Warnings: Underage Sex, Dom/sub, Male Dom, True Bestiality, as in human and animal.

Chapter Twenty-Six!

31st of October 1994

Groaning as he came around Harry opened his eyes to find Minerva hovering over him and she leaned back, giving him room as he sat up she asked, "Are you okay, Harry?"

Blinking, Harry wondered why he felt groggy. He'dbeen talking to Minerva and she'd revealed that she knew he was a Kneazle Animagus, and he was still in one piece so that was good, but the question and how she was looking at him worriedly confused him. Running the previous conversation over in his head, wondering why she would be worried, until not quite believing his memory he blurted out, "You're pregnant?"

He watched her nod and his mind raced until a frown appeared on his face,as a question ran though his mind that needed answering, even if it was obvious what the answer would be, "It's mine?"

Biting back her angry reply, assuming correctly that he was pretty shocked, Minerva answered, "Yes, since the beginning of term I've only had sex with you and then I had Poppy perform a test to tell me who the father was and it said you." Harry went rigid at her response, that she was pregnant was unexpected, but that someone else knew about it could be unacceptable.

"Will she'll keep it to herself? It could be dangerous to you and my baby if anyone was informed." Harry said, worry clear in his voice.

Minerva smiled internally, glad that he was concerned about her and their child, "Yes, she gave me her word that she wouldn't tell anyone and I trust her."

"Good," Harry said and then after a moment of silence asked, "Could you drop your glamour." He waited and then once Minerva was looking like her younger self again leaned over, reaching up and under her robes, to rest his hand on her stomach, "How far along are you?"

Blushing at his touch, and at how his actions had exposed her from the waist down she replied, "Nearly six weeks, you won't be able to feel anything yet." Minerva turned and laid her head down into his lap, allowing him to keep his hand on her stomach. As he sat there, stunned, she allowed him the time to think as he absent-mindedly rubbed her belly. She was quite pleased with how everything has going, as she had expected him to have bolted by now.

Stunned, Harry felt quite surreal, he was going to be a father, and not to another fourteen year old or someone of similar age as himself, but to Minerva. He couldn't quite wrap his head around it, Minerva, someone old enough to be his mother, his professor, was going to have his child.

He ran though question after question in his head until another jumped out, was she going to keep the baby? At the thought that she might not, all his instincts screamed at him, so he did the easiest thing he could to settle them: he declared, "You're keeping it." Although phrased as a question Minerva could tell from the tone that there was only one answer that Harry wanted to hear.

"Of course, Harry," she replied, shivering in thrill from hearing such a possessive tone.

"What are you going to tell people who ask about the father? I'm assuming that it wouldn't turn out very well for you if you informed them that a student knocked you up?"

Snorting, Minerva rested her hands on his, stopping its movement and replied, "No I would likely lose my job as there are rules about student and teacher relationships. I'm going to inform anyone that asks that with Magical Britain at peace, I felt the time was right to have a child, and so asked a good friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, to help me get pregnant." She paused and then continued, "It's not much of a lie, Harry,you are a good friend and I do want a child, it's just a bit of a shock."

Harry thought her answer over and it was definitely plausible; Minerva sometimes left Hogwarts on the weekends to have some time for herself and get away from the stress of dealing with students. There was silence again as Harry sat there thinking until Minerva spoke hesitantly, "You won't be in the baby's life, Harry..."

Her mouth snapped shut as Harry's angry voice cut across her, "Don't be stupid, of course I'm going to be in the baby's life." Why would she inform him and then say he would have nothing to do with his child, there was no way the baby was going to grow up without him, he was its father, "I don't know how it'll work, but I'll make sure you're provided forand I'll try and find a way for you to stay with me over the holidays and then living with me once I leave Hogwarts."

Minerva sat and turned to face him, "Do you really mean it, you want me to stay with you?"

"Of course I want you to stay with me, you are carrying my child, I'll do whatever it takes to take care of both you and my child, it's only..."

He was cut off however as Minerva leaned in and kissed him. She pulled away and was panting heavily, crawling forwards she sat in his lap and rested her head on his shoulder, "Good, I'm happy that you going to take such an active role, I didn't know if you'd want to, I didn't mean to imply that you couldn't, I was just giving you the option not to."

"Oh." Harry replied inelegantly, his hands coming to wrap around her waist. He felt such a surge of anger when he thought she would deny him the ability to interact with his unborn child. His mind started to race again with thoughts of what he'd have to prepare, how would his plans change now that he was going to have a baby. His thoughts kept cycling back to the fact that he was having a baby and he couldn't help the small smirk that appeared in his face; he'd knocked up his professor and he spread his legs slightly at the thought, his balls feeling bigger and squished in his underwear.

He shook his head, trying to clear the unwanted thoughts. He needed to think but then groaned in frustration as Minerva pressed herself against him and started to kiss his neck. "Not now," he said, standing and then placing her down onto the seat before stepping away from her. "I need to think about everything, I'll be back later and we can continue." With that Harry stepped forwards and kissed her before walking towards the nearest shadow, transforming into a shadow wolf as went. He heard the shocked gasp of Minerva behind him but gave it no thought as he disappeared into the shadow.

Walking aimlessly though the Forbidden Forest Harry was trying to clear his mind, his thoughts once more having returned to having got Minerva pregnant, he just couldn't believe it. The whole reason he'd started fucking animals in the first place was because they were safe, there should have been no chance of impregnating them but in retrospect, he should have expected something like this to happen.

It wasn't as if it was the first time a cat had turned out to not be a cat, Hermione sprung to mind. He had to wonder how many of the animal he'd fucked hadn't been animals, were there currently several girls pregnant, or having given birth to children he didn't know about? Thinking back he knew he should have taken precautions instead of assuming his partners were just animals. His thoughts turned back to pregnancy and he knew that Hermione and Luna were safe but he'd never asked Sara and Remedy if they were on any form of contraception and hadn't even considered if Medusa could get pregnant. Medusa was at least understandable, she gave off an air of someone who really knew what they were doing, and even now he had a hard time believing she was anything but safe, unless he said for her to be otherwise.

At the thought of his girls his imagination kicked in, he could see clearly in his head all of them with swollen bellies and despite his serious thoughts, he grew horny, a silly grin appearing on his face as he thought about knocking them all up. He growled deep in his throat, scaring any woodland creature within hearing distance and causing them to run for their lives. 'Damn it! I'll never be able to think like this, fucking hormones.' He grumbled to himself, the irony not lost on him that it was hormones that got him into this situation.

Knowing firsthand his need for sex wasn't going to go away without help, Harry decided, since he was already in his wolf form and he didn't want to face Minerva again yet, he would look for his two newest mates to fuck. Mind made up, he leapt into the shadow of a nearby tree and entered the Shadow Plain.


It wasn't long after entering the Shadow Plains that Harry found the scent of his own magic from his Mark. He followed it until he came to an area with several portals; the area around them was all saturated with the scent of his Mark. Knowing that his budding pack could be through any one of the portals he stepped though the nearest cautiously so as to not spook the female wolves.

Exiting the portal Harry looked round to see where he was and realized that he was in a bedroom. The bedroom was a stone room without any windows, it contained two beds and two night stands, on top of which were photos that he couldn't quite see clearly because of the distance. Looking around again he could see that sitting on one of the beds was a naked girl with her back to him. From what he could tell, she was about the same age as him and was well-proportioned, with long golden blonde hair that reached the small of her back.

Harry was suddenly glad that he entered quietly, as it was likely that she would have attacked him. At first he wanted to think that the girl in front of him was not a wolf and that there was some kind of mistake, but he knew, deep down, it wasn't, as he could feel his Mark on her. His thoughts immediately turned to leaving until he heard a sound from behind him. Spinning silently to see what it was, he saw an open door that led into a bathroom. Peering deeper into the bathroom, he could see another girl, this one sporting dirty blonde, almost golden brown hair that reached just passed her shoulders with B-cup breasts - who looked no older than thirteen. The girl also had his Mark, and the situation suddenly made sense. He'd mused earlier that the fire and ice wolves he'd fucked were siblings, as normally different elemental wolves didn't get along with each other, but now he realized that the wolves were like him, Animagi, so they were, in fact, either siblings or best friends.

'Oh Goddammit!Just once, I'd like to find a real, honest to Merlin animal around here.' He raged; he was exaggerating, of course, there were dozens of cats and wolves in the castle and forbidden forest, respectively, that he'd coupled with, but it sure felt like every time he climbed off his latest conquest and turned his back, she revealed herself to be human.

Harry released a silent sigh and was about to jump back into the shadow he'd entered the room through and find someone else to fuck, maybe one of his Pets or mates. However, his inner-wolf had other ideas, it didn't care that she was human and that his human side didn't want to fuck her, what mattered was it did. Human or wolf, she was his mate, and his human side's disinterest didn't matter.

Harry felt his lust spike and a growl formed in the back of his throat, causing the girl closest to him, the one sitting on the bed, to suddenly turn around and stare at him in alarm.


Daphne and Astoria Greengrass were in their room, getting ready for bed. It would be strange in another house for girls of different ages to share a room, as all other houses had year mates sharing. Slytherin did things differently, however, because most Slytherins didn't get along with each other it had been decided that each student could have their own room so that there would be no fights, or if two or more students got along with each other they could share a room. Sharing wasn't very common within Slytherin but it did occasionally happen between family members, friends or lovers.

Wizards, as a rule, were generally lazy, so every room with more than one person always had the same ward scheme, no matter what the relationship between those who bunked there were; Locking Charms, Sound-Proof Wards, and Anti-Spying Wards were the most common. There were also several other minor Charms and wards designed to keep everything as self-contained as possible. The only time that someone would be able to hear what was going on or enter the room was if they knocked on the door and the person the room belonged to answered them and then, very deliberately, allowed them to enter. The only other time that someone could hear what was going on or could enter the room was if the Head of the House or the Head Boy/Girl ordered the Wards to allow them to enter - no other time.

As Astoria finished getting ready for bed in the bathroom, Daphne was sitting on her bed, naked after her shower, thinking about the day. They'd both been walking about as if they were going to be attacked by the shadows, or at least that's what their friends had told them. To them, it was strange to see Daphne and Astoria acting how they had been; they normally walked around full of confidence, projecting the image that they were afraid of nothing.

Because of this, many of their friends had asked what was wrong, to which the Greengrass sisters replied 'nothing'. They could hardly reveal that they'd been fucked in the Forbidden Forest by a male wolf. Not only would it shatter their untouchable image but it would open the way for more unscrupulous boys to take advantage of the fact that they were no longer virgins.

Although they assured everyone that asked that they were 'fine', no one believed them. Most who asked knew better than to press the issue and gave them space. Those that didn't or wanted to find out the information to use against them were quickly introduced to the Ice Queen and the Fire Princess - what the Slytherins called the angry sisters. Through a series of threats and then Hexes when they didn't work, the questioning slowly stopped, allowing the sisters to remain alone for the rest of the day.

However, the fact was that they were worried about being attacked by the shadows, or rather a wolf that could use the shadows, to be precise. They were Marked, and it was incredibly unlikely that Shadow, as they'd started calling him, would just forget about them. There were only two possibilities when he showed up, the first was that he would be angered by the fact that they weren't wolves and thus not breedable by him and attack them for deceiving him. Or the second option was that he would see them as an exotic type of wolf and then mate with them while they were still human, not caring if they wanted to or not. They already knew he was a powerful Alpha, they had sensed that, but apart from being dominant they didn't know anything about his personality, so they prepared for the worst. It was no surprise then that they were jumpy, thinking that shadows moved when they didn't. Even now, in the sanctity of their room, they were scared that the wolf would come after them.

The sisters, while they hadn't discussed it, were of differing opinions about the issue of having sex with the shadow wolf. Daphne was against it, not as firmly as she would have liked after experiencing how pleasurable it was when he'd first taken both of them in the cave, but she was still definitely against the idea. Astoria, on the other hand, couldn't find a reason she shouldn't indulge herself. Shadow had made her feel so much pleasure that she couldn't get the thought of doing it again out of her head. While she was slightly scared of what would happen when Shadow came back for them and found them in human form, she couldn't help but shudder in desire as the thought of his cock and the pleasure it brought her came to the forefront of her mind. The thought of his slick wolf cock plunging into her even tighter human body and claiming her in her human form just as thoroughly as her wolf form brought a wave of heat to her loins and she could feel herself drooling even as she showered. She knew that what she was thinking of was bestiality and looked down upon by others but she didn't care. She didn't respect almost ninety-five percent of the people she knew, so why would she care about what they thought of her? If it felt even half as good mating as a human as it did when she was a wolf, she was all for experimentation.

Astoria had just taken a step out of the shower and started to dry off when Daphne heard the growl from behind she turned around, she was frightened to see the same Shadow Wolf looking her over. She could see it in its eyes, the lust she hoped wouldn't be there, and the hope that he would forget about them not being breedable vanished. She slowly reached for her wand so as not to make a sound and alert her sister, ensuring the wolf would remain ignorant of her presence.

But it wasn't to be, as at that moment Astoria walked into the room and gasped in shock as she caught sight of the wolf she had been daydreaming about for the past twenty-four hours and masturbating to the thought of him taking her in the shower not ten minutes earlier. Although she had thought it improbable that he would want to take her as a human, she would have no problem turning back into a wolf for him.

Harry looked the girl in front of him up and down, he recognized her to be Daphne Greengrass, and so the girl in the bathroom must be her sister Astoria. Harry's eyes darkened with lust as he gazed at her body. Although she was a Slytherin, something that instantly turned off most Gryffindors, many of the boys in Gryffindor and the other houses had wanted to see what she looked like naked; something he had the pleasure of doing right now. However, he didn't have much time to enjoy her naked body as he heard Astoria's gasp behind him. Harry tensed, turning his head and crouching, his body lowered to meet a possible threat when he saw Astoria, still dripping from her shower, standing stock still as she stared back at him. His lust suddenly spiked at seeing a second naked female in front of him, and at smelling the scent of the arousal of her very fertile young pussy, he involuntarily started stalking towards her, his eyes darkening further with lust as he felt his cock starting to throb inside its sheath.

His progress towards Astoria stopped abruptly as he sensed spell-fire behind him and his body, already tensed, jumped to the side, sliding along the stone floor. He kept himself low as his hackles raised and he once more turned to face Daphne, who was staring in between her wand and the smoking crater in the castle wall where her spell had hit, like her wand had betrayed her. Daphne let out a squawking sound as vines of shadow shot out of the corners of the room and knocked her down onto the bed. Daphne knew what would happen next, and tried to roll away in the short pause, but she was too slow and was quickly bound to the bed.

As Shadow approached her, Astoria backed up, she knew he was enjoying it, having studied wolf body language when she'd become an Animagus. Knowing how to hold herself to tease, she did so, not making a real attempt at escaping in his eyes. Astoria trembled in front of his predatory gaze, knowing that he was going to mount her like she had been dreaming about and she felt her body ripen in preparation for him. She felt like a fruit that had finally reached its maturity as her nipples stiffened on her breasts and her pussy start to leak more fluids than she knew she possessed. She backed up a few more steps, arousal and slight fear driving her and as soon as she bumped into the wall behind her Shadow hopped up on his hind legs, his forepawsresting on her shoulders as he looked down at her and began to lick her face.

Harry hesitated briefly, what he was about to do was crossing a line, a line he'd been dancing on for quite a while now. What he'd been doing recently couldn't really be classed completely as bestiality, as he was also an animal, or him or his partner were a hybrid when the sex occurred, but what he was doing now was not entirely clear-cut. He searched his feelings and found that he really didn't give a fuck, he'd started so small and worked his way up to this that at this point the thought didn't bother him as long as he was the only full animal in the encounter. He doubted he'd ever be fucking an animal while he was in human form - that was still weird to his brain - but he was completely okay with this. That in mind, he took things a step further.

Lemon Begins! (Skip if you don't want to read or under eighteen!)

When Shadow tried to stick his tongue into her mouth Astoria wasn't as surprised as she thought she'd be, since she was sort of expecting - and maybe even hoping - it to happen, but she still kept her mouth firmly closed. She couldn't deny that the soft feeling of his long tongue was tickling her face and reminded her of a dog licking her in affection but she wasn't about to allow him access to her mouth if she could avoid it. It wasn't until Shadow growled, his ears laying flat on his head in a threatening gesture, that she opened her mouth.

Daphne, lying flat on her back, could see everything happening and struggled furiously against the shadow bindings she was trapped in. She couldn't fight Shadow off her sister, she tried already and all that had happened, was being bound to her bed but she desperately wanted Shadow to stop what he was doing. Even though she knew her sister wouldn't mind Shadow fucking her, Daphne did, and would do whatever she could to keep it from happening. Unfortunately for her, the bindings were far too strong, and her struggles were like a gnat trying to escape from a fully built spider's web. She noticed that the shadows writhed slightly as she moved but the fact was, all she could move was her hips, neck, and chest, which was discouraging as she continued grunting, trying to free herself.

Back on the other side of the room, Astoria was surprised to find that she was enjoying Shadow's tongue in her mouth. She'd only kissed a boy once, aside from her father, and what was happening wasn't even close to those experiences. Overall, it was a strange but incredibly enjoyable experience. The difference between a human's rough and thick tongue and the soft, slightly thinner, if longer wolf's tongue inside her mouth caused her to marvel at how pleasurable it was. If Astoria hadn't been so caught up in what she was doing, she would likely be insulting herself for enjoying this; what kind of freak was she to enjoy the affection of an animal over a human?

A whine escaped her throat as Shadow pulled back and landed on the floor with a thump. She took a deep breath, recovering from having lost herself so deeply in the kiss that she hadn't even noticed that he wasn't human, only to open her eyes with a shudder of her body as she felt her pussy juices run down the inside of her legs. She looked down at him, only to throw her head back in a moan of pleasure as his nose nudged the inside of her legs, brushing against her womanhood and his tongue flicked out, licking at the excess juice. He pulled back almost immediately, looking up at her as she looked back down at him. She shuddered again as another wave of heat passed through her when his pink tongue come out of his mouth, licking his nose clean of her juices and she started to move only for him to jerk his head to the side, gesturing to the floor with his nose.

Astoria felt giddy as she skipped forward, she felt like a fire hydrant with the amount of pussy juices she was leaking but she was also happy that her body was just as eager as she was about getting fucked by her mate. She was about to get on all fours when she realized that she didn't have a wand and she didn't fancy spending however long they spent having sex on the cold stone floor. She made a quick move for her bed, which was only a few feet away, when she heard Shadow growl again, probably thinking she was making an escape attempt. Astoria didn't stop reaching for the blanket, but she did slow down so he could tell what she was doing. She definitely didn't want to upset her mate and have him deny her what she wanted.

As Harry saw Astoria moving towards her bed, the wolf within him thought that she was either trying to escape or get her wand to attack him, so he growled at her before Harry's more human side could stop himself, as he knew what she was doing. He, personally, agreed with her as he looked at the thick and comfortable blanket she pulled from her bed. Unfortunately, Harry's inner-wolf could smell the incredible amount of arousal coming from Astoria and really didn't like the idea of not getting to seed her because she tried to run away, like his other mate.

Once Astoria got her blankets, dark green and charmed to be incredibly soft and plush, she placed them onto the floor, making it much more bearable, comfortable even to kneel on. Astoria eagerly got into position on her hands and knees, and once she was in place she looked over her shoulder at Shadow. Seeing that he was sitting down leering at her backside, his cock extended from its sheath, the pink skin glistened from his juices and the sight of the monstrous invader that had taken her wolf form's virginity with such ease caused Astoria's body to shudder and a new wave of desire, along with juices, flowed from her. Astoria knew, without a doubt, that her body was only so lubricated because it wanted to feel this wolf's cock inside her. It wanted, not a human's cock, but this thick, long, quivering, slimy appendage that had caused her so much pleasure, deep inside her, pounding her with the vicious thrusts, claiming her most intimate places and permanently sealing her as his own possession, his Mate.

Astoria shuddered again, and then wiggled her arse at him, enticing Shadow to mount her like he had in the cave. "No!" Daphne's voice cried out as Shadow stood, beginning to make his towards her. Even if Harry wanted to, he wouldn't be able to control what was about to happen, the thought of Astoria actually wanting this only spurred his wolf instincts into a frenzy. "Don't, Shadow!" She yelled at the advancing canine, "Don't you dare defile my sister, you damned wolf!" She cried with ice in her eyes as she glared at him.

Her words didn't even register with Harry; his entire body was concentrated on Astoria and the imminent satisfaction that he was going to have. "Isn't it enough you defiled our wolf forms, you stupid animal!" Daphne yelled as Harry's muzzle neared her sister's backside. Harry noticed how Astoria sent a quick glare at her sister before she looked back into his eyes and sent him a look that was laced with every ounce of lust she felt. His lips spread across his dangerous teeth in a wolf's expression of a smile as he placed his cold nose right next to her pussy. He saw her muscles tense then relax before he shoved his nose right into her gushing opening and took a deep, hard breath, breathing in the scent of his human wolf Animagus Mate's womanhood. The scent of her very aroused, fertile pussy instantly aroused Harry and caused him to pause. He stopped and sniffed deeply again, he'd already knocked up one woman and his wolf's desire to mate briefly warred with his human knowledge that getting her pregnant would be a bad idea. He pulled back, licking his wet muzzle clean of pussy juices which had leaked into his black fur and in the end his wolf's desire to mate overcame his human reservations.

"Astoria, please, don't let him do this!" Daphne pleaded with her sister as she watched Shadow take a step back then seemed to gather himself to mount her, "Think of what people will say! You're having sex with a beast! Astoria!" She ranted, slightly shocked when she saw Astoria send her a glare, the intent of it was clear; stop ruining the good time she was ready for. Daphne whimpered as she saw Shadow's paws wrap around her sister's waist and his hips arch as he attempted to thrust his slimy cock into her sister's virgin pussy.

Astoria felt the wet cock thrust against her thighs, it was obvious that the wolf wasn't erect, and that was normal. After discovering she was a wolf Animagus, both Daphne and she had looked up wolf interactions and found that a wolf's full erection only happened after he was sheathed inside his mate, so Astoria shifted her hips, spreading her legs wider before she reached back between her legs and grasped the slimy cock with her hands. She stroked it a few times, marvelling at the secretions which made up the mucus-like lubrication that no human had. She heard Shadow growl again and thrust his hips and she stiffened then relaxed herself completely, knowing this was going to be hard because of how tight she was. Astoria pushed back, making Shadow take a step back from her, then lined him correctly with her tight, virgin hole. She groaned when she felt his wet head pressed against her lips. She held him there, waiting for his inevitable thrust, which came soon afterwards.

Harry grunted as he felt the slightly pointed tip of his cock finally press into and stay within Astoria's tight pussy. For a moment, Harry wondered if he should be more considerate but his inner-wolf quickly took over, thrusting his hips again, shoving most of his erection deep into her. Harry looked at the woman below him with amazement when, instead of a scream of pain, she let out a moan of pleasure at his actions.

Turned on by Astoria's moans, Harry began to shift his feet, thrusting his hips as his cock swelled inside the already tight hole he was now experiencing. There was a clear squishing sound each time he shifted and Harry realized that Astoria was so wet that their obscene coupling was making a mess of the sheets below them from the amount of fluids he was forcing from Astoria's body as his member expanded further and further, stretching her in ways she had never thought possible.

Astoria moaned in wanton lust as she was fucked by her Mate. While he wasn't able to induce as much pleasure as she wanted, mainly because he couldn't withdraw and thrust as well in his current position, Astoria was enjoying the experience nonetheless. She groaned again as his cock kept growing inside her body. She had thought his initial penetration was heaven on earth but the way his cock now rubbed against her pussy walls, massaging them just as much as she massaged him, seemed divine.

Daphne watched in horror as Astoria guided their Mate into her human pussy and allowed him to defile her in her natural form. Surprisingly, Daphne felt herself grow damp when she heard Astoria's constant moaning. "Stop it, Astoria!" she cried, though she knew she sounded half-hearted at best, "Get him off you now!" she yelled, despite how she was now rubbing her legs together, and her hips twisted as she tried to stop the flow of desire that started to run from her love hole.

Astoria couldn't keep her mouth shut as her moans of pleasure filled the room. The pants of the wolf behind her spurred her on and before she even knew what she was doing, Astoria was crying out, "Oh yes, fuck your bitch!" She could feel the growing frustration of Shadow behind her as he couldn't pound her as fast as he wanted; he kept stopping to adjust his position due to her smaller size. When she felt him stop again she took advantage of the pause and knowing she needed to be higher so he could pound away at her pussy like he had when she was a wolf, and waiting to feel his chest pressing into her breasts, she rolled from under him and slipped his erect cock free from her body with an obscene slurping sound.

"Wait, wait please," She pleaded as she hurried over to her bedside table, juices running down her legs. Briefly she picked up her wand and transfigured the blanket into a small bench which she could lay on before dropping it and hurrying back. Sitting on it she huffed as Shadow forced her backwards, his forepaws on her shoulders, before lining himself up with her now correctly heightened pussy and resumed his thrusting into her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs coming to wrap around his thrusting hips as she groaned out, "Fuck me, Mate!" shuddering in pleasure as his cock, with each thrust, rubbed against her G-spot and his chest pressed against her hard nipples. She leaned forward to kiss his huffing mouth, her tongue running around his, tasting the wolf, only to groan as his knot started to pound into her pussy lips.

Harry grunted as he felt his knot began to form, he hammered forward into Astoria harder, his tongue coming out and began to slobber all over her face, but Astoria revelled in it, sucking it into her mouth, and began to pump her own hips back against him. Harry growled and sent one vicious thrust, burying his knot into the tight entrance of Astoria's pussy, "That's it, Mate, I want it all inside me! Do it!" Astoria moaned as she rocked her body underneath his, "You like fucking your bitch, don't you, my Mate!" she said, enticing him to continue, "Give me all your wolf cum, this fertile bitch will take everything her Mate gives her," she claimed.

Daphne couldn't believe the words coming from Astoria's mouth but the very image of herself underneath that monstrous wolf, his fur tickling her breasts, his thick slimy cock plunging deep into her womb and letting himself loose, was an image that Daphne felt was a bit too enticing right at the moment. It didn't help that her sister's words only increased her arousal as her nipples now stood firm atop her breasts, her ass drenched from the juices pouring from her pussy.

Harry could barely hold on any longer. He had been horny when he showed up and a wolf wasn't built for stamina, it was built for impregnation. As a result, Astoria's words only completed the inevitable as she pleaded into his ear, "Please, seed this bitch, Alpha!" She said softly, her pussy suddenly clamping down upon his slimy appendage like a vice, locking it inside her body just as surely as his knot did.

The undulations of her pussy were too much, Harry let out a keening growl, thrusting as deeply as possible, his sheath was pressed tightly into Astoria's pussy and his heavy balls rested on her bum as he began to empty the sperm that had accumulated in his balls into her human pussy. He felt the pressure of her womb against his erect member, but he was built specifically for this, the point of his cock forced its way through her cervix and he blasted his first spurt of sperm directly into her womb, a second followed and then a third as he filled her body with his seed. He forced shot after enormous shot of potent wolf cum out of his contracting balls into Astoria's body, as she shivered and shook under him. It didn't take long for her arm strength to give out and she slumped back onto the bench, her pussy still locked firmly around his knot as she shivered once more before her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she went limp, as Harry felt the pressure from his fluids reach his knot, but the seal it had made was perfect and every single drop of his sperm was locked, deep inside her fertile body.

Astoria groaned in pleasure as she came around and she was momentarily confused until she felt the massive piece of meat between her legs and everything came flooding back to her. Opening her eyes she could still feel Shadow's balls twitching rhythmically against her bum, forcing more of his seed into her now stuffed womb. As he shifted above her trying to pull his knot free she moaned out in pleasure, as although his knot was smaller it still rubbed against her insides deliciously. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, lifting herself to kiss him, even as her legs wrapped around his bum ensuring that he would remain locked inside her, shooting his seed for as long as possible.

Collapsing back onto the bench again Astoria laid there painting and moaning, legs still locked around Shadow, as she looked over to Daphne, who was surprisingly quiet. She giggled as she saw that Daphne's mouth was now wrapped around a phallic shaped shadow, as another one thrust what must be agonisingly slowly in and out between her legs, sawing back and forth against her pussy lips and clit.

Lemon Ends! (Read from here if you skipped the lemon!)

Harry finally worked his knot out of Astoria with a satisfying sound. Hegrinned at it, knowing it was only caused by a pussy full of cum. Astoria moaned in loss as his dick sprayed a couple of spurts of cum over her pussy and stomach before his balls at last stopped twitching. There was no doubt in his mind that Astoria had enjoyed it. He was surprised thatsomebody with only one prior experience of having sex would enjoy fucking an animal outright like she had. Still, it had been fun, even if Daphne had been shouting at him to stop at first. Well, until he stuffed her mouth full of shadow tentacles anyway.

Looking over at her, her eyes were full of lust, slightly hazy as she stared off into nothing; he suspected she was imagining herself in her sister's place as she suckled on the phallic shadow. Still horny, as he was most of the time, Harry decided to take Daphne as well. Aside from appeasing his libido, both Greengrass sisters were his mates now, and ignoring one just didn't sit right with him.

An idea formed in his head and a grin made its way onto his muzzle as he turned towards Daphne, his form blurring. Both Daphne and Astoria gasped in shock, taken completely by surprise as Shadow transformed into some kind of human/wolf hybrid. They both stared at him, their eyes roaming over his form. Atop his broad shoulders and thick neck was a wolf's head, with a short muzzle that was staring at Daphne as her eyes travelled down his body. She could see that his muscular chest was humanoid, with a pair of thick arms ending in large clawed hands. Her eyes continued lower past his toned abdomen to his crotch where she bit her lip, giving an involuntary moan, her pussy gushing out her juices. She stared at it licking her lips; it was still canine in shape, but was long and incredibly thick, having grown in length and girth with him, and at the base a fleshy knot was still expanded slightly, having mostly shrunken already inside her sister.

Daphne wrenched her eyes away from his impressive cock and tried to ignore the equally large balls, full of cum that dangled behind it, before they continued their journey downwards to his legs, shaped like a wolf and ending in large paws. She didn't know what to think, was Shadow a new kind of being, or just displaying a power that they didn't know a Royal Shadow Wolf had? It was possible; they didn't actually know all that much about the race as a whole, her thoughts were derailed as her eyes travelled back up his body, stopping at his cock once more, biting her lip harshly as she tried to tear her eyes away from his balls and the potent cum within, only to fail.

Harry smiled internally at both girls' gazes. Astoria's breathing had sped up upon his change and she seemed to have become a boneless heap on the bench as a surprisingly small amount of his cum tickled from her, considering how much he'd released inside her. He found Daphne's reaction the best, however: she'd stopped struggling within his binds and was staring at his semi-hard cock, rubbing her legs together. They both jumped when his spoke in passable English, not entirely used to his mouth's new shape. "I see you both love this form, Fire." He said looking down at Astoria. "Since you've already been bred, I think Ice should be next," he said, walking over to Daphne.

He noticed her struggles resume as he approached her but they seemed half-hearted at best and he wasn't sure if she was genuinely resisting, or just putting on a show to convince herself, or him, that she was unwilling. Taking precautions in case it was the former, Harry decided to get her ready first. The shadows leashing Daphne shuddered before shifting like water and flowing away, leaving only her wrists and ankles bound, before pulling her legs apart so she was spread-eagle.

Lemon Begins! (Skip if you don't want to read or under eighteen!)

Daphne wasn't sure what she wanted. A part of her wanted nothing more than to fight Shadow off, but another part of her wanted him to fuck her, and make her his bitch. The conflicting two ideas fought and her body reacted to both, she pulled with her legs and arms fighting to get free as the shadows moved, even as her pussy expelled more of her juices onto her bed. She blushed deeply as her legs were spread leaving her completely open and exposing her sodden pussy, as her arms were raised above her head.

Once the shadows were done positioning her like a puppeteer manipulating strings, Shadow began to lick her tits with his long tongue, making her breasts shine. Daphne shuddered at the attention. As much as she wanted it or otherwise, she was enjoying the feeling, her nipples were hard and her breathing was becoming rapid. She continued to struggle weakly as he lavished attention upon her sizeable womanly assets. She tried to press herself against the bed and pull her breasts away from him but his tongue, softer, longer and more pleasant than a normal human's, attacked herwith renewed vigour as she struggled, only increasing her pleasure. She groaned weakly as she felt her pussy dampen further from his ministrations and she slowly stopped fighting, allowing him to please her like no other, as much as she hated to admit it, she loved the feeling he was creating within her.

Before long he moved down and began to lick her wet pussy. It was a strange feeling, but at the same time it felt wonderful to Daphne. He slowly stuck his tongue into her and played inside her, rubbing along her walls, causing her to moan, "Oh Shadow, like that, deeper."

Harry smirked at the name. It fit him rather well, maybe he would keep it for this form… but that was a thought for later pondering, at the moment he had other things to think about - like fucking Daphne. He smirked at how easily Daphne was giving in, he wasn't sure why. It was likely her first time having sex as a human, and yet she was putting up only a token resistance. Whatever the reason, he didn't care, he could taste her fertility and his wolf was demanding that he breed her like he had her sister.

Daphne groaned in disappointment as instead of going deeper as she wanted Shadow pulled his tongue out of her and with a lustful smile he asked, "You like that, don't you, my little bitch. Is this your first time as a human?"

Daphne pondered for but a moment not answering his question, but the pleasure he had already given to her, and the way he had played her body against her already, she knew she was going to give in. "Yes," she said defiantly. Shadow looked down at her and Daphne felt a rush of emotion as he eyed her naked, spread-eagle form.

"I'm pleased you are pure," Shadow said and Daphne looked away, the reason she was pure was a very simple, yet very complicated problem for her. It was the reason she was the Ice Queen of Slytherin, not the fact she was an Ice wolf. "You want me, don't you?" Shadow asked huskily, whispering into her ear as he nibbled at her neck, where her Mate mark was.

Daphne shuddered and shook her head, "No?" Shadow asked in surprise, "You don't want this…" He said as he pushing his erect member into her hip, "Plunging into your virgin hole and making an honest bitch out of you?" He asked.

Daphne's eyes involuntarily moved to Shadow's balls and she unconsciously licked her lips, only to hear Shadow chuckle huskily in her ear and Daphne knew he knew she was lying. She wanted him inside her so badly it hurt, but she wouldn't admit it freely because of her pride and secret. "Fine then…" He said and Daphne's head snapped to him and almost before she could comprehend what she was going to do, her mouth was open, words she never thought she'd say on the tip of her tongue.

"If that is what you want," Harry said as he saw Astoria beginning to move towards them. "On second thought though…" he said with a smile as an idea came to mind. He'd already crossed the one line that night; there was little point in hesitating about fully crossing it again, especially if he was going to enjoy it. Looking back at Astoria, Harry said with a smile, "Fire, my dear, I want you to suck Ice's pussy, whilst I enjoy her breasts. Such tantalizing things they are…"

Daphne gasped in surprise as she looked at him and then Astoria. She felt a thrill run through her as she looked between the two, perhaps if she let this happen she would be able to avoid what she had almost begged of him.

Astoria looked shocked at his order, but he was her Mate and Alpha. If he wanted her to lick her sister's pussy, she would do so happily. But as she moved in front of her sister, Daphne said in shock, "B-but that's wrong, it's… it's incest!"

"Oh please," Harry scoffed, "You Magical humans are all about incest. Not normally as close as what I'm planning on having you two do for my enjoyment, but you lot marry yourselves off to your own kin." Then with a smirk he continued, "Aside from that, I'm your Alpha, what I say goes, if I want to fuck you in your wolf forms I'll fuck you in your wolf forms. If I want to walk you around in your human forms on a leash, I'll do so. And if I want you to fuck your sister, or she fuck you, it will happen. So, Fire, lick your sister's pussy."

Before Daphne could complain anymore, Astoria descended on her. Astoria actually found she was quite curious about what her sister would taste like and quickly took a very big lick of her sister's pussy juices and smiled as she smacked her lips, enjoying the taste more than she thought she would. Astoria grinned hearing Daphne moan at the sound before she dove right back into licking her sister toan orgasm, running her tongue all over her sister's pussy lips and clit to stimulate her as much as possible and get her ready for their Alpha.

As she was doing this, Harry straddled Daphne's chest, placing his cock in between her breasts and pressing them together he started to rub his shaft in the valley they formed. Harry enjoyed the feeling of Daphne's soft breasts wrapped around his cock, he'd been given tit jobs before, but Daphne's just felt perfect around his throbbing erection as he began to thrust forward, enjoying the way her tits wobbled with each thrust.

Daphne lay there in shock. The moment her sister had began to lick and suck her pussy she'd felt strange. She knew what they were doing was wrong, but despite that, or maybe because of it she was really enjoying it. And then Shadow had sat on top of her and placed his thick cock between her breasts. She'd groaned out in pleasure as he pushed them together and began to thrust his slick hot shaft between them, whilst his hand tweaked her rock hard nipples. She moaned again, feeling his heavy furry balls tickling her belly, and then she opened her mouth as at the apex of each thrust Shadow's cock started to squirt out a small amount of pre-cum.

Before long with the actions of her sister licking and sucking her pussy and the steady stream of hot, white, strands of spunk covering her face Daphne moaned out in orgasm, covering her sister's face with her juices, her hips thrusting upwards into her mouth. As she came down she sighed and almost without meaning to she begged her sister, "Oh Astoria, more please, I need more, keep going please." As she felt the approach of a more powerful orgasm.

Harry was smirking at how Daphne was reacting. He'd thought it would take longer before she came. Maybe it was because it was her sister eating her out, or maybe she just really needed to be fucked again, whatever it was she'd gone from an unwilling participant to a bitch in heat. Either way Harry was enjoying it, his heightened sense of smell was saturated with the scent of her fertile pussy that made his balls churn and the way she raised her head to try and catch the small amount of pre-cum he was shooting from his cock head each thrust meant that as she moaned out in orgasm again he could no longer hold himself back and he started to cum. With each twitch of his hairy balls he painted a part of his mate's face or chest white with sticky cum, until she was covered in his semen and had leaned forwards and wrapped her lips around the end of his still spurting cock, eagerly gulping down the remains of his load.

Pulling his cock away from her suckling mouth Harry demanded, "Did you enjoy that, my icy bitch?"He smirked; it was obvious she had, "Did you enjoy your sister eating you out as I fucked your tits? Did it turn you on?" He taunted.

As much as Daphne wanted to deny it all, she couldn't, she'd liked it a lot. Her Alpha was taking her and showing her she belonged to him. No matter what she thought about it, whatever he wanted, it was their place to give it to him. "Yes, my Alpha, I did." She said honestly, as she submitted to him. "I enjoyed all of it, so please, my Alpha, fuck me, make me yours…" She said as she spread her legs, opening her pussy lips completely to him, the thought of her secret completely thrown out the window as she gazed longingly at his member.

"Well, if that's what you want…" Harry said with torturous slowness before turning to Astoria and smiling, "Fire, sit on your sister's face so she can suck my cum out of you as I fuck her." Daphne gasped lightly, her pussy lips throbbing. Harry smiled, noticing her reaction, "You like the thought of that, don't you, Ice." He asked and she nodded meekly in reply.

"Of course, my Alpha." Astoria said with a wide smile as she got up and sat on her sister's face, grinding her hips into her nose when Daphne didn't immediately pleasure her with her tongue.

Harry smiled at the sight of Astoria sitting on Daphne's face. He stepped backwards aligning his cock up to Daphne's pussy, and then with one sudden thrust entered her completely, releasing his shadows, wanting to see what her reaction would be once she was freed.

Sucking and licking big globs of Shadows cum out of her sister's twat, Daphne gasped in shock as he tore through her hymen. Harry paid it no attention. All he cared about was fucking her until he came inside her buttery little snatch. He might have been more tender, considerate even, if she had been honest with him. However, when she'd lied and rejected him, her fate had been sealed. He was going to have her no matter what, all her actions had changed was how he would treat her this time; gentle or rough he was going to cum in her fertile womb one way or another.

Daphne barely managed not to choke on the juices flowing from her sister's hole. They were relentless, escaping from her sister's pussy lips that were red and swollen with blood from the fucking she received. The sight alone sent a jolt of pleasure directly to her own cunt, as she knew hers would soon be in the same condition. Daphne moaned in pleasure, her cunt clenching around Shadow's cock, as she gulped down another mouthfulof his thick and tasty ball cream intermixed with Astoria's juices. It came in waves from her pussy as Astoria flexed her internal muscles, forcing more of his sticky cream out of her womb and out into Daphne's greedily sucking mouth.

Harry grunted as he felt the tightness of Daphne's sheath. Astoria had been a new experience and with the differences in anatomy and size he hadn't been able to pound into Astoria as hard as he wanted, for fear of breaking her, nor was he able to enjoy the rough sex he really liked. With Daphne, there was little in the way of that as while his cock retained his knotted base, the length of his shaft was hard as a rock and he pressed himself against his newest Mate's womb. Grunting in pleasure, Harry proceeded to pull out of the tight hole his member was in and he smiled when he felt Daphne's legs twitch, obviously she wanted to pull him in closer but she wouldn't allow herself to submit completely just yet. Despite her words, she wanted a bit of control, control which Harry was going to pound out of her.

Daphne almost gave in after she felt the gaping emptiness of not being filled by her mate's impressive girth. She almost wrapped her legs around his hips in an attempt to keep him in but managed to stop herself despite the intense pleasure she was feeling. Daphne turned her main attention onto her sister's quivering pussy, enjoying how close she was to orgasm. She attacked her sister's pussy with a vengeance but couldn't keep her own moans of pleasure from her voice, as even as she drank and licked at her sister's snatch, Shadow began to increase his pace, crushing his cock against the entrance to her womb. Daphne knew if he didn't cum soon, she would become his in this body as well, her secret would be revealed and she would never be able to escape what she had hoped would never happen.

Harry smiled as he felt Daphne's hole tighten around him as he began to increase his pace. He hammered into her using long hard thrusts that brought him crashing against her cervix. He leaned down, his tongue licking at her erect nipples as he watched Astoria grind herself viciously against her sister's flashing tongue. "You like this, don't you, bitch?" Harry growled as he continued to pound into her body, enjoying the tightness of yet another virgin hole.

Daphne couldn't answer, but the response her body gave was as good as the vocal expression he was sure he would have gotten, her horny hole tightened viciously around his invading prick. What Harry hadn't expected, wasAstoria's reaction, her hips increased in their gyrations as she shamelessly fucked her horny, throbbing, dripping pussy into her sister's mouth and moaned, "Ohhh yes, Alpha, she loves your big hard cock plunging into her cunt so much the bitch can't even lick me right." Harry blinked in surprise as his hips increased in pace even more as he felt Daphne's pussy gush against his balls at her sister's words.

Harry smirked as he felt his knot start to form, he knew it wouldn't be long before he came once it was fully formed but he could feel the tightness of Daphne's buttery fuck hole increasing, signifying an imminent orgasm he'd been building her towards. All of a sudden, Harry felt his balls tighten as Astoria let out a loud scream, her hips shaking, as she shuddered violently, once, twice, then a third time before she seemed to crumble in upon herself, falling off her sister's face to lay beside their bodies.

Harry looked down at Daphne's juice covered face with interest, and then he leaned forward, pressing his furry chest against her sizeable breasts and increasing the angle of his thrust so he could hammer even harder into her cervix. He smiled when Daphne gasped as his tongue darted out and began to lick her face, battling with her own tongue as he tasted the delicious fuck juices of her sister.

Daphne wordlessly looked up at Shadow, her eyes glassy as she watched him descend upon her and begin to ravish her completely. She was no longer in much of a position to oppose him and could feel the knot he was trying desperately to shove into her hole but she was resisting with the last shred of control she had. She wouldn't let this happen to her in this form, she would maintain her human dignity.

Unfortunately for Harry, he was unable to get his knot inside Daphne even as he continued pounding her. Feeling the cum in his balls boiling, he growled in frustration as he looked down at Daphne's almost completely submissive look, and he knew that he lacked the stamina required in his wolf form to continue much longer. He could feel his member start swelling and knew he was near. Growling again, he let Daphne know he was displeased with not being able to knot her.

Daphne felt great, she knew Shadow was almost done and she was slowly regaining a bit of strength from the mini-orgasms that she had been experiencing ever since he had been knocking on her cervix. Unfortunately for her, Astoria grinned as she sat up, "Stop being such a bitch, Daphne," she said and Daphne's eyes widened, "He's your Mate and Alpha, you don't have any sort of dignity to maintain, whether you think it or not you're here simply for him to seed you." She said harshly and Daphne knew Shadow felt that twitch deep inside her pussy in reaction to her sister's words.

Daphne sent a wordless plea to Astoria, but she shook her head, "I know your secret, Ice, and I will tell him myself if you don't." She groaned as Shadow's thrusts increased in intensity, biting her lip as indecision flashed across her face and Astoria opened her mouth.

"Alright! Alright! Dammit, Fire, this was never supposed to happen! You're such a crap sister." Daphne said as tears gathered in her eyes. She turned to Shadow, shame clear on her face as she spoke in a weak, defeated voice as her legs lifted, wrapping around his hips and beginning to help him thrust that knot into her tight fuck hole, "I don't know if you're human, or just a special wolf, but Astoria hasn't given me any choice but to tell you." Daphne said, her voice beginning to gain strength as she felt that knot pop into her and Shadow growl possessively; his cock was quite literally crushing into Daphne's womb at this point.

"Merlin, I think he's breaking my womb." Daphne said to Astoria and she just smiled happily at her sister's glazed expression, "If you really want to claim me, then you need to know that I-I-I have an impregnation fetish." She said with a completely red face, but Shadow seemed to understand her as his cock suddenly seemed to press against her cervix even harder, causing Daphne to cry out with a small orgasm, "I think you understand me, but what I want to say is, I've never dated men because I knew that once I had a cock in me I wouldn't stop until I was pregnant. I want you to fill me with all of your semen, I want my womb bloated with your cum and then I want you to plug me up with your hard cock and pump even more into my womb until my ovaries are swimming with your seed and I have no choice but to have your babies. I want to be your cock slut and take every drop of cum from your balls and pour it into my womb so none is wasted. Impregnate me! Seed me!" Daphne shouted at him.

Harry felt Daphne squeeze him harshly, starting the process she had expressly said she wanted. The thought of impregnating another one of his mates sent his wolf instincts into overdrive and he wouldn't have been able to stop even if he wanted to. He hammered into her, pushing his cock and knot as deeply as possible as he forced her womb back up into her body as his member swelled inside her and his first blast of cum literally drowned her cervix in semen. "Merlin, his first load is so much!"Daphne screamed out as she came around his cock, her twat suddenly full of his hot seed. She moaned again as he grunted above her and started to blast another load inside her. She felt the pressure build within her channel as he continued to expel his load until suddenly it was released, and she groaned as it flooded into her womb. Harry's balls twitched, he could feel the dilation of her cervix and he pushed forwards even harder, burying himself deeper inside her, forcing the head of his pick into her opening cervix and spraying his third load directly in her womb.

"It's so good." Daphne moaned deliriously as she felt his seed flooding into her womb, coating her insides with its thick, slippery cream. She moaned, and then gasped as she was overcome by a torrential, mind-numbing orgasm, her body quaking and shuddering uncontrollably as wad after potent wad of taboo sperm jetted into her as his cock emptied a complete load into her waiting body. She could hardly control herself as she felt his cock continue blasting sperm deep inside her body, "I can feel it filling me up." Daphne said in awe as she cried from the pleasure. 'It's over, all of it; I'll never be able to resist him again. With this, I'll become his woman completely.' She thought to herself, not experiencing even a hint of the despair she thought she would.

Suddenly, Shadow grunted and forced his cock even deeper until his balls were resting on her bum. Daphne's eyes widened as she felt her pussy throb around his member, "What are you doing!" She cried out in alarm, feeling as if her entire body was being split in half as the entire blunt tip forced itself into her womb. Her eyes went wide as she looked down at their coupling, "I-I can't take it!" Daphne said with a weak voice, "My womb feels too good! I'm cumming again!" She cried out as Shadow's cock erupted inside her once more, drowning her womb even further in his cum. Suddenly, Daphne felt her pussy muscles clamp down upon Shadow's cock and begin to coax his shaft for yet more his cum. Daphne wrapped her legs tightly around him, her hand clawing into his back as she moaned. "That's it, breed this bitch, fill her full of your seed. Impregnate me! Oh Merlin, so good!"

Daphne shivered as he continued to pour his cum into her. She knew that from this moment forwards she would be completely subservient to him and she would never be satisfied with anyone other than him. She continued to moan in pleasure as Shadow remained lodged within her womb for what seemed an eternity, seemingly spouting more sperm into her, just as she felt she'd recovered from his previous load.

Astoria lay there and watched the dazed expression grow on her sister's face as the minutes passed and Shadow was still coming within her. She watch as Daphne's normally flat stomach started to bulge with Shadow's seed, until with a shudder he pulled his cock free. Astoria whistled as she watched Shadow's seed flood out of her sister's stretched cunt, and then gasped in shock as Shadow reached over and patted her belly as he spoke, "You should get used to the feeling of being full, you're belly will swell more with my offspring after all."

She moaned at the thought of her belly being filled with his child and crawled over to him and began to suck on his slowly shrinking cock. As it started to harden again, she pulled away and turned, wiggling her bum at him once more.

Lemon Ends! (Read from here if you skipped the lemon!)


Standing by the door to the sisters room Harry shook his dick dry as he finished marking his territory and satisfied another of his wolf instincts. The room now smelt of him and sex and as he walked back to the bed he smiled. Looking down at the Greengrass sisters, they had grins stretched across their faces and their legs spread open as they lay next to one another, hazy eyes and moans of pleasure still radiating from their bodies. It had been a couple of hours and Harry had fucked Astoria and then Daphne again multiple times, both as a wolfman and as a wolf, ensuring his complete dominance over Daphne. For the last few minutes he'd let them rest on the bed as he'd first watched with pride as their hips jerked and spasmed in the aftershocks of his brutal fucking and then walked around the room marking it as his. If it wasn't for his need to return to the Chamber to talk to Minerva and allow her out he would have spent more time with these bitches.

Reaching over to them he inserted two fingers into each of their pussies, widening them and allowing his semen to escape, staining Daphne's bed sheets even more. "Well, bitches,I'll be sure to return to you soon, but I have other bitches to see tonight. So for now, farewell, and I'll be seeing you both soon." With that he stood and stepped into a shadow and travelled through the Shadow Plains to return to Minerva. Leaving behind two sex dazed sisters, stuffed with his seed and hopefully his children. The sisters could only smile at the thought of being with their Alpha again and soon fell asleep in each other's arms. Daphne and Astoria had both given their souls and hearts to their Alpha. Now that he had claimed their bodies so thoroughly they were no longer just sisters, they were members of his pack.


Appearing in the Chamber of Secrets shortly after leaving his new mates, he wasn't particularly surprised to find Minerva no longer in the room where he'd left her. Padding out of the room he headed to where she was likely to be, with the only other people in the chamber, Medusa, Sara and Remedy. Sniffing he picked up her scent, the only easily identifiable one among the older scents of all his other woman, and followed it until he realised that he was heading towards the room that he'd given Sara and her mother, near the exit into the forest.

Walking in he was surprised at the changes that had occurred, gone was the nearly barren room he'd apologetically given them, and in its place they'd made it homely. There were rugs and animal skins on the floor and a fire blazing away in a hearth he couldn't remember being there. Stacked neatly by it was chopped wood and as he looked around the room he could see several semi-filled bookcases (that must please Hermione!), as well as cupboards with assorted knickknacks on the top of them. Off to the side there were a couple of tables with what seemed clothes making equipment, and partially finished clothes upon it. He supposed some of the other girls had gotten the possessions for them, or more likely asked a house-elf to. He smiled seeing the beanbags Medusa, in her human form, and Minerva were leaning back against. Sitting next to them on the floor were Sara and Remedy andHarry smiled at it; was nice that they were all getting along.

The girls were all sitting in front of the fire and their conversation trailed off as he entered. Sara and Remedy seemed startled by his appearance and Minerva's hand flashed towards her wand, causing a low warning growl to rumble from his throat. Medusa seemed toinstantly recognise him and stood with an excited exclamation of, "Master," as she rushed forwards to embrace him.

"Congratulations, Master," Medusa said as he released her from the hug. As Harry blurred back to his human form he was quickly surrounded by an excited Sara and Remedy. "Yes, congratulations, Chieftain, may Minerva's child be the first of many," Sara said as she pulled back after kissing him and allowed her mother to step forwards and do the same.

After the girls had settled back down, they were once more sitting by the fire talking. Minerva seemed interested in what Sara and her mother's life had been like before they left the centaur herd, but she kept glancing his way, no doubt waiting for him to broach the subject of her pregnancy again. He'd yet to really think about it, however, having spent the last couple of hours fucking.

Leaning back into the beanbag Medusa had relinquished to him, he sighed and closed his eyes just listening. He wasn't surprised to feel his robes being lifted or Medusa's hot mouth wrap around his cock and start bobbing up and down, trying to get him hard.

He listened to the conversation drone on. He knew most of what was being said, but it was nice to be in the company of his mates and pet. As Minerva's voice suddenly cracked and stopped he opened his eyes. She was staring at him, or more precisely Medusa's bobbing head, "What did you expect, Minerva, I'm a tomcat. You knew I was fucking more than just you, why does it surprise you when my pet wants to show her Master how much she loves him?"

Minerva's mouth opened and closed before she seemed to gather herself, "We talked about you earlier, you act differently around your woman than you have me." Harry shrugged, "Even if you were my friend before, you were my Professor; I couldn't order you about and expect it to happen." He looked up sharply at her and continued, "That's different now, you'remy mate and as my mate I expect you to obey me. Surely you've talked to Sara and Remedy about how to behave, it's not much different than how you behaved around me as a cat?"

Nodding Minerva replied, "Yes, but behaving that way as a cat was easy, I had its instincts telling me what to do. As a human I've never wanted to be or been controlled by a man before and I've worked hard for my independence, it will be hard to adjust." Harry sat there thinking. She was right, she wasn't like Hermione, whose Kneazle instincts bled over into her human thinking. That didn't mean she couldn't be. The potion accident that turned Hermione into a Catgirl could be repeated, all they would need, would be fur from a magically powerful Kneazle. He groaned out his release intoMedusa's mouth at the thought of also turningDaphneandAstoria into wolfgirls, that would be hot, and what was the worst that could happen, thepotion wouldn't work and they'd remain human?

Smiling as Medusa crawled out from between his legs, her checks bulging she opened her mouth showing Harry part of his load. She was about to swallow it when Harry spoke, "Stop, share it with Minerva." He watched Minerva's eyes widened in surprise but her protest died on her lips at his look and she opened her mouth as Medusa approached her. Harry watched as they embraced and then kissed passionately. He could feel himself hardening again as they moaned into each other's mouths. As they broke apart a strand of his seed connected them until Medusa reached out and wiped it off Minerva's mouth, greedily sucking it down.

Standing, Harry kissed Sara and Remedy goodnight promising to see them in the morning before he gestured for Medusa and Minerva to follow him, and led them into the master bedroom. Looking at Medusa they both started to undress Minerva and once she was naked he pushed her onto the bed, and with a command of, "Eat her," Medusa sat on her face as Harry position himself between her legs...


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Omake by Blood Brandy:

Harry the Kneazle walked gingerly away from his latest…well, not quite conquest. He wasn't sure if this would count as a win for him (It was a damn intense fuck session, hell, he almost felt…violated) or a conquest for the large Persian cat walking the other direction (Who, by the way, still seemed in the mood, but was sated enough… for now). He hadn't even meant to find the new cat. In fact, he'd never even seen the silvery Persian before, maybe it was someone's new pet? Of course, if she was a pet, their owner must have kept her horribly cooped up, it was the only thing that explained her desperate need to mate.

And desperate she was… Harry could honestly say he didn't think he'd be getting hard, in any form, for some time. Well, okay, in twelve,maybe twenty-four hours tops, but that was a long time for him.

Elsewhere, the silvery haired Persian strutted her way home, ignoring the angry glare she'd gotten, oddly, from Mrs. Norris, as she entered the private quarters and changed, leaving the tight, toned, naked Rolanda Hooch looking nothing of her ninety years. Sitting nude at her desk, she kicked back and poured herself a drink - Vodka, not Firewhiskey, she liked her drinks with more kick - while she felt her stress melt away. Originally she'd been glad about Mr. Potter's idea, since the tournament would have left her with little to do and she didn't like feeling like a layabout, she wanted to earn her pay cheque.

But, more games meant more work and more teams meant more practices she would have to keep an eye on. All of which meant more and more work, and she didn't work her tight, tanned ass off keeping her sexy shape (Not that anyone could appreciate it under the damned robes) to let stress drive her to the grave. But that Kneazle, oh, that Kneazle was a godsend. She'd originally seen it mounting Minnie the Maine Coon (Rolanda had been the one to teach Minnie how to become an Animagus in the first place, of course she would recognize her) and while she'd been caught off guard, Hooch always considered herself had to admit, after having tried it, that big, handsome Kneazle was a great outlet for her frustrations.

Rolanda leaned back in her chair, enjoying the lingering soreness in her muscles, thinking of a future with the, as far as she knew, only male full-blooded Kneazle in Hogwarts… Maybe she could buy him off his or her owner.