entitled; (you'd be good to me and) i'd be so good to you
summary; "Aye, I promise you, I won't hurt Emma. If I do, you have every right to put a sword to my throat." / or, five times killian jones is warned not to hurt emma, and the one time she's warned not to hurt him.
rating; t
prompt; 5 times fic about charming/henry/snow/august/someone warning killian/hook about hurting emma.
disclaimer; i own nothing more than the little plot bunnies running through my head.
notes; this little fic is going to be a total of six or seven chapters at the most. also, the lyrics below, are going to be in regards to the entire fic, not just one chapter this time. please do let me know what you think~

one ; henry


everyone's around, no words are coming out
and i can't find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound
and i know this isn't enough, i still don't measure up
and i'm not prepared, sorry is never there when you need it
and i do want you to know, i hold you up above everyone
and i do want you to know i think you'd be good to me
and I'd be so good to you.

- good to you marianas trench

He wanted to gouge their eyes out. Every single one of them. They followed him everywhere. Walking down the street, sitting in Granny's diner, when he was getting on his Sheriff's nerves - he allowed himself a smirk, because she was his, and no one, not even she, could tell him otherwise - people were watching and he was sick of it.

It was as if they were expecting him to spontaneously declare war on that blasted crocodile, Rumpelstiltskin, in the most inopportune of moments. It was ridiculous. He was far more intelligent, and a great deal more discreet, when it came to plotting and scheming; if he was up to something, the fools would never see it coming.

Just as he was contemplating a particularly gruesome method for removing a few eyeballs, a small boy slid into the seat across from him.

"Hook, right?" he asked, folding his hands together on the table top.

His brows furrowed as he took in the young boy in front of him; he knew he was Emma's son - the Sheriff had been adamant about keeping her son away from Killian and his 'influences' at all times - but the boy's name escaped him, as did any reason Killian could think of that the boy might have for approaching him when his mother so blatantly told the boy to stay away from him. Something Killian thought extremely hypocritical considering all the time she spent with him.

"Yes." he answered quickly, "And you are Emma's son."

"Henry." he corrected.

The name seemed to click in his head and he mentally scolded himself for not remembering the boy's name when he meant so much to the woman that meant that much and more to him.

"Is there something I can do for you, Henry?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked down at the small boy, the eyes of all the restaurant's customers on them not lost on him in the slightest.

"It's about my mom-"

Killian grew tense, suddenly alert at the possibility of something being wrong with the blonde. "What's wrong with your mother?"

The boy's brows rose a little in what Killian could only assume was surprise before holding his hands up and saying, "It's nothing bad, honest."

He allowed himself to relax, once again mentally scolding himself for making assumptions - of course Emma was fine; princess, she might have been, but she'd long since proved that should could handle herself quite well. "Then what about Emma do you wish to speak to me about?"

Henry hesitated, "You and my mom… You've got this thing going on."

Killian had to fight the smirk that wanted to make its way onto his lips, but he still ended up grinning down at the young boy, "You would be correct."

"Well, do you love her?"

Killian's grin fell away, and the air around him suddenly felt a lot thicker than it had been before; the question served to make him far more uncomfortable than he could ever remember being, despite the fact that he was sure he could answer the boy honestly. That was possibly one of the reasons he really didn't want to answer him.

So instead, he quirked a brow upwards and leaned forward, his arms still crossed over his chest as he did so, "What brought this on?"

Henry sighed, slouching in his seat and tapping the table top repeatedly with his fingertips, "It's just… She won't admit it, but I think Emma really, really likes you. And she's been hurt. A lot. And if you don't love her - or don't think you can love her - and you know you're going to hurt her, I don't want you around her."

Killian's brows shot up at this and he couldn't help the small bit of admiration that bubbled in his chest for the boy; he hardly knew Killian, but he knew enough of him to understand why his mother wanted him to stay away from the pirate, yet here he was, telling him that he didn't want his mother getting hurt.

"I've been in love before." Killian started, fiddling with his hook after a few moments of silence, "And it's never ended well. I know it's been a similar case for Emma, so neither of us wants to hurt the other."

"Not wanting to hurt someone, doesn't mean you won't hurt them." Henry interjected, pulling a wry grin from Killian.

"I know." he nodded; he understood that more than the child knew. If anything, it made Killian wonder how a boy so young could possibly understand such pain. "And I also know that my word might not mean much, considering the way everyone sees me," he glanced around the diner, catching a few eyes to prove his point before looking back down at Henry, "But I can assure you, I have no intentions of hurting Emma. Ever."

His words were simple, and hardly the 'I love her' that the boy was looking for, but the gleam in Henry's eyes, and the small grin that slipped onto his lips made it seem like he was pretty pleased with Killian's answer.

"Good." Henry told him, "Because I've been learning how to use a sword, and I'm not afraid to use it."

Killian barked out a laugh, but nodded at the young boy, "Aye, I promise you, I won't hurt Emma. If I do, you have every right to put a sword to my throat."

Henry's grin grew and he pulled out his wallet, "Now that that's over with, how about some hot chocolate, on me?"

Killian could only laugh.