her breath came out husky and Caroline blushed a little at how painfully clear her desperation for him was.

"One night." Klaus whispered, afraid to break the moment. He cupped his hand behind her head, his fingers clutching on to her hair and pulling her closer. He wanted more than one night and taking her up on her proposal would only intensify that wanting but if one night was all she was offering, he wouldn't turn it down. He was a desperate man and he would take what he could get.

Fingers still wound tightly in her hair, Klaus pressed his lips to her softer ones. He pried her lips apart with ruthless efficiency and stabbed his tongue into her mouth, swallowing her corresponding moan. Itching to get closer to him, Caroline swung her leg over his lap, straddling him. Klaus groaned as she came into contact with his hardened length, unable to stop himself from thrusting up a little. He pulled away from the kiss and Caroline threw her head back, grinding down onto his body. With a growl, Klaus tugged the straps of her shirt down, baring her lace covered breasts to him. His lips glided along her smooth neck, moving steadily down, down to the hard, sensitive tips of her breasts. When his mouth covered one tight nipple through the lace of her bra, her pussy clenched and she dug her nails into his shoulders. His tongue rasped over the tender tip, his mouth sucking at her with a strong motion that left her quivering in his arms. When he nibbled at the tiny bud, the slight pinch drove her arousal higher and Caroline couldn't for the life of her remember why they had ever stopped doing this.

Klaus moved his head higher and she felt his lips at her shoulder, his teeth scraping deliciously over her skin as his hands reached beneath her on either side to cup her full, swollen breasts. His skilled fingers tugged at her nipples, pinching lightly as she moaned at the hot little flare of pain. His tongue dove into her mouth again, his soft lips slanting over hers as he turned the caress into a shameless carnal feast. Her hands clutched his shoulders, her body arching to him as she groaned into the kiss. His lips ate at hers hungrily, his tongue plundering her mouth sinfully as his fingers worked her body like a fine tuned instrument. His hands drifted lower to her belly, softly stroking the muscles there before wrapping around her to grip her ass.

Klaus used his grip on her derriere to press Caroline against him. He lifted and lowered her body, mimicking the rocking of fucking. Her hands ran wildly along his chest before reaching down to pull at his belt. Before she could free him from the constraints of his jeans, Klaus flipped Caroline back onto the couch, landing gracefully on top of her. She shoved her hands up his shirt, her fingers stroking along his chest and causing Klaus to growl into her mouth.

The doorbell rang and it took them both a moment to clear the haze of lust clouding their minds and realize what the shrill buzzing was. Klaus pulled away from Caroline with a groan, finding it unbelievable that they would be interrupted just when he was preparing to play out every fantasy he'd had over the last few weeks. He dropped his forehead onto hers and tried to catch his breath. The incessant doorbell rang again, the shrill sound filling the otherwise silent room.

"Are you going to get that?" Caroline said with a smile, her lips brushing his as she spoke.

"I'd rather not."

The bell sounded again and Caroline laughed. "I don't think they're going to go away."

With a final huff, Klaus pushed himself off of Caroline and stormed over to the door, adjusting his clothes as he moved. Using a bit more force than necessary he yanked the door to his apartment open, more than prepared to send whoever it was away and return to his one night with Caroline. Unfortunately, that plan would have worked with just about anyone except for the one person who it turned out to be.

Caroline shot up on the couch as a gorgeous woman with pin straight blonde hair sauntered into the living room, trailing a carry-on sized suitcase behind her. She felt her stomach drop and fought the urge to vomit. It was one thing to know, in the back of her mind, that Klaus got around. It was another thing entirely to have his flavor of the week show up just as they were about to…well. Caroline couldn't stop the direction her mind went in. She immediately found herself comparing herself to the blonde bombshell that had just strolled in. It had been a bad idea to even consider suspending their no sex rule. Caroline didn't want to compete with all the girls Klaus brought home – and she shouldn't have too, she thought indignantly.

"Rebekah, what are you doing here?" Klaus asked as he walked into the room behind her.

Caroline was adjusting her shirt, already standing up from the couch.

"I'll leave you two alone." She said, unable to keep the snide undertones out of her voice.

Klaus and Rebekah spoke at the same time, both turning to face her.

"Caroline, wait." Klaus said, moving to block the exit.

"And who is this?" The woman, Rebekah, looked Caroline up and down with tangible distaste. "And on the couch, Nik, really?"

Caroline just scoffed, snatching up her purse from beside the table. She really wasn't the catfight type of girl and she saw no point in starting now.

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Caroline, this is my sister Rebekah. Rebekah, Caroline." He motioned between the two.

Caroline froze and immediately felt horrible for jumping to conclusions.

"Right." She said softly, throwing Klaus a sheepish smile. "It's really nice to meet you." She turned back to Rebekah, holding out a hand.

The other blonde gave the proffered hand a sardonic look before shaking it lightly.

"So where's my room?" Rebekah turned away from Caroline to face Klaus.

"You still haven't told me what you're doing here?" Klaus strolled forward to come face to face with Rebekah. He wanted to get a good look in her eyes, he'd seen enough to know the telltale signs.

Rebekah rolled her eyes, placing a hand on her hip. "Is that any way to greet your favorite sister?"

"Well you'll have to forgive my surprise, little sister. It's my understanding that you're generally not supposed to leave rehab until you're rehabilitated."

"So I checked myself out a little early." Rebekah shrugged lightly, "I'm fine, Nik. I just need a place to sleep, I'm exhausted." She feigned a yawn.

Klaus ran a hand down his face, his mind racing a mile a minute. "And you want to stay here? Above a bar? I may not have a ton of experience in this department but I don't think recovering addict and bar scene go well together, Rebekah."

His voice was stern and Rebekah's face immediately fell. Klaus knew his sister well. He knew that more often than not, the cool, sarcastic façade hid a confused and frightened girl. Klaus knew that look in her eyes very well. It was the same look that had him beating up boys in the schoolyard and threatening ex-boyfriends or dealers with the promise of unbearable pain. Rebekah was the type of girl that fell into trouble easily but it was Klaus' job to protect her. That had always been his job and he took it very seriously.

"Where else am I supposed to go?" Rebekah asked softly, wringing her hands together.

Klaus knew she had a point. Elijah was too strict with her, having more the standing of a father than a brother in Rebekah's eyes. If he sent her off to Elijah it would only be a matter of time before she rebelled and found herself in a bad place again. Kol was an even worse option, a bit of a hedonist himself, completely lacking in self-control and guaranteed to send Rebekah off the rails in a matter of hours if not minutes. Rebekah had come here first because she and Klaus had always been the closest of the Mikaelson siblings. He looked out for her without judging her. And, whether or not he chose to acknowledge it, she looked out for him too – in the small ways that she could.

Running a hand through his hair, Klaus considered his options. The bar was doing well but leasing another apartment somewhere for Rebekah would put a substantial dent in his funds. He supposed he could rent out this apartment and move into another one with Rebekah but he didn't relish the idea of some stranger living above his bar. Not to mention it would put a new kink in what was currently the smooth running of his establishment.

He ran a hand over his scruff covered chin, holding back a growl of frustration.

Caroline, who had been standing uncomfortably off to the side deciding just how she could leave the room without interrupting the strange sibling reunion, caught the telltale sign of Klaus' frustrations even though he hadn't voiced them out loud. He hadn't told her about his sister, or any of his family members for that matter, and Caroline knew virtually nothing about this girl other than her apparent stint in rehab but she found herself speaking before she'd really thought the plan through.

"She can stay with me."

Both Klaus and Rebekah turned to look at Caroline. Klaus knew Caroline's roommate had moved out a few weeks back and she'd been looking for a replacement (but like her taste in men, Caroline was also picky when it came to choosing a roommate and no one had yet to meet her high standards) but given how his sister had just treated her, he couldn't imagine why Caroline would want to live with Rebekah.

"You don't have to do that Caroline." Klaus said, shaking his head.

"I want to." She replied, realizing as she said it that she genuinely meant it. Klaus was always a bit of an enigma to her and this was a chance to get to know another facet of his life. Besides, she was sure if their situations had been reversed, he would do the same for her. "And I'm going to go before you try to talk me into changing my mind." Caroline said with a grin as she walked past him and toward the front door.

"I'll leave you two to talk and you can come by whenever you're ready." Caroline said with a wave as she opened the door.

Rebekah waited until the door had shut behind the girl before addressing her brother again. "You're not seriously going to send me to live with some girl you hardly know, are you?!"

"Caroline's a friend of mine." Klaus replied, walking away from Rebekah and toward to the kitchen to see if he could find anything for her to eat.

Rebekah followed close behind. "A friend? Is that what you're calling your whores these days?"

Klaus slammed the fridge shut and spun around, his eyes livid. "Do not talk about Caroline that way." He spoke slowly, his voice borderline menacing.

Rebekah stepped back, a little stunned by his reaction. This wasn't the first time she had ever called him out on his philandering behavior. "So she's just a friend? The kind you fool around with on the living room couch?"

Klaus stepped closer to Rebekah, hands clasped behind his back. "Caroline's a good friend of mine and we're lucky she offered. So you're going to behave, you're going to find a job and start paying rent, and you're not going to get involved." He spoke firmly. Rebekah had a somewhat volatile approach to the women in her brothers' lives and Klaus wanted to shut her down before she'd even begun to plot.

"Why can't I just stay here?" Rebekah said, conscientious of the whining tone her voice had slipped into.

Klaus cocked an eyebrow. "You know why. And why did you leave rehab early, Rebekah?"

She shrugged again, avoiding looking him in the eye. "Does it really matter? I'm fine."

"Of course it matters."

"Maybe I just missed my big brother." Rebekah said, crossing her arms over her chest. "It's not like you came to visit me or anything."

Klaus' jaw tensed and he couldn't quite bring himself to respond. After all, she was right – he had never gone to see her. But that wasn't because he didn't care about her. If anything, it was because he cared about her too much and seeing her like that – the way she had been – it was more than he could handle. It was a constant reminder that he had failed her, that he hadn't kept her safe like he had always promised he would.

Satisfied that she had distracted her brother from questions of why she checked out of rehab early, Rebekah hopped up onto the counter, legs swaying as she watched her brother. "Well I think it'd be more fun if I stayed here. It could be just like old times."

Klaus arched an eyebrow as he eyed his sister. 'Old times' like when she would show up at his doorstep a complete mess or like when she'd wake up some mornings and not remember what she'd done the night before.

Rebekah must have read the direction his thoughts were taking because she shook her head. "Or it could be like completely new times. We can create new memories." She drummed her fingers together and shot him her best smile.

"Well if that's what you want," Klaus said and Rebekah perked up, "then show me you can handle it." Her shoulders slumped again as he continued. "Stay with Caroline for a while. I can cover your half of the rent for a little while but you need to find a job. Stay out of trouble and we won't have to talk about you going back."

A small part of him felt horrid threatening to send Rebekah back to rehab like that but the much larger part of him wanted to see to it that his sister got better and if she hated him for it in the end then so be it.

"Ugh, fine." Rebekah threw her head back before hopping off the counter. "But can I at least stay here tonight? Catch up, just the two of us?" She asked, grinning wide.

Klaus couldn't stop the smirk that took over his face. All things considered, it was nice to have his sister back. He wouldn't be getting his one night with Caroline but at least he'd have a night to start rebuilding things with his sister.

Excuse me while I shove the Klebekah down your throats.