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Clove knows he's going out to the bar with the guys. She kisses him and smirks, grabbing their three month old daughter, Nike (the Greek goddess of victory, not the shoe). But what he doesn't know is that she invited the girls over. After all, she needs to loosen up.

She runs to get the door, Nike on her hip. At the door are Katniss, Glimmer, Johanna, Annie, and Rue.

She grins and welcomes them in, pulling out the drinks. Katniss starts up the chit-chat, coolly stating, "Peeta's been looking forward to this all night, but what he doesn't know that I gave the kids to my mom and I'm here." They all smirk and pass the drinks.

"You guys brought your weapons?" They all nod and she smirks. Johanna grins, "We're ready to scare the crap out of them when they come home." They've been planning this for months. The guys go out to drink and make themselves look like fools, she invites the girls over and they launch a surprise attack on the guys. They all grin as she asks Nike if she's excited for tonight and she nods her head,"Yes,Momma."

They come home at eleven, Nike's asleep, and they're pumped. They giggle as she cuts out the lights and they position themselves outside, all hidden well in a clump of shrubbery. Her heart pounds as she whispers, "One." They smirk and ready their weapons as she says, "Two." They unlock the door and she whispers so quietly that only they can hear it, "Three." Then, they strike.

First, it's Johanna's ax. The guys stagger backward and she can't help but giggle as Cato screams, "What the crap was that?!" Then, Glimmer shoots an arrow out of her crossbow. Marvel jumps and he whispers something to the guys that they can't make out. She grins,whispering to the girls, " Ready or not,here I come,Cato." Then she throws a knife, then another.

They seem bored with this by now, but they're not. "Clove, what the hell?" She rolls her eyes and grins as Katniss shoots an arrow. Peeta just grins. "Katniss, come out." She giggles and Rue shoots a pretty large rock at Thresh, smirking as he staggers backwards. The only guy who hasn't moved is Finnick. Annie smirks, whispering her plan. "We all throw or shoot or whatever on three. One,two,three!" They all launch and burst into laughter as Finnick screams like a girl.

They don't care that they get themselves caught. They all grin as the guys (lead by Cato), crash into the bushes. They all burst into laughter as Peeta frowns at Katniss. "Jesus,Katniss, you scared me!" Annie rolls her eyes and grins,saying teasingly," I think we scared Finnick the most." He blushes and hits her playfully. She smirks, "Who knew, Finnick Odair screams like an eight year old schoolgirl." Cato grins as Finnick tells her," You would've pissed your pants." She rolls her eyes and they all head home.

As the group walks away, and Cato pins her against a wall, smirking, she just rolls her eyes and pushes him away,about to tell him, "Save it for later." But Finnick beats her to it. "You two don't even start with that, we're not even gone yet!" She grins and he tells Finnick, "Yeah,like you and Annie don't do the same thing!"

When they head inside and she's taken a shower and is getting ready for bed, she grins as he locks the door behind him and smirks down at her. "Now we can start with that,hmm?" She rolls her eyes and flicks off the light. "Yeah, now we can start that." And so, they end their day tangled up in bed sheets and happy as hell with that arrangement.

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