Ebony, Snow, and Blood

Saya Kisaragi was a monster masquerading as a human. By the covenant, by sacred law. Now, she was truly powerless.

She had to protect and she had firmly believed that time could heal all wounds, the poison marring her skin and her heart. This human monster, Fumito, who had caused so much death, pain and suffering…

Who has caused her suffering…

Images seared her vision, beginning to blur, her own eyes a miscreation, as she too was a human monster. Fighting the monsters, driving these thoughts away, it was her only hope to find the answers. To awaken and to escape the numbness was her true fate.

In ebony nights, a crown of thorns upon the crystalline snow, and in the cloistering and murky blood, Saya would keep walking, blade in hand; pain is only an illusion.