Chapter 6

Ryan glanced at the map. "I think that we finished our business here." said Ryan. "According to this map, our next destination is the city of Antere." Ryan added. He then reached for the portable portal in his pocket. But when he stuck his hand inside of his pants pocket, the portal was nowhere to be found. "There might be a slight problem." said Ryan. Just then Ryan and Caleb heard a loud, evil laugh. There was a brief moment of silence until a man suddenly appeared.

The man was wearing all white clothes, had no pupils in his eyes, and wore sneakers with small lightning bolts on them. "Looking for this?" the man asked. He was holding the portable portal that was given to Ryan and Caleb by Dendra! Ryan couldn't believe his eyes! "Who-who are you and how did you get my portal?" Ryan asked, still shocked. "It doesn't matter how I got this portal." said the man. "What's important is that you don't have it anymore. Let's just say that I'm an old "friend" of Dendra. He made the biggest mistake of his life giving it to two little boys. But now that I have the portal, I can go anywhere in the universe, and no one can stop me!"

"Not on our watch." exclaimed Ryan as the brothers took out their weapons. They started running toward the man. The man took off faster than either one of the boys had ever seen anyone go. The man was not in plain sight. "Turn around." said the man. As they obeyed and turned around, they were surprised to see the man standing up with the portal still in his hand. "Impossible!" shouted Caleb. The boys once again tried to run after this man and get their portal back, but history repeated itself as the man was once again behind Ryan and Caleb.

Quickly Ryan, in an annoyed mood, swung his iceblade at this fast-paced man. It seemed as if the blade went right through the man as he still stood firm and tall. "You are so slow." mocked the man. "Can you at least try to give me a challenge?" This made Ryan furious! "Who do you think you are?" asked Ryan. "I will make you pay!" Then faster than even the man could move, Ryan struck the man with his iceblade right in the arm! Caleb decided that he wanted to join the party, so he took his shuriken, and slashed the man again in the same arm!

The man was wailing out in extreme pain as his entire arm separated from his body. Ryan, still enraged, hit the man over and over again with his powerful sword. He attacked the man in just about every single part of his body. The man literally crumbled to the ground, as his body parts were cut up into hundreds of different pieces! The man's blood just dripped off of Ryan's iceblade and into a puddle on the floor. Ryan noticed that the portal was lying on the ground right next to the many leftover remains of the man. He picked up the portal and set it to take them to their next destination, Antere. Ryan placed the portal on the ground as it expanded to its full size. "Come on Caleb." said Ryan. "I'm sure that there will be much harder enemies even than what we already faced. We have to keep on going if we ever want to finish our journey." So Caleb followed Ryan into the portal as they continued their quest to find the golden dragon.