Theme : Succeeding

In the end of it all, he did not succeed. He was dead in a matter of minutes. Riku took him out, it must have been easy. Even with the power he had gained from killing Zexion, he was no better than Riku, if not weaker and even more useless.

This was the end of everything. He lay here, dying, fading. There was no point in being sad.

"Where will my Heart go?" he asks, keeping his eyes locked with the fake sky of fake Twilight Town.

Riku takes a moment to answer. "Probably the same place my Heart will go."

He smirks, finding nothing comforting in those words. Riku isn't good with words. What else is new. "Hm…a faithful Replica until the end…that's…okay…"

As he fades, he realizes that it really is okay. Even if he didn't succeed.

Kinda ironic that this is the last chapter, yet it's the first time there's actually dialogue in the story. Well, at least I finally finished it. I thought the day would never come.

Walker of Nothing : It is sad. :(

Omega Star Shooter 14 : Lol, I don't know. XD

Embrace of Destiny : Thanks. ^^ I'm glad you liked it.