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" Murphy! Call of Duty, now!" Sean called as he pushed open the door to Ariella's room and walked in the next day. Murphy popped his head out of the bathroom while he brushed his teeth. Ariella was opening the curtains to her room.

" What if we were having were sex?" She snapped.

" You would have locked the door because you know I just walk in whenever I want." Sean shot back. "Murph, game. Let's go." Without another word, he turned and walked out. Murphy looked at her and raised an eyebrow. She shrugged and shook her head.

The day was spent with the boys sitting on the couch, battling it out through the Xbox. Ariella and Lauren sat beside their boys or huddled together at the counter. For hours Sean and Murphy played against each other, neither one backing down, both hunting each other for the kill. Lauren and Ariella were hiding their smiles. By the end of the day, the boys were playing on the same team, high fiving and cheering each other on.

" I'm going to get a beer, you want something, Angel?" Murphy asked her after they had been at the bar for a while that night.

" No, I'm good." She said. Murphy patted her back and swept a kiss against her neck.

" Okay. I love you." He said.

" I love you, too." Ariella said with a smile. He grinned before walking back to the bar. A second later a strong arm wrapped around Ariella and she was pulled against Sean. He dropped his head down.

" I'm starting to forgive him." He whispered. She smiled up at him as he stood up straight.

" Yeah?" She asked.

" Yeah." He smiled and tapped the tip of her nose. " I said it before and I'll say it again, he loves you. I can't deny that. The fact that he won't move back in with you and wants to take things slow is pretty cool in my book. He could just hop back in and act like nothing happen but he's not. He's trying hard, working to prove himself."

" He is." Ariella said. Sean nodded.

" I'm going to give him a break, this one time, Babygirl. He fucks up again, I'm not going to accept him. He breaks your heart, I will refused to let him come back to our place, you understand?" He asked.

" I understand." Together the siblings smiled. She put her arms around Sean's waist and they cuddled together. He squeezed her shoulders, she rubbed his back with both hands. " I love you, Sean. I am grateful that you take such good care of me." He pressed his lips hard into the top of her head before turning it and rubbing his cheek against her.

" I baby you to much." He said with a sigh.

" It's okay. I let you. I baby you by letting you baby me." Ariella said.

" We are fucked up, aren't we?" Sean asked with a chuckle.

Murphy leaned against the bar, watching Sean and Ariella as they talked. The brother and sister were hugging and smiling at each other. Ariella laughed at something Sean said, making Murphy smile. They were going to be okay. Murphy was sure. Sean was accepting him again, Lauren was on board, and his Ariella still loved him. Murphy smiled, yeah the car accident was the best thing to happen to him.

" Well, well, well. Look who it is." Murphy frowned and turned so his back was to the bar. Jenna was standing in front of him, smirking.

" What are you doing here?" He snapped.

" Have you enjoyed your little break and your little ass on the side?" She asked. " It's time to come home."

" I'm not going home with you. You and I are done." Murphy said.

" Now you and I both know that's not true. You like my money too much." Jenna said, crossed her arms under her breasts.

" I'm not that guy anymore, Jenna. I have a job, that I work five days a week. I have my own place. I..." Murphy started.

" What are you doing?" Ariella asked as she came to Murphy's side.

" Ariella, it's nice to see you again. Is your brother here?" Jenna purred as she looked around. One of Ariella's arms went around Murphy's waist while his went across her shoulders.

" Did you need something?" Sean asked, coming to Murphy's other side. Jenna kept her smile firmly in place when she looked back at them. That smile spread out into a grin.

" I was telling Murphy that it was time for him to come home. He has had fun playing house with your sister but enough is enough." Jenna said.

" He's not playing house. We are a couple." Ariella said. Jenna narrowed her eyes, quickly running through the ways she could break them up. She didn't really want Murphy back but didn't want him to leave her for someone she viewed as less than she was.

" I get it now. I didn't see it before but I get it now." Jenna said.

" Get what?" Murphy asked. He pulled Ariella into him more.

" Why you are with her. When I first saw her, I couldn't understand why you would leave me for her. She's so plain. Her breasts are small, she's pale, and she wears tee shirts. Her nails aren't done, her hair is boring." Jenna's voice was dripping in acid.

" That's my friend you are dissing." Lauren said as she came to Ariella's side.

" Do you have a point?" Murphy asked.

" Well you're dating her because she's Sean MacManus' sister. I have to say, I thought dating her was a step back for you but now that I know you are with her for him, I will admit, it's a step forward. I'm sure he has more money than me and my dad have. You do know what's why he's with you, right, Honey? He's nothing but a man whore and I..." Ariella stepped forward, drew back, and cold cocked Jenna right in her injected mouth, splitting her bottom lip open before anyone even knew it was coming. Lauren gasped and Murphy and Sean moved to grab Ariella.

" Angel!" Murphy explained.

" Ells!" Sean yelled.

" Fuck you!" Ariella yelled.

" Get her out of here, Murphy." Sean said.

" What are you going to do?" Murphy asked as Jenna held her lip and yelled.

" Damage control." Sean muttered.

" Come on, Angel." Murphy said as he pulled Ariella away while she yelled and cursed at Jenna.


" How's the hand?" Lauren asked as she walked into Ariella's bathroom.

" It fucking hurts." She muttered. Lauren smiled and handed her a bag of ice.

" Well, I don't think you broke anything." Murphy said from his spot at her legs. He gently moved her fingers then felt along her knuckles. " I can't believe you hit her."

" I kind of can't either." Ariella said.

" Are you kidding me? I always told Sean it was a mistake to teach you how to fight. I told him it would come back to bite him in the ass. You have a temper." Lauren said. " I always thought you would get sick of him trying to control you and you'd hit him." Ariella met her eyes and smiled.

" I have wanted to hit him before." She said.

" Keep this ice on your hand, Ella." Murphy said. She sighed, looking back at him.

" This is the second time I have been in a fight because of you." She said, making Murphy smile.

" I can make it up to you later." He said.

" I'm think I should punish you for it." She said, both quickly forgetting Lauren was standing there until she spoke.

" Why do I feel like for you the punishment is something sexual?"

Knowing it was against the law but not caring, Sean slipped some money across the bar to the bartender and bought the entire bar around of drinks. He sighed a few autographs and took a few pictures so when the police showed up, everyone said Jenna had tripped and fell, hitting her face on the bar. She argued, saying that Sean's sister had hit her but the police couldn't confirm that Ariella had been there at all. Sean explained that Jenna's boyfriend had left her for his sister, implying that Jenna was just jealous and wanted to cause the actor and his family problems. With no one fighting Sean's story and everyone saying Jenna was lying, the police decided to not question Ariella and to not believe Jenna. She was escorted out of the bar when she wouldn't stop yelling and screaming.

The next morning, Sean left the apartment to take Lauren home before he had to leave for the airport. Ariella pulled Murphy into her room, stating she was ready to punish him for the fights he had caused her to be in. Murphy was more than happy to receive it. His body was tight and hard before they even reached her room. He knew just how good her punishments could feel.

" Now, you will be cuffed to the bed while I go and get myself ready. If you move in anyway, I will hear the cuffs against the bed and you will get blue balls. You understand me?" Ariella asked as she sat on his chest. He watched with excitement as she locked up his right arm.

" I understand." He said. He was breathing hard and jerking inside his boxers. He was trying to swallow but his throat was completely dry. He stared at her as she let her nails drag down his arm then across his chest. His hips thrust on their own as he groaned.

" Good boy." She purred, bring his left arm up. She locked it into place then leaned down. " Very, very good boy." She whispered. Murphy's eyes shut when her teeth scrapped against his collarbone.

" Angel." He choked out.

" Shh." She moved down his body, pulled him out of his boxers and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. His head went back as he moaned. She latched onto his length and issued a hard suck a second before her tongue slipped into his slit, gathering the drop of saltness that had already formed there.

" Ariella." He moaned out.

She popped off him, tucked him back in and smiled. She climbed off the bed and slowly started for her bathroom.

Sean opened the door to his apartment and walked in with Krispy hot on his heels. He frowned as he looked around the apartment, surprised to find it empty. He quietly shut the door and looked towards his sister's room. Seeing that the door was only half closed, he started towards it. He was going to talk Murphy into one more game of Call before he and Ariella had to leave.

" Murphy! Let's hit up the...What. The. Fuck." He said as he stopped dead in his tracks. Murphy's face was beat red and he was stripped down to nothing with his arms handcuffed to the top of her bed. He was panting as he stared at Sean in shock.

" Get out!" Murphy yelled. " Get out, get out, get out!"

" Who?" Ariella asked as she walked out of her bathroom, completely naked and carrying a whip.

" What are you doing!" Sean yelled when he saw her. Ariella dashed back into her bathroom with a squeal.

" Get out!" Murphy panted.

" Go away!" Ariella yelled.

" What is wrong with you two!" Sean yelled. Murphy was trying to snatch up her sheet with his legs and failing.

" God, get out!" Murphy kept yelling.

" You guys are disgusting!" Sean yelled as he shook his head and hurried out of her room. " I have to burn out my eyes now!" He slammed her door shut. Ariella peered around the bathroom door frame.

" Is he gone?" She asked, weakly.

" Uncuff me, now! Please!" Murphy begged. " I need to crawl under your bed and die."

" You! What about me!" Ariella said as she gathered up her clothes.

" Angel, your brother just saw me naked and cuffed to the bed with a raging hard on. I think my embarrassment is a little worst than yours, now let me out!" He said.

Sean was standing by the balcony with his arms crossed. The surprised in her bedroom was burned into his eyes and he couldn't seem to stop gagging. Yeah him and Lauren played around with things, yeah he didn't mind being tied up or blindfolded every once a while but that was different. That was him and his girl. This, what he had seen, that was his baby sister and her perverted boyfriend.

" Sean." Ariella said softly from behind him. He held up his hand and closed his eyes.

" Don't. I don't want to know. That was the single handedly the most disturbing thing I have ever seen." He said. " Please tell me you keep that shit to your room. Please tell me you don't cuff him to other places around the apartment."

" We keep it to the room." She said with her face completely aflame. Sean shook his head and opened his eyes. He turned around and narrowed his eyes to her.

" You have issues. Both of you. You must belong together." He said as he tried not to smile.

" We...like that sort of stuff." She said. The left side of Sean's upper lip curled up as he lost the urge to smile.

" I see that. Gross." He said. He shook his head and sighed. " You can come out, Murphy! I'm not going to kill you!" The door to her room open and Murphy came out with his hands in his pockets.

" We thought you'd be gone longer than you were." Murphy said.

" Yeah, I get that. Can we have a rule here? None of that stuff when I'm home and for God sakes, if you feel the need to handcuff Murphy and whip him, made sure your fucking door is locked." Sean said in a whine.

" We won't do it here." Ariella said from her spot at the table.

" I want to leave for the airport early. This entire apartment reeks of sexual deviants." Sean said as he started across the apartment. " I think I need to throw up then we are leaving."

On the way to the airport, Sean stared out the window while Ariella shifted around. For the first time in a long time, she couldn't wait to be away from her brother. She stood back while he checked into his flight and checked his back. They walked with distance between them through the airport, both lost in their thoughts. As they reached one of the airport's bars, Sean stopped them.

" I need a drink and you need to go home." He said.

" I'm sorry, Sean." She said. He shook his head but smiled.

" I love you even though you're disgusting." He said, reaching out for her. Ariella smiled as she let him draw her in for a hug.

" I love you too. Are you good with Murphy now?" She asked.

" I saw his dick, hard and everything. I sort of have to be good with him, don't I?" He asked. They chuckled together, hugging each other tightly. After a few minutes, Sean sighed then kissed the top of her head. " I think you guys are going to be fine. I think he's going fine."

" We are." She agreed.

" You better go, okay? I think you two have unfinished business." He said.

" Shut up!" Ariella said playfully as she pulled away from him. Sean just laughed.


" What did he say?" Murphy asked when she walked back into the apartment later that night.

" That we have unfinished business to attend too. Get in my room." She snapped, making him smile.

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