Maka walked into her apartment and slammed the door shut. Her bunny ears flopped with every step that she took, as did her puffy rabbit tail. Her shoes were soon off of her feet and next to the door.

Yellow cat eyes in the kitchen blinked twice with curiosity.

"Maka? You're back already?" Blair asked.

Maka saw that Blair was wearing nothing but a damp bath towel. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll just go to my room-"

"Aw, Maka, you know it's okay to see me like this~" Blair said shamelessly. "But if you prefer me to wear clothes, I can do that for you."

With a poof of purple smoke, Blair was wearing her normal work outfit. "So, why are you back so early? I thought you were excited about that Halloween party."

The pigtailed meister walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. She put her head down and sighed. "I was."

Blair sat down next to Maka and started to paw at her bunny ears, though she was in human form. Blair naturally has childish, cat-like quirks and will often paw at things even when she's not in cat form.

She giggled delightedly and her cat tail uncoiled and wagged. "I still can't get over how cute you look as a little white rabbit!"

Maka stayed quiet.

Blair tilted her head. "You seem upset. Did something happen?"

"Well, nothing out of the ordinary happened," Maka answered. She turned her head and eyed the cat-witch sitting next to her. "Why did you change into your work outfit? Isn't Chupa Cabra's closed now?"

"It's only midnight, dear. It's open until much later than that. But I have the night off! I just like wearing this. It's cute, don't you think?"

Maka hesitantly nodded. "I don't think 'cute' is the word…"

"You have the night off, too, so why are you here? Wasn't the party any fun?"

Maka slowly scanned Blair's body and studied every detail: the super short spandex shorts that showed off her long legs and full thighs, the bra-like top that barely covers her large breasts, and her long, feminine fingers and shiny purple hair. Every feature was flawless. It made Maka hide her face in her arms again, almost in shame.

"No, it wasn't." she finally answered.

"Oh? Why not? You looked fairly happy when you left with Soul and all the other girls." Blair set her hand atop Maka's head. "You could barely sit still while I tied these white bows onto your pigtails. Did Kid and Black Star fail to show up, or something?"

"No, they were there. But I don't see why you think their absence would upset me."

Blair scratched her temple. "Then did something happen to your costume?"

She observed Maka's clothes. Her eyes scanned every inch of Maka's costume - her short, fluffy white dress and white tights with matching accessories. Blair took this moment to notice just how... sexy Maka looked. The ends of her silky pigtails were draped over her thin shoulders and barely touching the V's of her collarbone. Big white bows were wrapped around each thin hair tie holding her pigtails up and her viridian eyes were so beautifully conspicuous. All of these observations made Blair feel more anxious than usual.

"I don't see any spills or rips on your tights or anything," Blair said softly, still staring at more than just the outfit.

"Nothing bad happened to my costume," Maka said. "You don't need to worry about this, Blair. Like I said, it's nothing out of the ordinary."

Blair's cat ears lowered in sadness. But they quickly perked back up. "Oh, I know! Would you like some food? I can fry up some fish for you!"

The thought of Blair's cooking, which was basically burnt fish flying across the kitchen and crashing into things, made Maka slightly sick to her stomach. "Honestly, that's the last thing I need right now."

Blair's cat ears drooped again. "Then what can Blair do? I don't like seeing you like this. It's weird."

Maka lifted her head up. "How is it weird?"

"Well, usually you're studying or picking up the house while yelling at Soul to clean up more often. You also yell at me a lot, too. You tell me to put more clothes on or scold me into doing more polite, conservative things. You have an officious personality, so seeing you all sad and quiet like this is confusing!"

Silence. Sweat arose on Blair's brow when she saw a vein pulse at Maka's temple. But then Maka stood up. "I'm going to take a shower," she said.

Blair happily sprung to her feet. "Oh, may I join?!"

Startled, Maka jumped back a little in fright. "N-no, why on Earth would you do that? Didn't you already take one before I got here?"

"No, I took a bubble bath, not a shower!"

Maka rolled her eyes. "It's still bathing!"

"Well, there's no such thing as bathing too much, silly girl~"

Maka walked past her. "We've never even showered together before. I've actually never showered with anyone before, so why would you even ask such a ridiculous question?"

"It's not ridiculous!" Blair whined. "Why don't you want to take a shower with me? We're both girls, so there shouldn't be a problem."

Maka went over to the front door and retrieved her shoes. Before she headed down the hallway, she glared at the cat-witch. "I'm not showering with you. So, don't follow me or try anything funny."

Blair pouted. "Then at least tell Blair what's wrong?"

"It's nothing!" Maka replied. "I just want to take a shower and relax, is that too weird? It's nice not having Soul around and it's nice to not be the one hosting a get-together or a party. I'm just really stressed out right now and I want to be left alone."

"Meow…" Blair whispered faintly. She watched Maka stomp away into her bedroom. The door slammed shut. "What's got her so angry?"

More silence hovered in the atmosphere. After a few minutes, Blair heard Maka's shower running. She shuffled her feet and looked around for something to preoccupy herself with. Over on the sofa, Maka had left her coat. Blair inched over to it and picked it up.

Maka's scent was all over it and Blair was always secretly fond of her smell. She brought the black fabric up to her nose and a cute smile appeared on her face like a cat with catnip. Maka always had the scent of freshness with a hint of strawberry and vanilla – a scent that intrigued Blair to a great degree. Often times she would even roll around in Maka's clothes while she was in cat form, so sniffing her coat was nothing new.

Maka stepped into her shower stall and sighed with relief when the hot water doused her body. Her hair darkened and lengthened, covering her collarbone and barely reaching down to her small breasts. She looked down sadly at her flat, skinny body that lacked the feminine features she desired. She disliked her body. Usually she didn't think too much of it, but whenever she was reminded of how thin and flat-chested she is, it really hit her hard. Her lanky legs and knobby knees are clearly visible from her angle, and the thought of it all made her feel a mix of negative emotions.

Her mind rewound all the way back to when she first met Blair. Even though Soul was only pretending to leave Maka for Blair during that battle long ago, Maka couldn't help but feel like it was real – or rather, she couldn't help but feel like something like that could actually happen if or when she gets a boyfriend. What would she do if that truly happened to her?

She then wondered if that's how her mother felt about Spirit when they first got married. Just another reason to hate her father.

She pushed the subject away.

'What does Blair have that I don't have, besides a different body type?' she thought.

Maka took her bottle of shampoo and squeezed the cold ooze onto her head and lathered it in her hair. The aroma of strawberries soon erupted from her shower stall and lingered within the steam of the dampening bathroom.

'Could it be the way she acts? I admit that she's fun and always very energetic and high-spirited, but she's almost childish. Oblivious. Maybe guys like a seductive girl with the attitude of an eight-year-old?'

She rinsed the suds out of her hair in mental silence, and then started to feel a hint of guilt.

'I shouldn't think so badly about Blair. It's not like she's done anything to hurt me, aside from the battle we had, but I was the one who initiated that. Just because she's obnoxious and doesn't have much common sense, doesn't mean she's a bad person overall. Right?'

She put some conditioner in her hand.

'She's just a woman who loves her body. Even though society would label her a slut or some kind of whore for flaunting herself, is she really either of those things?

No, of course not.'

Maka let her hair marinate in the conditioner. She poured some of her body wash onto her washcloth and began to scrub her shoulders.

'It's not like she has sex with every person she meets. She's just a tease. She taunts them with her provocative clothing for fun and laughs, like someone teasing a cat with a string. I guess the reactions from her audience feed her self-esteem. Could that be why she's like that?

Or is she just trying to promote body-positivity through example? If that's the case, she sure is forceful about it.'

Maka sighed. "I'm getting off topic here," she muttered to herself.

She combed her fingers through her wet, conditioned hair and rinsed herself off. After some time went by, she was done showering.

Meanwhile, Blair quietly snuck into Maka's bedroom. Lucky for her, the door was unlocked.

Maka's room was filled to the brim with her scent and Blair basked in it while she went over and put Maka's coat on her desk. She then stood in front of the bathroom door and felt the heat of the steam gushing out from underneath it. She tried the door handle and it, too, was unlocked. Her tail wagged mischievously.

"Hmm, Maka's naked in there right now, right? I wonder if she'd feel more comfortable if I was naked, too?" Blair asked herself.

After some more pondering, she pointed her finger at herself and swayed it. "Pump-pumpkin, pump-pumpkin..." she whispered. Another purple cloud erupted from her feet and enveloped her body. When the smoke faded, her clothes were gone and she was fully nude.

Swiftly, she opened the door and a huge cloud of steam flew out of the doorway and into the bedroom. The purple-haired woman shut the door behind her and the thick, heavy smell of Maka's strawberry shampoo and soap flooded her nostrils.

"B-Blair, what're you doing in here?!" Maka shouted, quickly wrapping her wet body up with her bath towel.

Blair made her hand into a fist and brought it up to her face, imitating a cat paw. "I just followed the white rabbit!"

A pulsing vein returned to Maka's temple. She recognized the Alice in Wonderland reference, but she wasn't at all thrilled by it. "I told you not to follow me!"

"B-but it was so tempting," Blair said innocently.

"Get out of here!"

"No! C'mon, Maka, let's just have a girls' night and have fun! Play with me~!"

Maka glared at her again. That's when Blair hyped down and noticed that Maka's eyes were kind of red and puffy. Maka faced away again and sniffled, holding her towel as close to her body as she can possibly get it.

"Maka?" Blair asked with concern. "Are you crying?"

"Just leave me alone," Maka said, facing down. "Maybe later we can hang out. Just not now."

Blair immediately disobeyed and walked right up to Maka, standing in front of her and bending forward so that she could look Maka right in the eye. The blonde shuddered at Blair's close presence and swerved her arm around to defend herself, but Blair's quick reflexes made the attempt fail and work to her own advantage. She had Maka's wrist in her grasp.

"I've got you now~!"

"Let go of me!" Maka yelled.

Blair tightened her grip. "Maka, you're crying. Please tell me what's wrong?" she asked, sounding unusually serious to Maka's surprise. But then her chipper personality resurrected. "It's okay to tell me things! I bet venting will make you feel a lot better! I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to."

A moment of silence, and Maka sighed. "You're really stubborn."

Blair leaned in unannounced and licked one of Maka's tears right off her cheek. Maka's face flushed pink and she jumped back so far that her back hit the wall behind her. She held her cheek and began to yell in fury.

"What was that for?!" Maka shouted, her teeth practically fangs. "Why did you lick me?!"

Blair giggled. "You had a tear on your face, silly!"

"That doesn't mean lick it off with your tongue!"

"Well, what else could I have used?"

Maka thought about it for a second. "You could've wiped it with your hand, or something."

"Aw, but that's no fun!"

Maka grew angry again. "Don't lick my face!"

"Well, what can I lick then?"

The blush grew heavier. "Blair, I swear to God."

A wink. "C'mon, it's not like I bit you~"

The flustered meister ruffled her bangs irritably. "Look, the reason why I'm upset is… is because…"

Blair tilted her head and stared at Maka while she struggled to share her problem. Within the silence, the hovering steam formed many tiny droplets along their skin, making them practically sparkle.

Maka looked down. "My body…" she mumbled.

"Your body? What about it?" Blair asked, looking at Maka's thin frame hidden under the fluffy, white towel.

Maka shifted her feet awkwardly. "It's not… attractive…"

Blair crossed her arms. "What? And who said that to you?"

"Soul and Black Star," Maka murmured. "They said an attractive woman's body is supposed to look like yours, not like mine."

Blair shook her head in disapproval. "They're wrong. You have a great little body, Maka!"

Maka, still surprised to hear Blair talking like this, looked up at her with wide, swollen eyes. "You really think so? I mean, your body is a lot better than mine and," she paused. "I told you it was nothing abnormal... Soul is always comparing me to you and-"

Blair closed in on Maka, pressing her large breasts against her chest and grabbing her wrists, pinning them to the wall. The towel fell to the floor. Maka turned beet-red from head to toe.

"Blair! What the hell?!"

She tried to squirm her way out of Blair's control, desperately keeping her legs closed and feeling self-conscious about her breasts being exposed. "Wh-what are you doing? Let me go!"

Blair cleverly used a single hand to keep Maka's wrists pinned above her head. She used her free hand to press her forefinger against Maka's lips.

"Hush," Blair said. "You yell too much."

Maka averted her eyes, a blush still staining her face. Blair's gaze slowly crawled up the image of the meister before her once again. She admired Maka's wheat-colored shower hair, the faint curves of her small body, how freshly shaven she is and how cute and perky her little breasts are. Maka could feel Blair staring and she closed her eyes uncomfortably.

Blair giggled. "Well, well, who ever would've thought that you have a bashful side?"

"Don't you dare laugh at me," Maka warned, her tone a bit poisonous.

Blair removed her forefinger and lifted Maka's chin up so that they were eye to eye. She gave her an encouraging smile. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with your body, Maka~"

"Please don't take pity on me. You know my body isn't nearly as attractive as yours," Maka said sadly. "People hit on you all the time. You're everything every guy wants. You don't have to worry about being unattractive. Even if someone called you ugly, 99% of the human population would come to your defense."

Blair pressed her finger against Maka's lips again. "Stop that. You're being so negative! Not all guys like curvy girls. I know my body type is ideal for most men, but you know what? All girls are beautiful! Plump, skinny, short, tall – even cute little flat-chested girls like you!"

Maka sulked. "You didn't have to say it like that…"

"Maka, you're a darling girl!" Blair continued. "You may be rowdy and unapproachable sometimes, but overall, you're a very brave and strong young lady! You're smart, you're talented, you're cute – you have a lot going for you already! I don't understand why you don't think you're attractive!"

Maka was momentarily overwhelmed by the strange wave of compliments. She wasn't used to being complimented by anyone other than her parents. Most of the time, she was being outshined by all of her friends.

But then she looked down at her small breasts being smushed by Blair's large, intimidating breasts. Her abashed feeling returned.

"It's because I'm a plank. I have no hips, no curves, no boobs and-"

Maka was cut off when she was suddenly in a lip-lock with the beautiful, voluptuous woman.

She froze.

Blair pressed her whole body against her, pinning her closer to the wall. Maka's hands were still pinned above her head as their damp bodies began to rub against each other's skin. Maka's eyes closed and her stomach fluttered when she found herself starting to kiss back. Her eyelashes were still wet and dark like the nighttime sky and her tears like the shining stars. Blair gently bit Maka's bottom lip, sending strange, unfamiliar tingles throughout the meister's body. Maka didn't want to resist. The more they kissed, the less angry she became.

Blair pulled her mouth away just enough so that their lips were barely touching. "You have lovely lips, Maka," she whispered. "Such a cute mouth~"

Maka opened her eyes into slits. "Why did you do that..?"

Before her question was answered, her breast was groped by Blair's mischievous hand. Maka's eyes shot open and her first instinct was to protest. "H-hey!"

"I did it because I wanted to!" Blair said happily.

Maka's eyes grew heavy again and she started to squirm in delight as Blair carefully massaged her small, sensitive breast. Her hand movements got a bit rougher. Maka's pink nipple soon became hard in between Blair's middle finger and ring finger.

"Just because your breasts are small, doesn't mean they're unattractive~" Blair said. "They're actually quite nice."

Maka tried to keep her composure but she was failing under the influence of this spontaneous stimulation. Blair started to grope her opposite breast as well, caressing and massaging both of them with her skilled, feminine hands. She leaned in and whispered into Maka's ear. "You really are a beautiful, attractive girl, my darling little Maka~"

Maka's heavy eyelids became slightly lighter. "But-"

"No, no," Blair interrupted. "Bad girl~"

Blair reached behind Maka and spanked her hard, groping the stinging flesh soon after. A shocked yelp escaped Maka's lips. Blair tightened her grip and bit Maka's earlobe.


Maka whimpered as Blair sensually trailed her tongue up from Maka's earlobe to the top of her ear, biting again when she reached the top. The innocent meister quaked.

"Maka, your face is all red," Blair pointed out. She removed her hand from Maka's bottom and cupped her face. Her cheeks were so warm.

Staring at Blair's moist lips made Maka even more bashful. It was irritating to her how sheepish she was feeling. Usually Maka kept a strong, dominating exterior. It was weird to be overpowered like this. But Blair's aura was so deliciously pressuring. Her silky, beige skin seemed to be calling out to her. Blair was just so touchable-looking.

But the thought of being with another woman struck her. Was all of this wrong?

No, things like this are never wrong.

Maka is extremely accepting deep down, so the idea of two girls getting intimate never really bothered her, but she never knew that she would experience it personally. Especially with the other woman being the very person her weapon partner always compared her to. Blair is the girl Maka was always secretly jealous of. Why her?

"Do you want me to stop?" Blair asked teasingly, circling a finger around Maka's perky pink nipple.

Maka gulped. Regardless of the circumstances and questions surrounding this situation, Maka started to feel a deep throb start to pound within her. Her body ached for more.

Crossing the first threshold, she answered.


Blair freed her from her grasp. She reached over to the sink and grabbed Maka's bunny ears and put them back on top of her head. Blair then gestured her with her finger in the most enticing of ways, showing Maka a smug smile and hungry eyes.

"Then it's time for the white rabbit to follow the black cat."

Blair seductive voice left Maka speechless. Suddenly the Alice in Wonderland jokes weren't so irritating anymore. But the look on Maka's face made Blair childishly infatuated once again.

"You're so cute~!" She hugged Maka's face and wiggled around in a happy frenzy. Maka's hair stood on end while she suffocated within Blair's large, pillowy breasts.

"Let me go, I can't breathe!" Her voice was so muffled that it wasn't even understandable.

Maka felt herself being swept away into her bedroom and before she knew it, she was pinned down on her bed, underneath Blair.