It was not the normal winter day in the Splatalot castle. The defenders that day should have been Crocness, Ballista, Thorne, Shaiden, Kookaburra, and Skabb. But unfortunately Shaiden had been defending for the past week and caught the flu. Thorne tried to get her to feel better but since she is so small it stayed with her for awhile. Knightriss couldn't defend for her because she wasn't feeling all that well herself and Tinkor had to fix the froth broather so it was up to Gildar to fill in for her. An attacker came through the door and shouted "RED RULES!" Gildar said "I agree." This attackers name was Ruby. She had jet black hair with red streaks through it and it was very long. Gildar found her very pretty. He started taunting her and she said "Was that sass because I don't do sass." Gildar eyes went wide and Crocness and Thorne just looked at each other and Crocness actually laughed but Thorne who was still very worried about his sister whose fever was still very high and rising just had a hint of a smile because he saw Gildar reaction. Shaiden was up in her room and was very head hurt and she wasn't able to keep anything down. She felt cold but she kept her window wide open so she could watch the defenders in the moat. She watched Gildar very carefully taking note that he had only looked into his mirror once since that Ruby girl came out. She also watched her brother, she saw that he was worried and kept looking up at her room. Then he saw her in the window and gave her a look. She shut the window and turned back on the TV. It hurt her eyes after a little while so she just turned it off. She fell asleep for awhile but when she woke up she found her brother and Kook staring at her. "Oh my god! Don't do that! You scared the crap out of me." She yelled angrily. "Sorry" They simultaneously said while smiling. Thorne took her temperature, " Dear God Shaiden what have you been doing it's 106 degrees!" "Nothing, I watched you guys in the moat then watched T.V. but it hurt my eyes so I went to sleep for awhile!" Thorne looked at her for a minute muttered something about how he was a horrible doctor and started to leave. " Thorne! You are a fantastic doctor and don't forget it, I don't know why I can't shake this but I do know it's not your fault!" Thorne smiled at her thanked her and left and Shaiden went back to sleep for about a minute when she remembered Kook was there heard him start to leave and she said "What can I do for you Kook?" He looked up and smiled his goofy smile and just said " I brought you something." She sat up and looked at him quizzically as he pulled out her Splatana. "How did you get that?!" She asked. " You left it in the stockade yesterday." "Oh... thanks!" "Did you see Gildar in the moat?" "Yeah I could read him like an open book he is in love with that Ruby girl." The next morning she was feeling ten times worse but she didn't want her brother to worry so she went downstairs. She noticed that Gildar was quiet so that was unusual and that Crocness was glaring at him. When Crocness saw her she raised an eyebrow at her as if to ask what she was doing out of bed. Shaiden just looked on. She knew Thorne would be mad when he found out but she felt like everyone was staring at her like she was weak so she just went outside and practiced her Gildar, again an unusual occurrence because he normally would steer clear of Shaiden, came out and said " How ya feeling?" "Fine." She hated lying to him because he could always tell that something was up. He was silent so she looked up and he was looking at her with an okay now tell me the truth type look. "Ok pretty awful but if you tell Thorne I swear you won't live to see tomorrow's light." She went out to the Stockade knowing that her brother was in the moat that day and defended her butt off. After awhile she began feeling worse and worse and at the very end she felt very lightheaded. She remembered falling hard and seeing Gildar's eyes widen and Kook look at her in horror. Then she passed out. "Kook stay here!" Gildar shouted as he ran as fast as he could to the moat. "Thorne! Thorne! Come quick somethings happened!" "Oi! Gildar are you talking about!" "Thorne it's Shaiden! She got really pale and passed out!" Thorne ran as fast as he could and found out that his sister had in fact passed out as he found her in a crumpled heap.