The Golden Dragon

Chapter 1

Their names were Ryan and Caleb Jones. They grew up in a dirty orphanage in downtown Detroit. Ryan was 14 years old, and Caleb was 11 years old. They were brothers, and were proud of it. Their mother died of childbirth and their father committed suicide soon after. So now they were stuck in Conners' Orphanage. Matthew Conners, the leader of the all-boys orphanage, was an old and abusive man. He fed the kids very small portions, and found pleasure in whipping them. But no matter what Mr. Conners did to them, Ryan and Caleb always stuck together.

Even though they were under the harsh control of Mr. Conners, life was going pretty good for Ryan and Caleb. They tried to make the best of every situation. That was until the Myers Brothers showed up. Jerry and Will Myers, the meanest kids in the entire orphanage, were transferred to the orphanage after their parents were in a fatal car accident. They were never the same again. Jerry and Will became very aggressive, and started getting into many fights. For some reason, the Myers greatly disliked the Jones. Every time that they saw Ryan and Caleb, they pushed them around and ran into them. But Mr. Conners favored the Myers, probably because they were just as evil as him.

One day when Jerry and Will pushed into Ryan and Caleb for no apparent reason, the Jones decided that enough was enough. Caleb loudly blurted out, "I'll kill you!" Caleb jumped right on top of Jerry and started punching him in the throat! Will immediately tried to pull Caleb off of Jerry, but Ryan came out of nowhere with a running knee to the head of Will! But the Myers would not go down without a fight. They both turned over their rivals and performed a series of kicks and punches to both Ryan and Caleb! Mr. Conners just happened to walk by right when both Ryan and Caleb countered and choked Jerry and Will, attempting to knock them out.

Mr. Conners was furious, screaming his head off at Ryan and Caleb. Ryan and Caleb tried to explain their side of the story, but since Mr. Conners favored the Myers, he did not believe the Jones. Mr. Conners then expelled both Ryan and Caleb from the orphanage. Caleb asked Mr. Conners, "If you kick us out of the orphanage, then where are we supposed to live?" "I don't know and I don't care." replied Mr. Conners. Then he kicked the two brothers out of the orphanage and into the street, never to be seen again.