"Terrorism" (Unofficial Title) Movie Draft

Rating: PG-13

Genres: Action and Adventure

Chapter Characters

Warren Frost: Male, Caucasian, 15. Has shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, is moderately fit, and is about six feet tall.

Derek Connor: Male, African American, 15. Has buzz cut black hair, brown eyes, is partially muscular, and is about six feet, two inches tall.

Warren's Mother: Female, Caucasian, 37. She has short, wavy blonde hair, green eyes, is slightly chubby (due to being a stay at home mother), and is about five feet, eight inches tall.

Felicia Frost: Female, Caucasian, 12. She has long blonde hair, brown eyes, is skinny, and is about five feet, five inches tall.

Killer: Male, Latino, 43. Has short black hair, brown eyes, is muscular, and about six feet, five inches.

This is my story called Terrorism (Unofficial Title), I plan to send this to my agent but I don't want to send out crap. I am posting my story here so I can get reviews from the people and see if it is any good. If it isn't, then I will fix it until I can make it the best of the best. I know it's a lot to ask for but I want to try. Feel free to give me any kind of criticism you like because I want to make this better. So I will stop droning on and let you get to the story, enjoy!


(The story begins in suburbs Philadelphia, and focuses on the life of Warren Frost. It is July 1, 20_, and Warren is waking up and gets ready for the day.)

Warren Frost: Good Morning.

Warren's Morning: (Correcting)Good Afternoon.

Felicia Frost: Finally up? You missed breakfast and you didn't say goodbye to dad before he went to work.

Warren: It doesn't matter, I'll just grab something quick to eat because I gonna meet Derek at the park and play some basketball.

WM: Well be home by four o' clock because your father is bringing a client home from work.

Warren: Okay, I will. See ya!

WM: Bye!

(Warren grabs a basketball and walks over to his friend Derek's house.)

Derek Connor: Hey man, what's up!

Warren: Ready for some basketball?

Derek: I'm ready to kick your ass!

Warren: Shut up, and let's go!

Derek: Brian! Tell mom I'm leaving!

Derek's Mother: (Says something about hearing him, that he better not be home late because they're going on vacation soon)

Warren: Wait, what time do you need to be home by?

Derek: Our flight isn't until eight, so we got time.

Warren: Isn't that a bit late?

Derek: Yeah, but my mom said it was the earliest she could get for Fourth of July.

Warren: Lucky, I gotta be home by four.

Derek: Then let's go I'll race you there!

(They race each other to the park and when they arrive they begin playing basketball. After a while, Warren gets a call and they stop playing.)

Warren: Hold on Derek, I'm getting a call from my mom.

Derek: Hurry up, I'm not done winning!

Warren: Piss off! Don't think I'm finished yet!

(Warren answers phone)

WM: Warren, it's time to come home.

Warren: But Mom, I'm not done yet!

WM: Yes you are, it's time for dinner. You also need to clean up, your father is bringing home a client from work.

Warren: Fine, I'm coming home. (To Derek) Derek, I gotta go I'll see you tomorrow.

Derek: Don't you remember I'm going on vacation tomorrow for a month! Let's finish the game and you can go, you still need to beat me!

Warren: (Smiles) Fine, get ready to have your ass kicked!

(They play for awhile longer then Derek makes the winning shot to their game)

Derek: Yes! Ten to seven, I win! You put up a good fight there in the end see you in a month!

Warren: See ya! Oh shit, I was supposed to be home an hour ago! We're having a rematch when you come home from your vacation!

Derek: Yeah, I promise you we will! Now get out of here before you get grounded!

(Warren sprints home to find his front door wide open; he becomes suspicious and slowly enters the house)

Warren: Mom? Dad? The front door is open what's…

(He sees a trail of blood, leading to the living room that ends at his father with two bullets in his back and one in his head)

Warren: (Starts to cry) Dad, no!

(He hears footsteps going up stairs and then they stop)

Warren: Mom? Is that you?

(He walks upstairs, into his parents' bedroom to find his younger sister and mother dead)

Warren: Mom! Felicia!

(Young Warren drops to his knees and sobs, then a pistol is held t o the back of his head. He slowly turns around to see his family's killer.)

Warren: (crying) Are you going to kill me too, like you did to them?

(Young Warren and the killer's eyes meet, then the killer turns away in pity)

Killer: No, now get out of here before I change my mind. I'll be giving you a half hour to grab your things and run. I want you to disappear: no friends, no family or police.

(Warren runs without any second thoughts, and grabs everything he needs [clothes, backpack, money, and a sleeping bag] and runs out the front door. He makes it to Derek's house and begins to pound on the door.)

Warren: (partially crying) Derek! Derek open the door!

(Warren stops because he realizes that Derek has already left for his vacation)

Warren: (Panicking) No, no, no, no! Where can I go? I'm all alone!

(He walks to the city and prepares to go to the police. When he enters he runs to the desk and talks to the officer.)

Warren: Officer, you gotta help me my…

Killer: (turns around) Yes, boy what can I do to help you?

Warren: You!

Killer: (whispers) I told you not to come to the police, boy. Now get out of here before I call my "friends" to kill you when you leave this station. (talks normally) Get out of here! I don't need your harassment!

(Warren backs up slowly in fear as the killer waves at him. Warren bumps into a cop and then sprints out of the station.)

Warren: There's no one I can trust! Someone help!

Passerby: Shut up kid!

(Warren knows no one will help him so he runs. He begins to notice it's getting dark so he finds an alleyway, pulls out his sleeping bag and falls asleep. The next day Warren looks for a newspaper with news on his family. He finds one and its headline says that the police are investigating the murder and they looking for Warren.)

Warren: Maybe I can call the police and tell them!

Killer: (grabs newspaper) Ah, ah, ah, if I catch you doing that then there will be problems.

Warren: Why don't you just kill me then!?

Killer: Because, I think you will suffer more this way, and I will do everything in my power to stop you from being found, so don't even try.

(The killer walks away and Warren stands there in shock, not knowing what to do. Months later, the investigation for his family's death becomes a cold case and his family is prepared for burial in the Laurel Hill Cemetery. The killer allows Warren to see the burial from a distance, but keeps him from coming into contact with anyone there.)

Killer: Take one nice, long, look because this is the final symbol that shows your life will never be the same again.

Warren: (in tears) Goodbye Mom... Dad... Felicia…

(The killer pats Warren on the shoulder and walks off)