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I told you this would be short. This is just to lead it up to the next chapter.


CaptainAwsum9999-AdSpace: Well, I guess everyone has different tastes… But seriously, Dark Souls II just freakin rocks! It's tough, it's epic, it's everything I want in a video game, although getting stuck can be frustrating… The Tower of Flame, man. I never saw anything so beautiful on screen.

"One more off topic thing. Christians against Video Games. On Facebook. It bugs the crap out of me."

Okay, just take my advice for this topic… Ignore crap like that… They can't set standards what people should or should not do, only the Holy Spirit can do that. Technically God.

When these people post stuff like that, it smudges the image for the rest of us Christians. A true Christian would share the love of Christ with the rest of the world, and spread the gospel of Jesus and what he did at the Cross… Not get on face book and rant about how wicked the world is. It's bad for everyone.

Take this for example. If I were to go on facebook and create a board about how it's wrong it is to watch Harry Potter and rant about it promoting witch craft and demonic worship (Just an example now, not literal!), and everyone knows on there that I'm a Christian. About 90% of viewers would look at that and think, "Well, that's just Christians being intolerant brainwashed radicals." Because people have different opinions. Not only have I set a bad example of what a Christian should be, but I've caused my brothers to stumble as well. The next time someone tries to pose something about Jesus, those viewers will view it and think, "Well, that's just Christians being intolerant brainwashed radicals." Because they have already established what a Christian is in their own minds

It's states in the bible that Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs… If you're a believer trying to spread the gospel, I'm sure you must have had bad experiences. There are several reasons for being persecuted too, mainly because we don't agree what the world agrees. We hold on to our moral values while the world constantly changes there's. We pray and read the bible to establish what's right and wrong, the world establishes what they think is right and wrong. We offer love, the world offers pleasure. We are at peace with God, while the world is constantly at war with him… Because of this, the world hates us. Now, sometimes we can convince people that belong to the world to become one of us, to ask Christ for forgiveness and become at peace with the Lord, so that after death or rapture, they will for eternally live and reign with him.

People that posts, "Christians against video games" is making that difficult! When we truly set forth an example and witness, hardly do they think, "Wow, they seem so happy and nice. I wonder what they have." They now think, "Well, that's just Christians being intolerant brainwashed radicals."

I going on about this longer than I should.

Well, let me spit this out real quick so I can work on the next one.

As soon as Sonic heard Robotnik call out the name of the captain, he, as well as everyone else, felt their hearts dropped.

"Shining Armor?" Sonic asked, keeping his voice steady.

Robotnik tried to keep his smile from returning, "Yes, Sonic… Look behind me, and peer into those blood shot eyes. They've been becoming more cracked by each passing hour. My robots never blink, and so shouldn't he. He had to watch as I give the chip inside of his head the command to fire at his own comrades. It's a shame I, or rather he, didn't claim any kills yet."

Sonic could feel his own anger boiling inside his head. Even with all the power he has, a power that can deny death himself, could do nothing. He forced himself to keep calm, he didn't want to give this monster the pleasure of watching him blow his temper. The four mares beside him was still in moral shock, still refusing to believe that Shining Armor was in that robotic suit… Suffering.

"Now to be honest," Robotnik sighed, "I don't personally enjoy watching my subjects suffer, it's only necessary to make my machines work. Pain is something easy to forget, and the animals that do survive being stuffed in a machine live on their daily lives." Finally, he felt his smile returning, "But I took my time with this cocky stallion. If only you all could hear his screams."

Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy closed their eyes to hold in their tempers. Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity were shaking their heads in denial, with tears forming in their eyes as the thought of Twilight's only brother being trapped in that thing.

"But I'll be willing to let him go," He said, "Out of that terrible robotic suit for one thing in return."

He paused, hoping to make some kind of dramatic effect as the others listened intensely. Their ears dropped when they heard his answer.

"I want the Elements of Harmony, all six of the artifacts lined up in front of my screen... Or-"

Their ears picked up again.

"Either Princess Celestia or Luna. Offer either of these two things and I will release the captain from the machine... I can't guarantee that he'll be out of there in one peace, but this is the only chance of saving him; right?"

Sonic already felt screaming 'no' as soon as he made his terms, but he was fast to hold in his tongue. He didn't know what the others were thinking, but he highly doubted that they would even dream of handing their beloved princesses to this monster.

"How can we trust you!?" Rarity suddenly shouted, "You'll probably blow up this city anyways!"

He chuckled, "Well, I don't want to blow up anything if I can put them to good use. What kind of good would the Elements of Harmony be if they're disintegrated? Of course, I sure wouldn't mind killing the princesses and you mares in the process," He continued, "If no deal is made, I'll send Shinny here on a rampage, killing whatever comes across his way until you give me either thing." He held the button up, "I surely wouldn't mind you bunch fighting him, but don't dare restrain him… I'll give you all five minutes to decide."

They pulled back a good distance away from the machine so they could talk in private. Everyone were pretty much thinking the same thing. The elements of Harmony were too important to give up and they were not going to give either princess to them. Sonic and his two friends were thankful that Luna was away tending to other duties… She probably would have given herself to him out of selflessness.

"Wer' not givin' that monster nothin'!" Applejack harshly whispered, "Any ideas?"

"I don't know what else he'll be interested in," Sonic mumbled, "He's pushed us in a corner and he knows it."

"Um… Sonic," Fluttershy silently mumbled. She was quiet, but they were so close together that she was clearly heard, "You have the emeralds, don't you? Can't you do anything?"

"If I knew where he was at I would fly straight up and dive bomb straight at his headquarters before he could blink," Sonic sighed, "But I don't. If I were to fly away to look for him, he'll know something is up and blow up this capital without a second thought."

"We need a counter offer," Amy said, "Is there anything we can give him?"

"The emeralds?" Rarity suggested, "Probably three or four of them for Shining's life?"

"I'm not doing that," Sonic quickly answered, "Giving him just one cause so much trouble."

"What else do we have?" Knuckles asked him, "He's going to turn the captain against us if we refuse. I don't want to be the one to confront Twilight about that. Would you?"

Thank Chaos she's not seeing this, Amy thought.

"I can easily buff his attacks away from the buildings and bystanders," Sonic said, "But that'll get us nowhere."

Amy then thought of something that immediately made her shutter. She knew the ponies would never agree with it, but this option would deny Eggman of any power. She didn't even know if it would even be worth it.

"We could sacrifice him," Amy hesitantly mumbled.

The ponies instantly shot their heads to her with wide mortified eyes.

"How could you even suggest such a thing!" Rarity almost shouted.

Her suggestion didn't earn that much approval from the others either.

"It… Would be what he wanted." She finished lowly.

Sonic took in a deep breath. Sacrificing someone was no light matter, no matter what was on the table. Sonic himself would be the only one who can zip him out of range before it could explode in the capital.

"Girls," He called to the mares, knowing exactly what they were thinking, "Shining Amour has sworn to protect this kingdom with his very life. I can carry him way out of range before Eggman would have the chance to react."

Applejack stuttered, with the feeling of lost already sinking in, "But-"

"This is the only way to make sure no one else gets hurt and Eggman gets nothing," Knuckles said, "If you have any better ide-" He suddenly noticed something off as he raised his head, "Where's Pinkie?"

The others quickly looked at each other and suddenly noticed that the pink pony was nowhere near the circle. Then they quickly glanced around the surroundings, and immediately found her standing right in front of the screen, staring behind Eggman in awe at the flashing lights from the small screens behind him.

"aaaahhhh, so many pretty colors," She reared up and placed her front hooves on the screen, completely blocking Eggman's view.

"Hey, get off!" He shouted, "This is no toy!"

She began knocking on the glass screen like a door, "What is this invisible field blocking me?" She proceeded to knock harder until a small crack formed.

"QUIT IT!" He roared.

Her hair deflated a little bit as she lay her hooves back down, "Aw, but it looks so fun in there."

"I'll beam you over here if you don't stop this nonsense!" Robotnik threatened, "I'll have you screaming for mercy with the things I have planned for the princesses."

"Pinkie!" The mares and the others shouted, "Get away from him!"

Her eyes widen in sudden curiosity, "oooo. What kind of things?"

"Terrible things," He growled, "The kind of fun Shining Armor had when-"

"FUN!?" Pinkie shouted in a high pitched voice, everyone cringe, "Can I come? Please? prettyptrettyptrettyptrettyprettyprettypleas-"

A small beam suddenly shot from the screen and struck the pink mare on the chest. An aurora surrounded her, and disappeared before anyone had time to blink. A very relieved Robotnik confronted them as he adjusted his glasses, putting his blank stare back on his face.

"I guess another pony unit would only help the cause," He sniffed, "For that little display, I'm going to send that robot into attack. When you kill him off, I'll send her in next so we can try this again!" He began pressing a series of buttons in front of him, mumbling curses under his breath, "I'm going to enjoy watching this." They heard him say.

Author's notes

Like I said, a short chapter.

Deadline: I'm hoping two weeks. This was a couple of days late, but that's better than a month.

See everyone then.


Go to the ant, you sluggard: consider her ways, and be wise: which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provides her meat in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest. How long will you sleep, O sluggard? When will you arise out of your sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: so shall your poverty come as one who travels, and your want as an armed man.

Proverbs 6: 6-11