1) What if... Soma Became the Darklord? (v.2)

1b) DoS/SnJ version
Soma Cruz was walking from Yoko Belnades's weapons shop in the abandoned village.

"Hello, Soma-kun. What can I do for you?" Yoko greeted her guest.
"Well, I just defeated Dario, but Celia says there is one more thing she wants to show me," Soma looked worried.
"What could it be?" Yoko mirrored Soma's expression. "You told me Dmitri died, and now Dario is defeated as well."
"I don't know. But, it can't be good news."
"I was thinking that as well. Be careful, okay, Soma-kun?"
"Yeah," Soma nodded. "But, I do need your help..."
"Oh, of course!" Yoko smiled. "What can I do for you?"
(End Flashback)

Carrying his enhanced sword, Soma made his way to the center of the castle, in the gardens. He stopped at a sealed door. He began to draw the seal, when something fell out of his jacket. He saw that is was Mina's talisman. Anxious to see Celia, Soma left the talisman on the floor and quickly drew the seal. The door disappeared and Soma stepped in.

"What?" Soma was surprised.
"Soma-kun," Mina Hakuba was hanging on a crucifix made of the castle's corrupted trees.
"What...? Why is Mina here?!" Soma demanded.
"Because," Celia Fortner said smugly. "There is more than one way to make a Darklord."

Celia formed a magical sphere in her right hand.

"Say farewell to your beloved, Soma Cruz!"
"Mina!" Soma started to run forward.

Celia had struck Mina with the magic sphere. Soma stopped as soon as the light took away Mina's last breath.

"..." Mina is dead.
"You... you witch!" Soma began to burn with anger. The darkness of the castle was attracted to his immense anger.
"Yes, be angry," Celia was calm. "Soon, all that hatred will manifest and then you cannot help but become the Darklord!"
"Fine! If that means avenging Mina, then I'll become the Darklord!" Soma shouted. Softly, "I'm sorry, Mina. I couldn't keep our promise."
"At last! The Darklord has risen again!"
"Rawr!" Soma roared in pain and agony.

The darkness engulfed him in a black sphere. As soon as the transformation was complete, 'Soma' paused for a second. He disappeared, and reappeared behind Celia.

"Why?" Celia asked, hurt. "I-I bought you back into this world. Why?"
"Because," 'Soma' said, looking rather psychotic. "I felt like it. Besides, all you humans will die anyway. Your time just came sooner than you wanted!"
"Master," Celia finally collapsed.

'Soma' smirked evilly.


Yeah an _original_ chapter is being being written. Hopefully it will be up by the end of this week. Also working on another short for another series (actually it's a crossover).