I watch my friends make a snowman. I just hope another snowball fight doesn't occur like last year. That was messy, and when I say messy, I mean seriously messy and we were hard to get clean as we got some dirt on us.

"Come on Kirby! Join us!" Lampy calls to me. "Just a minute." I say, trying to catch my bearings. It's really cold, and I have to admit, sometimes the snow nips at me, although I can get used to it. This particular year, the snow is really cold. I can bet this snowman doesn't melt as fast as last year. Taking a deep breath, I finally join them. "Ready."

Radio already got some ball the size of a snowman head as kids may think of it. But really, it seems Radio wants it to be small. Like last year. "Okay! The bottom is ready!" and he rolls it somewhere and stops it. "Okay! It's all good!" Radio calls out. As the snowman took form, I tried to comprehend exactly how we were going to prevent a snowball fight. But that was able to wait.

We got back inside when it was all done. When I took a glance at the tiny tree we set up, I saw there were some more presents than last I looked. Blanky shouted with glee, "Hey! Look!" and he handed out presents. When it came down to two more, I noticed Blanky didn't get a present yet. With a hope he did, I tried to read the gift tags. To my surprise, there was a gift for me, but none for Blanky. What could have happened? He was good this year. He's good every year! Well, whatever happened, there must have been a mistake for me to be getting a gift and he wasn't.

"Oh, Kirby. This is yours. Here." Blanky said to me. I couldn't help but feel it should have been his and not mine, and even more so since he didn't get one. "Is there something wrong?" he asked me. "It's just...you didn't get a gift, and it makes me feel bad I got one and you didn't. Blanky looked at me with confusion. "What do you mean? I was Santa this year. Besides, I wanted you all to get a gift. Also, Santa doesn't give himself a present."

I was shocked. It wasn't only that he was trying to be a Santa this year. It was also because he didn't let us know. "I wanted it to be a surprise." he explained. "Well, I see." I said, still upset that I couldn't give him anything in return because I didn't have anything to give him. "Merry Christmas!" Blanky said, but I didn't have the heart to tell him I was as upset as I was because I thought he would think I didn't like his gift, even if I didn't open it.

Aww, c'mon Kirby, Blanky is happy! He wanted to be santa! Well, it's been a long time since this has been updated, so I shall update away!