Charlie's POV:

The next morning we were all sitting in Dragomir's main study, waiting for the lawyer to show up and discuss the Sands' inheritance. Madame Varcolac and I showed Hunter and Jordan a photo of Dragomir during his 'younger years'. Hunter was shocked to see that Dragomir looked a lot like him. "Er, why's there a picture of me?" he asked.

"That's Dragomir when he was our age" I told him.

"That was taken a month after his 14th birthday" Madame Varcolac remarked. She turned to Hunter and me. "I knew you were a bloodline werewolf since at Dragomir's grave. Only a werewolf could see the writing on his grave" she informed him.

Hunter looked over at me then back at Varcolac. "Can Charlie see it?" he asked.

"Ja, she can" Madame Varcolac replied, smiling.

Soon the lawyer came. "It's him, he's the one who brought the letter!" Hunter told his dad.

The lawyer explained that he was going to allow Varcolac to remain at the Manor. He handed a cheque to Hunter's dad. "Oh My God!" Mr Sands gasped.

"Whoa!" Jordan exclaimed when she saw how much the cheque was worth.

"I told you we were rich!" Hunter practically bragged to his father and his sister.

"That's from his invention" the lawyer explained.

"Of what?" Jordan asked.

"Karaoke" the lawyer replied.

Hunter and I started laughing. Then he realised something. "How did Rudyard Kipling know my Uncle?" he asked me.

"They fought together in the war that decided the fate of humankind. Kipling also based The Jungle Book on his experiences as a werewolf, that's why the main human character was raised by wolves" I explained.

"Makes sense" Jordan agreed.

Jordan's POV:

After a very interesting week at Wolfsberg Manor, we had to return to California the next day. We had to wait for hours until we could start to board the god damn plane. "Hunter, wait!" a familiar girl's voice cried.

Hunter turned around and almost lost balance when Charlie threw her arms around him. Luckily (thanks to his new werewolf abilities) Hunter managed to steady them both. "Charlie!" he gasped, hugging her back.

"I wasn't going to let you leave me behind without saying goodbye to you" Charlie mumbled into his neck, gripping his jacket tightly. It seemed as if she was desperate not to lose her protector; in a way, Hunter is – he saved her from vampires and he was furious when Paulina tried to hurt her the night he first transformed.

Hunter pulled back to look at her. "It's not goodbye, Charlie. It's a new beginning for us. We're soul-mates. We'll always find each other. And I'll always come back for the Festival" He reminded her.

"Do you pinky swear that we'll find each other again, Hunter Sands?" Charlie asked, extending her pinky.

"I pinky swear on it, Charlie" Hunter promised, lacing his pinky with hers. Before she left, Charlie quickly kissed Hunter. I laughed at his uncharacteristic blush. "Shut up" Hunter muttered.

Hunter wasn't the only one who changed. I returned to school with a new-found confidence. I was now very popular and worshipped by Ashley and Tiffany. Cort even asked me to this year's Homecoming Dance. Two weeks ago, I would've accepted but instead I said no. I walked over to sit with Ashley and Tiffany, relaying the details to them. "I already have a date" I remarked, peering around to see Goran standing in the doorway of the lunch queue. Did I mention he was here on an exchange program?

"The exchange student? Lucky!" Tiffany squealed. We saw Charlie walk over to Goran, talk to him about something and then she went to sit with Hunter. And his two weird friends.

"Who was the little girl?" Ashley asked.

"His cousin, Charlie. She's an exchange student for the ninth grade. Don't bother setting your younger brother up with her, she's already dating someone in her class" I explained to her.

"She must really like the colour red" Tiffany observed.

I immediately knew by that remark, Charlie was wearing a red blouse or something. She's like my little sister. Well, technically she will be when she and Hunter are older.

Hunter's POV:

I grinned when Charlie sat next to me. Just as I had promised, we found each other. We always will. My friends blinked. "Oh. Guys, this is Charlie. Charlie, this is James and Mitch" I introduced them to Charlie and vice-versa.

"Nice to meet you" Charlie remarked as she shook my two friends' hands.

"Do you believe in the supernatural?" James asked. He and Mitch didn't see my hand wrap around Charlie's waist. Of course Charlie was the only one who noticed.

"Duh! Of course I do. I've come across sights that confirm it" Charlie replied.

"Then we'll get along just fine" Mitch decided.

"Dude. Great way to talk to my girlfriend" I remarked sarcastically, rolling my eyes. James and Mitch both fell out of their seats the minute I said 'girlfriend' – to them, Hunter Sands never says anything to do with dating. "I'm not joking; I met her when I went to Wolfsberg" I told them. Charlie burst out laughing. Everyone still find it hard to believe that Charlie and I are together, even the teachers are impressed with us. "It'll take them forever to recover, they're both shocked and impressed" I joked, kissing her on the forehead.

Later that evening, we were hanging out at my house. Dad was getting ready for a date. He's dating human women now after the whole situation with Paulina being the vampire responsible for Uncle Dragomir's death and orphaning Charlie. I was having a thumb war with Charlie. Even though I was supernaturally stronger than her, she won every time. Mostly because I was staring at the knee length red dress and the denim jacket she was wearing with brown boots and white tights.

This was the first time I have ever seen her in a dress like that; It kinda suited her. I just wore a dark shirt, jeans, sneakers and a leather jacket. I was kinda glad she decided to wear a dress tonight since while dad's out on his date, Charlie and I were going to walk around the neighbourhood for our first date, the one she was counting. Though spending the Moonlight Mania festival with me was technically our first date. Even if she wasn't counting it, I was.

We both stood up. I cheekily pecked Charlie on the lips; I had to bend my head down quite a bit to kiss her since she was so frickin' short – even if she is my first girlfriend and my other half. Charlie deepened the kiss by gripping my jacket and tugging it towards her, igniting the sparks I felt every time I was with her. Not like I was complaining; I wrapped my arms around her waist.

Dad came downstairs just as Charlie and I pulled apart for air, he was ready. He told us that he had decided that me, Charlie and Jordan were allowed to come on the date with him. Charlie and I looked at each other. "Ah well, we can always do what we were gonna do tonight tomorrow" we remarked. We got in the car; Charlie and I sat together as always, Dad's new girlfriend was in shotgun and we drove off.

? POV:

I smirked when I watched David, his new girlfriend, his kids and that brat Charlie leave. If it weren't for this stupid body-cast, I would take vengeance on David's son and kill Charlie right now. Then I will rule the world. "The bitch is back" I darkly chuckled. I turned to the movers, who were humans. "Get everything inside, now! I have to be in the house before sunrise!" I yelled. But those bastards were nowhere near done.