04) of Harry Potter and the death gods.

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Preview: In the final battle, instead of dying or coming back to finish off Voldemort, Harry ends up in another world. When he wakes up he is in the white sands of Hueco Mundo.

Warnings: Violence, Dead and Bad Language. !Dark!Harry.

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04: Turning point?

"Hello there."

Saying that the blue haired man was shocked, was an understatement, when the being, the very naked and human looking being, stepped out of thin air, or that was what it looked like to him, and looked almost, no forget the almost, the being looked damn smug. If it wasn't for the enormous high level of power the being radiated, he would had gladly wiped away that look on 'its' face, with his fists, repeatedly! No one should have permission to look like that, except him.

Still he had to admit that, that was not the only thing that had been shocking. What actually had surprised him the most was how human like the being in front of him looked. 'It' looked like a completely normal human male, if you looked away from the toned marble white skin and the golden markings covering it, and the golden eyes. The creature didn't even have what looked like a hallow hole, neither did 'it' have a mask or at least a bone fragment, as all the Arrancar was reborn with. 'It' looked human, maybe to much, made you think 'it' was harmless or made you underestimate 'it', not that he would make that mistake. Because as much as it looked human, 'it' didn't feel one bit like one. 'It' didn't feel like anything he had ever encountered before. 'Its' powers were too... For a lack of a better word: Dark. Suffocating and all consuming.

Running a hand though his blue locks, he looked from his companion to the stranger before him, with a frown. It was obvious from the darkness swirling around them that neither bat-boy nor himself stood a chance against the powers of this foreign creature, not even if they put their differences aside and worked together. It was clear that this creature knew, 'it' knew, that if it came to swords they would be helpless at 'its' mercy, if they were so lucky that 'it' had any. He didn't like this one bit. He felt like he had been the one cornered, when it was actually the other way around. That feeling wasn't something he was use to. He didn't even remember the last time he had been prey, yes prey, for that was the only thing he could describe himself as right now. He was nothing more then a meal for the creature before him. Knowing that and acknowledging it, made him feel nauseous. He swallowed grimly and tried to push the sudden feeling of dread away, even if his attempts were in vain.


Harry really couldn't help himself, he laughed; a dry deep laughter that sent shivers down your spine and made the hair on your neck raise. It was ridiculous how hilarious he found the shocked and troubled expressions that the blue haired man was showing on his face.

"Why have you come here and disturbed my rest?" He asked coolly, when his laughter had finally subsided. He looked at the two strangers with a mixture of annoyance and curiosity gleaming in his eyes, patiently waiting for his answer.

"Our Master asked of us to seek out your nest and ask of you to join us, if we found you worthy." Explained the shortest one in a monotone voice, as he lifted his hood and pulled it back, revealing a ghost pale face. What first drew in Harry's attention, was the bone fragment on top of the left side of his head, forming what to Harry looked like a partly broken hornet helmet, with messy black hair beneath, some curls falling between cat like green eyes. Harry decided that, the green tear lines running from the lower part of the mans eyes, down his cheeks, disappearing some where before the start of the mans throat and the black upper lip gave him an almost punk like look. The look completed with the seemly endless black hole on the strangers sternum.

He couldn't help but find it interesting that the creatures in front of him, had the same features that fitted very much that of a human. If his encounters so far with these creatures of this world was anything to go by and taking into considerations was his magic was telling him, then these two was stronger then anything he had seen so far. It seemed that the more human they looked, the stronger they were. Strange. He took in their looks again and nodded almost unnoticeable to himself, concluding, that yes these two was going to be fun. Not that he was going to let them know that.

Harry raised a dark eyebrow and asked in a highly false wondering tone, though inside he truly was curious: "'We' being who exactly?"

Harry had to admit that he was feeling strangely giddy, not that he blamed himself, it was after all the first time he had even talked with someone, since he had ended up in this strange world. These two strangers before him, being the first chance he have had to have a real life conversation, that didn't involve screams and pledges for mercy. You didn't really have conversations with your food after all.

The smaller of the two males, being the one who he had already spoken to, stepped forward and answered: "I'm Ulquiorra Cifer…and that over there is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez."

He wasn't really sure if he should laugh or not. Seriously, those were their names? He felt an eye-twist coming on. And here he thought that Wizards in his world had strange names. Apparently not…he shock his head to clear his mind and let a slightly twisted smile bloom on his face, before he apprarated away, only to reappear again right behind the smaller one of the two strangers, close enough to whisper in the seemly tonic mans right ear; "And how are we gonna figure out if I'm indeed worthy, Mister Cifer?"

Oh, Harry was very impressed; the small man didn't even twist a muscle nor did the relaxed posture of his shoulder tense. No, Mister Cifer remained expressionless though the whole ordeal, much unlike his companion who not only held such a tight grip on his katana that his knuckles had turned white, but the expression on his face was also twisted into an amusing mixture of surprise, disbelieve and fear. The smile on Harrys lips got impossible wide. This was almost too good to be true! He hadn't had this much fun in…well, ever. He didn't care who their so called Master was, he was not letting these two human like creatures go anytime soon. If he had to follow them and pretend to have a Master, so be it. For him it was a small price to pay and so worth it. He collected himself again and made his smile lessen to a smirk, though inside he was crackling in delight.


His eyes widened, when 'it' winked, 'it' fucking had the nerve to wink at him. 'It' was messing around with them…he would had laughed, because it seemed so ridiculous, if it wasn't making him so damn mad. Grimmjow was sure he was looking like a fool, with his mouth hanging open, but he didn't know what else to do. He was utterly confused. Never before had he met anyone arrogant enough to mess with or make fun of an Espada, though it seemed he just had. He had to take a step back in mere shock, as glowing golden eyes locked with his own pale blue. If it wasn't for the heavy pressure of the strange creatures powers, Grimmjow was sure he would have been more pissed by the obvious glee that was showing in the other beings eyes. It felt like 'its' eyes were taunting him. Especially enjoying his fear, eyes shining brighter when ever he accidentally showed a small sign of that specific emotion. He clenched his teeth hard together in anger and shame, his face twisting into a dark frown. He was ribbed away from his thoughts when Ulquiorra's velvet voice cut though the power filled air.

"You have already proven yourself,"

Grimmjow looked on as the dark-haired creature threw his head back and laughed. It was a dark laughter that promised pain and trouble. Grimmjow was sure that if the creature wanted it, it would be him screaming and pleading. To say that he was bothered beyond doubt, was putting it mildly. He had never felt so out of place before. He wasn't sure how he should act, as his pride demanded one action and his instincts demanded another.

"Indeed?" The creature paused, smiling brightly and innocently. In such a way that it brought a shiver down Grimmjows spine, as the expression had no place on the beings face. It felt wrong and as innocent as it seemed, it felt just as dangerous.

"Well then, shouldn't you take me to your Master?" Said the being, who looked like the cat that got the cream.

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