Hi, sorry its been so long. I have been in sports and homework is just hectic. I am trying to get this story on the roll.

I opened my eyes and groaned in pain. My back kinda hurt. But that voice, I thought I'd never hear that voice again..my dear brother...I slowly pushed myself up and looked around just to find Midnight asleep and Cobra sitting there as he went through my stuff...wait...

"GET OUT OF MY STUFF! What is with you boys, what goes through that head of yours, 'Oooh a bag, lets see whats inside.'" I growled. He looked up at me and smirked.

"I didn't know you liked this girly manga." He said grinning.

"How did you even get here?" I sighed not wanting to answer.

"Well I saw you flying up when I regained conciousness and then you fell so Cerberus flew me up so I could catch you. I found Midnight, he was amused, then I saw your bag and thought, 'Ooooh a bag, lets see whats inside." He chuckled and began putting my stuff back into my bag.

"So I wasn't saved by a boy same age as me and kinda looks like me?" I asked, then he looked at me funny. "It's just I thought I heard...nvm, give me my bag."

"See what happens when you try to escape?" Great, HEs awake!

"Why can't you just sleep and never wake up!" I groaned in annoyance.

"Why, so you can leave, I thought we had something." He mocked smirking.

"Speaking of which, why did he get a kiss?" Cobra said annoyed.

"Oh shut up both of you!" I growled and took my backpack. Then I stood up and began walking north...wait, the spiders on the spiderwebs were facing the wrong way. Then I smacked into a tree. Ohhhh nature hates me today.

"Hey! You weren't there before! Why did you do that? I haven't done anything to you!" I lectured the tree.

"Are you sure your not...crazy?" I swirled around and pointed at him dramatically.

"Fool!" I said like Excalibur from Soul Eater. "My tale begins in the 18th century! I kicked your butt! Wait that isn't a tale, thats a vision!"

"We're past the 18th century." He sighed as a sweatdrop fell down his head.

"Fool!" I said once again and bolted. "Im late, Im late, for a very important date." I stopped and looked behind me to see him trying to catch me. I grinned like a chesire and waved. "No time to say hello goodbye!" I yelled at him and began running again. "Im late im late im late." At this point I was laughing.

"Stop running!" He growled and I smacked into a wall of rocks piled high. Instead of running I turned to him.

"Fine, you dance and I'll stay." She said grinning.

"No!" He turned pink in embarrassment at that.

"Then I'll leave you ass behind, because you don't dance and if you don't dance then you aint no friend of my'n." I sang and volted over the wall, yelling out, "Meep Meep," When I hit the ground running. I heard the rock wall come down and heard pursuit.

"Stop!" He shouted.

"In the name of what?" I mocked laughing.

"The law?" He quessed.

"No! In the name of the moon. You loose, good luck next time!" I looked behind me and grinned. Unfortunetly there was a surface root and I tripped. He caught up to me and kneeled down beside me, smirking.

"You...are such a klutz." He grinned before picking me up again and started towards the camp.

"You are a mean person! Let me go!" I growled.

"Im not letting you go." He answered and something clinked in my mind and I mentally grinned.

"Let me go!" I snapped back.

"Im not letting you go." He was now annoyed.

"Let me go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o." I then began grinning like I was mad...I kinda was. "Mama mea mama mea mama mea, Let me go." I began laughing again.

"You seem overly happy today." He answered like he was tired. Yep Im too much to handle sometimes. I should give the guy a break...NOT!

"You want the truth?" I whispered like it was a secret. He looked at me slightly shocked before hesitatingly nodding.

"Well you can't handle the truth!" I answered serious then grinned.

"Just tell me what I want to know!" He growled.

"I plead the 5th!" I answered.

"What's the 5th?" He asked now going over the boiling point.

"No clue, some foreigner used it when someone asked him a question. Said he came from A-mer-can." She said trying to remember how to prenounce the land. "They don't have magic there, apparently theres this veil between their and here. I believe that there are people here seeing or reading the story of our world thinking its not real." (Well there goes that wall)

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