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Ariella MacManus shook her head and sighed as she drove down the long street from her supposed to be blind date. It was a supposed to be because the guy never showed up. She should have known something would happen, something bad always happen to her when it came to men. She should have never agreed to the blind date in the first place but it had been almost a year since her last boyfriend and she felt the lonely.

So lonely, she had agreed to her co-worker giving her number to a guy that even her co-worker had never met. He was a friend of the co-worker, Nicole's, boyfriend. Ariella had only talked to him twice, and for only a a few minutes. They were supposed to meet at a diner they both knew of but he never showed up. Just her luck. Her last boyfriend had been married but told Ariella he was separated from his wife. Four months into the relationship, Areilla went to dinner with a friend and saw her boyfriend with his wife and children. Her other boyfriends had been loser too. Some without jobs, some in and out of jail. She just didn't know how to pick a man.

Ariella sighed and pursed her pale lips together. If that blind date, Murphy Reedus, called her or texted her, she was going to go off on him. Then block him so he couldn't call her. She was done with douchbags. Suddenly, Areilla's car jolted and a man rolled across the hood of it. She slammed on her brakes as she let out a scream. The man fell from the hood onto the road in front of her.

" Holy shit!" She yelled, throwing her car into park quickly. People on the street around her car rushed in. Some were on their phones already. She undid her seat belt and left her car without shutting her door. She ran around to the front of her car to find a man laying on his side, not faving her.

" He just stepped out in front of you!" A man called out.

" Is he dead?" Ariella asked in a panic as she dropped to his back. Another man, who was in front of him, pressing his fingers to the still man's throat.

" No." He said. " We need to leave him alone though! No one move him! We need to call 911!"

" I didn't see him!" Ariella said with huge tears clouding her vision.

" He didn't see you either." A woman said as she placed a comforting hand on Avery's shoulder. "We all saw the same thing. He was looking at his phone and stepped out in front of you."

" Is he bleeding?" Ariella asked the first man. She was too scared to look at the injured man's face.

" His face is pretty bloody but I don't know where it's coming from. It's swelling up fast." The front man confirmed.

" Please don't let him die." Ariella whispered to herself. The man on the ground groaned and started to roll over when the helper grabbed his arms.

" Hang in there, Buddy. Don't move, okay? Just hang in there." He said.


Holy shit did his face hurt. But it wasn't just his face. It was his left eye, his head, his right arm and his ribs. It hurt to breath and something was taped to the left side of his face, right over his eye. His forehead and even his nose were hurting. He frowned and that hurt. Without opening his eyes, he brought his hands to his face and started to feel around. Yeah, his eye was patched up, that the source of the tape. His forehead was swollen and...

" Leave that on." A soft voice said a second before he felt two small hands take a hold of his wrists and start to pull his hands down.

" What is it? What's on me?" What the hell? Was that deep, gravelly, damaged voice his?

" You were in an accident. You were hit by a car. Your eye is patched up." The voice said. Slowly, carefully, he started to open his good eye but the light from the room blinded him and he started to squeeze it shut. "Wait, let me turn off the light." The warm hands left his wrists and he heard the owner of the voice hurry away. A minute later, the light behind his eyelid was gone. He squeezed it again before he opened it. A small, dark blond haired young woman was making her way towards him but she was out of focus. He blinked his good eye a few times as she asked, " Better?"

" Much. Thank you." He answered.

" How are you feeling?" The woman asked as she took a seat by his bed.

" Like I got hit by a car." He said, forcing a one sided smile. She didn't seem to think it was funny. She dropped her eyes to her lap.

" I'm sorry." She almost whispered.

" For what?" He asked. She rubbed her lips together for a second before she bit into her bottom lip. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and began to shake her head.

" It was me." She whispered. He frowned and slowly shook his head.

" What was you?" He asked in confusion.

" That hit you. I hit you with my car." She said a second before her pretty face crumbled. She dropped it down, covered it with her hands and started to cry. Her slender shoulders trembled.

" Hey, no, don't cry." He said as he reached out to touch her with his hand. His right arm was wrapped up, making him look like a mummy. His hand shook as his fingertips brushed against the skin of her left arm. " I'm sure you didn't mean it. Right?" She dropped her hands from her face and shook her head hard.

" I didn't! I swear! I didn't see you! And from what people who saw the accident say, you didn't see me either. You were texting on your phone and stepped out in front of me." She said quickly.

" Then see? That's why they are called accidents and not on purposes." He said, bring his arm back to his side. She started to wipe her cheeks with the back of her hands. " Please don't cry. I can't stand it when women cry." He frowned deeply. Was that true? He suddenly didn't know the answer to that.

" What? What's wrong? Are you in pain?" She asked. He shook his head as his head flooded with confusion again.

" I can't...I can't seem to remember anything." He said.

" You can't?" She asked. " Maybe I should call the nurse." The young woman stood up, leaned partially over the bed and hit his call button. He grabbed her hand.

" Don't leave, please." He asked as panic started to set in. Her light blue eyes met his bloodshot eye and soften.

" I won't." She said.

" Promise?" He asked. He was gripping her hand hard. He couldn't remember a thing and he wanted to talk to her more. Maybe she knew something about him.

" I promise." She said with a nod as his hospital room door open. She looked up at as a nurse walked in.

" Does you need something?" The nurse asked.

" He's awake." The young woman said. He kept his good eye locked on her face. Her delicate features made him feel less like he was falling head first into a dark hole. Something about her was familiar to him and he wanted to know what that was.

" Sir?" The nurse was saying. The young woman turned and looked down at him. She squeezed his hand. " How are you feeling?"

" I can't remember anything. I don't understand what's happening." He said, forcing himself to look up at the nurse who stood on his left side.

" You had a pretty serious head injury. Some memory lost is to be expected. Let me contact the doctor, okay?" She said. " But first, are you in any pain?" He shook his head no even though it was a lie. He was in a lot of pain but he had a feeling the pain medicine would make him sleep and he didn't want to sleep. He wanted answers. " I'm going to get the doctor and I will be back." She offered a small smile before she quickly left the room. He looked back at the woman who was holding his hand.

" Do you know me?" He asked her. The young woman shook her head.

" No." She said. That couldn't right, he thought. He knew he knew her face, he just couldn't place it. "You really can't remember anything?" He closed his good eye and shook his head.

" No." He said. He swallowed and looked at her again. " I can't even remember my name." She started to get upset again so he rushed to say, " Name me." She shook her head as her eyes filled with unshed tears.

" What?" She asked.

" Give me a name. I can't stand not having a name so call me something, please." He almost pleaded. If he didn't have a name, he might go insane.

" I...I..." She started to stutter as she shook her head. Her long slipping over her shoulder with the movement of her head.

" Anything, please." He begged. She closed her eyes and said the first name she could think of. The name of the man who stood her up.

" Murphy." She said quickly. He sighed, making her eyes open again. To her surprise, he was smiling.

" Murphy. I like that." The new Murphy said. " Now what is your name?"

" Ariella." She answered.

" That's a pretty name, Ariella." He said. Ariella. That name meant something to him, but what?

" Thank you." Ariella said as she stared at him with wide eyes.

" I must look really awful because you haven't stopped staring at me since I woke up." Murphy said.

" No, you don't." Ariella said.

" I don't? You hit me with your car, one of my eyes is patched up and my right forearm is wrapped. My face is killing me. I can't imagine that I'm looking my best." There was no malice in his voice when he said all that. In fact, he was giving her a small smile.

" I think I'm shock." She said quietly.

" So how are you feeling?" A doctor asked as he walked in.

" I should go." Ariella said as she started to rise.

" Wait." Murphy said quickly and he reached for her. The idea of her leaving him, scared him. Her face and name was so familar to him that he didn't want her to leave him.

" Miss MacManus needs to wait outside." The doctor said. " We have things we need to ask you. We need to check you over. Only family can be present for that. Is she a family member?" Murphy frowned.

" No, I'm not and I should really go now anyway." Ariella said.

" Wait! Ariella, wait, please." Murphy said quickly. She looked at him but slipped her hand away from his. " Come back later?" She nodded.

" Okay." She said before she walked out of his room.

" Tell me how you are feeling?" The doctor asked him, pulling his attention back.

" Ah, like hell." Murphy said.

" Nurse Roberts tells me you can't remember anything and I want you to know that is natural. You suffered a bad accident and a concussion." The doctor explained.

" Do you think my memory will come back?" Murphy asked.

" There is no way to know for sure." The doctor said. " Let me check you over then we can talk more."

The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Compton.

He checked Murphy's good eye, felt along his ribs, his stomach, and checked his legs. He explained that Murphy had broken a few ribs on his right side and the cornea in his left eye had been torn, so his eye had to be patched up. There was a gash across his forehead and his nose. His voice was so rough, low, and gravelly because his vocal cords had been damaged but they weren't sure how. They felt he might have hit his neck off her car. He had had no wallet on him at the time of the accident and his phone had been crushed by her car. Murphy had been out for almost 12 hours.

" Is she in trouble?" Murphy asked.

" Who?" Dr. Compton asked as he made a few notes in a chart.

" Ariella, the girl that was here. She's the one who hit me." He said.

" Oh, ah, I don't actually know." Dr. Compton said.