Theme : First Love

Character : Repliku

A/N : Don't worry, this one's only 10 chapters. I'll be done in no time. Why Repliku, you ask? Because he is my baby, and he needs more love. Or rather, Roxas is my baby, but Repliku is a close second.

Love? Please. He didn't need it. There was no point in wasting his time with something so useless; something that could easily be thrown into the trash. He didn't stoop himself so low.

And yet he couldn't say much about himself that was positive. He didn't even have a name. No one understood him. Not one single person. Not even Namine. He didn't need anyone…if they couldn't understand him, then he wasn't going to waste his time with them.

Darkness was the one thing that he could relate himself with. He was an expert with using it; it was like playing with a toy. The other Riku had always been afraid to use Darkness. Riku was a coward. At least he was able to control something so easily and not be afraid of it at all. How could someone be afraid of something so natural? Darkness wasn't something to be afraid of at all. It was actually very fun to play with- if you played with it right.

Darkness was something he would always be able to depend on. That was definitely his first love.

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