BNote/b I don't own any of the WWE Superstars, unfortunately. This is from Trish's point of view, seeing as I'm a girl.well the ++ are her thoughts!

++I was shocked. I picked Bubba Ray Dudley for my Tag Team Partner, because of the history we have together. However, I didn't expect him to accept, seeing as last night at the PPV (Vengeance) He go hurt in the table match. I'm glad he won it though. It comes down to this match. Molly and William Regal against Bubba, and I. I missed teaming with Bubba. He's different from everyone else. He looks past my good looks, and body. He's changed. He treats me with respect. Everyone asks us if we're a couple, but we aren't. Just friends.very close friends. Sure, doing that little scene, being kissed by the People's Champion, and tagging with him, was great. But he's a married man, and knowing that he was only kissing me as The Rock, and not Dwayne Johnson broke my heart. Sure Jeff Hardy was hot, and I we could've been something more. But he has his girlfriend back home.Beth, and I don't think they're breaking up anytime soon. Plus, Bubba and I.when we hang out with the other wrestlers in clubs and stuff, he's the only one who has ever used my real name.Patricia. I like Trish a lot better, plus I'm used to is. However, it's nice knowing that once in awhile, someone sees me as my true self, and not just a character I play on t.v. Yes the one who had an affair with Vince McMahon. Well back to the present. Bubba, and I lost to William Regal, and Molly. I tapped out.Regal hurt me. After Molly and William were a up the ramp, staring at Bubba and I, Bubba pulled me onto his lap.I liked that. I wonder if he feels anything for me?++

~ Bubba and Trish went back to his locker room. They both sat down on the couch, as Trish rubbed her sore legs, thanks to Regal. Bubba stares at Trish with concern ~

"You ok, Patricia?," Bubba asked Trish.

++See? He did it again. He called me by my real name. The name I was given at birth. He only does it when he's really worried about screen, that is. Maybe he does care about me after all?++

"Yes, I'm fine. Except, legs hurt a bit from Regal.but other then that I'm fine. What about you? I mean, after all, you were injured to begin with. You know, you didn't have to accept my offer. I could've found someone else.," Trish stated.

"I know, I know. But I wanted to do it, for you, Trish. I about you a lot." Bubba said, while looking at the couch.

He does. He likes me. This is it, I'm going in for the kill.

~ Trish cups Bubba's face with her hands; looking into his eyes ~

"Do you mean it? Really? I mean, know one has ever treated me like you do, Bubba. I think, I think I really like you.and for yourself.and for what's on the inside," Trish said, as she leans in, and kisses Bubba on the lips.

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