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"Astra, Astra are you awake?" asked Miss Madeleine "y-yes Miss Madeleine.." I said "good,now the balance of..."

I soon drowned her words out again and turned my attention to the window. "Outside looks like a better place than here..." I mumble after i said that i felt a wad of paper hit the back of my head I ignored it...then came a second one..then a three..i heard giggling behind me so i turn around and saw Sorbert and Lassi giggling, i simply turn back around and the bell rings "YES! i can finally leave!" soon everyone rush`s out but before i can escape from class Miss Madeleine calls me back "Astra i`d like to speak with you." "bet its about me sleeping in her class all the time.."

"Yes?" "Astra, this is nothing bad it`s just I want you to show the new student around tomorrow" "you want me to what? why not get Sorbert or Lassi or even Pico?" "Because they would do absolutely nothing." "b-but" "No buts your showing the new student around tomorrow and that's final." "..yes..Miss Madeleine..." "good!"

"Can`t believe she`s making me do this.." I said as I slowly trudge back to my room. When i got back to my room I threw my messenger bag on a chair and grabbed my Mp3 player and start to let music drown out the world around me...then my door hit the wall "you got to be kidding me.." I got up to see how my door had somehow blew off it`s hendges and I realize it was Pico and Mokka "..great..I can`t be left alone for a few minutes.." I mumble quietly

as I try to fix my door problem, poison ivy grows from the broken door I ignore the itching feeling of the poison ivy I know only Wood mage`s can do this, soon my door is back in its proper spot. i lean against the door and start to wonder "..why did you leave?" I whisper softly

The Next Day...

"Class today we have a new student." A chorus of excitement washed over the class "hope its a girl" "No way! it`ll be a guy!" I simply put my head on my desk "I don`t want to deal with this..." As Miss Madeleine called in the new student everyone was on the edge of their seats. "why don`t you introduce yourself?" said Miss Madeleine " name is Arcane and i`m a dark mage..."