I walked into Ruby's room and took her by surprise. When she saw me she almost looked afraid. Perfect. "Um what can I help you with Shaiden?" "I know about your plan and I could tell everyone about it unless you let me be a part of your team." "Um ok I can always use more girls. This time I'll actually have a smart one!" "But first can I meet your master?" "Oh yeah let me get him." A whistled a loud high pitched whistle and a large green man walked in and was so ugly it almost made Shaiden cry out to Thorne. She kept her composure and said hello. "What is she doing here? She is one of our enemies!" "No she's one of us now Iago. She even asked or else she'll tell everyone our plan." "Well I don't like her so she's going down!" He swatted Shaiden hard in the stomach and she flew across the room into the wall and then sank down to the ground. It took Skabb, Gildar, Kook, Knightriss, and Crocness to hold Thorne back and calm him down. "There she won't be telling anyone our plan anymore. I f she ever wakes up I'll make sure she'll feel more pain than that!" Then the pair promptly left arm in arm to go to lunch. That's when they let go of Thorne. He ran over to Shaiden and winced when he saw her. Her head had a large welt on it and it was bleeding on one side the other side of her head had large finger sized dents in it. "Is she a goner?" Crocness asked with her eyes filled to the brim with tears. "Not yet but almost. God! I should have never made her do the plan!" He then scooped her up in his arms and took her to the infirmary. "New plan this time it's gonna be Gildar because she thinks he's on her side!" Skabb yelled. "Shhh! And we can't risk anyone else no more plans!" Ballista said. "No I hate saying this but Skabb's right!" Gildar stated "I'll do it!"

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