(Warren is in a suit, making his way out of the burning van and tries to find everyone. It's raining, with people in the street staring at him and calling the police on their phones. Warren can't find anyone and runs, the police pull up to the scene then chase him. They shoot him and hit him in the leg and back, Warren runs away from their sights and hops inside a dumpster. The police run by and don't bother to check the dumpster. Warren puts pressure on his leg to try to keep himself from bleeding out. After awhile, Warren starts to lose conciseness and blacks out. When he awakes, he's in a bed. A man in black clothes and a black mask is watching over him.)

Warren: Where am I!?

?: It's okay, you're in my apartment. I saved you from bleeding out.

Warren: Who are you, and where is my team?

?: You can call me Night, and they we're taken away by the police.

Warren: Well, I have to go save them!

(Warren tries to get up, but falls back in pain)

Night: You can't exactly go anywhere in your state and especially after what you did.

Warren: How long have I been out, and what did I do?

Night: You've been out for a week, don't you remember what happened?

(The scene changes to a flashback, that is right after they finished their mission.)

Anton: Go ahead and contact Jayde. Give her your Intel.

(Derek uploads the data and explains what happened)

Derek: The overseer came in a moment too soon, so we didn't get everything

Jayde: I see... Well, most of the Intel you gathered refers to something called "Operation: Cleansing"

Warren: Yeah, the overseer said something about "cleansing the world and only the pure will survive".

Jayde: Hmm, well we need to find out more about this. It looks like you guys are going to Beijing.

Derek: Why?

Jayde: It's the Decretum's central information outpost, and on top of that, it's a bank. So it looks like you guys are doing a bank heist.

Anton: Woo hoo! I haven't done one in years, let's go!

(The scene changes to the Bank of Beijing headquarters, the team rides up in the van and Jayde gives them a debriefing)

Jayde: Okay team, you will have to change into business suits for this mission. You each will have a briefcase inscribed with your name on it. Warren, your case will hold jammers all you need to do is place them inside the security suite and it will shut down the cameras, keep security from contacting each other, and keep the building from calling the police. Derek, you will have the equipment to hack their systems and obtain everything we need to know about Operation: Cleansing. Anton and Thomas, your briefcases will hold guns so you two will cause a distraction while Warren and Derek do their thing. Now, if you don't have any questions…

Thomas: Do you expect security to just sit there and let us shoot up the place? I don't feel like being shot.

Jayde: Don't worry Thomas; your suit has a lining of lead that should protect you.

Thomas: Should protect us?

Jayde: Don't worry you'll be fine, now don't waste time, suit up and begin your mission. Try to be careful and remember don't kill any innocents.

Anton: Don't worry Jayde, we'll be fine. (to the team) Now, we have to go in at different times so they don't suspect anything. Once we're all inside the building, Warren you will have to place the jammers while we cause a distraction. When that is done, Derek, you will go and hack their systems while everything is happening. Okay team, let's go.

(They grab their briefcases and each walk into the building at different times. Warren goes first, Derek is second, and Thomas and Anton come in last.)

Anton: (over communicator) We're all inside, Warren start making your way to the security suite and we'll distract everyone.

(Warren makes his way through the building and into the security suite. When he arrives he hits the guards unconscious. Warren goes to the computers and opens his case but he realizes that he has Thomas's case. The scene changes to Thomas and Anton in the lobby. Anton pulls out his gun and begins the distraction.)

Anton: Everybody get down on the ground! As long as nobody moves, no one will get hurt.

Warren: (over communicator) Anton, we have a little set back, Gemini took my case and he has the jammers.

Anton: Shit, Gemini, what the hell!

Thomas: What did I do!?

Anton: You took the wrong case and now…

Police Officer: Put your hands up we have the place surrounded!

Anton: Warren, get Derek out of here, Gemini and I will grab the van!

Man: Not so fast, (pulls out a gun) you're not going anywhere! (lunges at Anton and has him shoot the man) Decretum says hello…

(The man falls dead on the ground and a timer begins on his chest)

Anton: Warren, you better hurry because we have a dead Decretum agent over here.

Warren: Got I'll meet you at the van!

(Warren grabs the gun out of the case and sprints through the halls to find Derek)

Warren: Derek, we need to go this whole mission is a failure!

Derek: But I'm didn't even begin to hack the…

Warren: There's no time for that we need to go now, there's a dead Decretum agent in the building!

(Warren and Derek make their way through the halls, shooting any police officer or guard in their way. They make it to the van and they speed out of the area. As they are leaving the area, the bomb explodes and cops begin to chase the team.)

Derek: Do they all have bombs in their chests!?

Anton: Yes, it's their way of making sure no one escapes, clean up their messes, and cover their tracks! The man you had me kill him must have been a suicide agent, so we could be framed on camera and maybe go down with him.

Warren: That explosion seemed bigger, are they using bigger bombs or something!?

Anton: I don't know, but this is fun isn't it!?

Thomas: Keep your eyes on the road, Russian; we don't need to get in a car crash!

Anton: Ah piss off, congressman, it's your fault we're in this situation!

(A car comes speeding down the road and closes in on the van. A man comes out of the vehicle and fires a missile at the van and it goes flying through the air. The scene changes back to Warren back in the apartment, but now at a table eating some food with Night.)

Warren: All I really remember is that we came to Beijing to find out the details of Operation: Cleansing.

Night: Did you find out what Operation: Cleansing was?

Warren: No, we were attacked before we even made it to the computers. It was like they knew we were coming...

Night: Well you and your team are all over the news.

(He turns on the T.V. and switches to the news)

Reporter: (Translated in subtitles, but woman speaks Chinese.) We are live at the scene, where the terrorists, Revolution, attacked the Bank of Beijing Headquarters. They planted a bomb inside the building that killed most of the employees and demolished the building. Three of the four members that were a part of this attack were captured and are awaiting execution...

Warren: Execution!? Knight, we need to go now. I don't care what my condition is; we need to stop them from being executed!

Night: Fine, you can use the spare armor that's in my room; once you're ready, we can go.

(Warren suits up into the same clothes as Night has, but without the mask.)

Warren: Do you have a communicator of some sort? I need to contact my headquarters to let them know what's up.

Night: (Hands him an in-ear communicator) Here take this.

Warren: Thanks, now just let me calibrate it to the right frequency and there! Jayde can you read me?

Jayde: Warren, thank God you're alright! Where have you been, I've been trying to contact you for the past week!

Warren: I'm still in Beijing, the mission was a bust and the team has been captured, but I'm going to get them back.

Jayde: Oh no… I trust that you will save them, just promise that you'll bring Anton back alive.

Warren: I promise. (To Night) Okay, I'm ready.

Night: We'll take my car and don't worry about weapons, I got some.

(Warren gets into Night's sports car and they speed down the road to the police headquarters. They pull up to the headquarters and Night gets out and opens the trunk. Warren follows him and stares in awe at the weapons.)

Warren: Whoa, where did you get these?

Night: Comes with the job.

Warren: What job? Because I'm missing out!

Night: Sorry, that's classified.

(Night grabs the RPG and fires it at the front door. Smoke fills the area and when it disappears Night is gone. Police swarm at Warren, and he dives behind the car. Night sneaks behind the cops and kills them.)

Warren: What the hell!? Way to leave me alone!

Night: I needed someone to distract the guards, don't worry I have your back from now on.

(Night runs off and disappears into the building. Warren runs inside the building with the alarms going off and cops in frenzy. He goes into the shadows and after awhile the alarms die down and Night is on the loudspeaker.)

Night: (Over loudspeaker) The threat has been neutralized, please report home and everything will be fixed in the morning.

(The cops look confused, but shrug it off and leave. Night then appears in front of Warren.)

Warren: Thanks.

Night: No problem, but this didn't stop the execution it only postponed it, let's go.

(Night and Warren look for the team, but find nothing.)

Warren: (Points at Security Camera) There! They are being lined up on a wall for execution!

(Night and Warren rush outside and kill the executioners.)

Warren: Guys it's alright, I'm here to help you.

(Warren and Night take off the blindfolds and untie the team.)

Thomas: About time you got here, we were about to be killed!

Derek: Are you ever happy Gemini?

Anton: Not to ruin your little chat, but I'm sort of bleeding out over here!

Warren: Knight, do you have any medical supplies?

Night: Yeah, take my medical kit.

Derek: That voice, it sounds familiar... Brian is that you?

(Night faces Derek and takes off his mask)

Derek: Oh my God! Brian it's you! (Hugs Brian)

Brian Conner: Yes, it's me. When I found out that it was you that was captured, I saved your friend. Then, we worked together to save you.

Derek: But where have you been all this time?

Brian: It's a long story, but we need to get out of here. I promise I will explain everything on the ride out of here.

(The scene changes to the team inside a new van filled with equipment, traveling down a highway)

Anton: Brian, can you give me a communicator, I need to contact our headquarters and give them a debriefing of what happened.

Brian: Here, it's my last one.

Anton: Thank you, my friend.

(The scene begins to focus on Derek and Brian explaining what happened)

Derek: So you said you were going to explain what is going on?

Brian: Well, after I was kidnapped, I spent two weeks being shipped from location to location. During my third week, a man came in, killed all the soldiers and freed me. I asked him who he was and he said he was a Dynasty Assassin. He could see that I was ashamed of being captured and asked me if I wanted to join.

Derek: And you said yes?

Brian: Obviously, I've been training with them for the past three years. So, how did you get involved with Revolution?

Derek: Well that was basically Warren's fault.

Warren: Hey!

Brian: (Laughs) You two have been getting in trouble together ever since you met. Exactly how did you get stuck in the middle of Revolution's business?

Derek: I went to go visit Warren at his court sentence. After it finished, we were told that we were being attacked. Warren and I made a break for it, but it didn't end well. When we woke up, we were in some sort of jail. Warren broke us out and then he told us how he messed with a secret organization's plans. We ended up traveling the desert only to be attacked by the organization and we were saved by Revolution. Then, we ended up joining them, because they promised to keep us safe.

Brian: Hmm, I heard about that Philadelphia incident, but who's this secret organization.

Warren: Their name is Decretum, they are hidden everywhere and that's why

Revolution has been claimed a terrorist organization.

Brian: Interesting, well get some rest, because tomorrow you're going to meet my master.