Chapter One, Recruitment

Bullets fly everywhere, hitting walls, behind some barricades there is four metropolice officers, Pinned down by the fire of seven rebels.

::"Cover me!" shouts , as he leaps over the barricade, drawing his shotgun, and firing at the rebels. The rebels fire rapidly at the officer, but his elite armour withstands the hits. The other three officers, one holding an MP8 standard issue SMG, another with a standard issue 9mm, and the last, a , holding an energy crossbow.

GHOST runs to a small concrete barrier, thick enough to withstand bullets, and short enough to fire from behind. GHOST puts his shotgun down and draws his MP8 from its sling, putting a small black clip into the bottom and cocking the gun.

The rebels continue to fire, but their lack of training gives the officers an advantage. GHOST pops up from behind the barrier and shoots at the rebels, one rebel is hit as blood splatters onto the ground, and onto the other rebels.

The rebels start to retreat, one by one after the first rebel was shot. The rebels only flee to find a flanking squad in front of them. As the rebels halt, the squad pull out their guns and mow down all the rebels, all that remains is a large pile of corpses with multiple bullet wounds, and blood staining their clothes.

The officers walks up to the flank team, exchanging small conversation, with the occasional "Nice shot!". GHOST pulls away from the group, taking check of his ammo and weapons, checking the bodies for ammunition and guns. Most of the guns are unusable, and the ammo is makeshift, not good enough for GHOST.

The next day back at the NEXUS, GHOST sits in his office, when an officer steps through the door, with another officer behind them.

" Five-Four-Three-Nine-Three." says the officer. "I am Seven-One-Eight-Six-Two.". The officer was quite tall, average build with a standard NOVA uniform, white shoulder, black Kevlar and sleeves, Black standard issue officer pants and NOVA armbands. "This NOVA unit has qualified for GHOST, are you accepting any more recruits?" asked .

GHOST thought for a moment, Did he need any more recruits? There weren't very man GHOST units, but then again, they were sort of in need. GHOST Nodded, and took out an armband, and some green pads and a GHOST Standard issue face mask "Unit, Apply."

"NOVA.03 One-Five-Nine-Eight-Two." Said the unit as the stepped out of the office. GHOST handed the mask and shoulder pads, along with the armband to the unit. "I now pronounce you GHOST.05 One-Five-Nine-Eight-Two." GHOST said with his strong vocoder. "Welcome to the team."