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Akeny, Iowa

"You're awfully happy tonight."

Savannah Ellis ignored her youngest sister in favor or slipping on dangling golden earrings. Kiran Ellis sighed heavily and flopped bonelessly on the couch. There was a few seconds of silence before she sighed pointedly again and reached for the television remote, turning it on. "What?" Savannah asked after a moment. Kiran replied by turning up the sound on the news program she was watching until the noise level was almost intolerable. Savannah groaned in frustration and reached over the back of the couch to snatch the remote from her sister's stomach, flipping the television off. "What?!" she snapped and Kiran growled.

"I said, you're awfully happy tonight," she ground out.

"So what?" Savannah snarled. "Aren't I allowed to be happy?"

"No," Kiran replied, feeling petty.

"Arguing again?" a mild voice interjected before the conversation between the two sisters could degrade into blows. The girl who entered had long golden curls draping over the shoulder of a white button up blouse and several school books tucked under one arm.

"No," both Savannah and Kiran chimed. Savannah turned back to the mirror and Kiran flipped the TV back on, turning the volume to a more manageable level. The golden haired newcomer let out a world weary sigh and snatched the bobby pins out of Savannah's hands.

"Hey!" Savannah complained but the newcomer had already moved on to steal the remote from Kiran and flip off the TV.

"Not again," Kiran moaned.

"Now," the golden haired girl say. "What were you arguing about."

"Nothing," Kiran said stubbornly. "I had just remarked on the fact that she was strangely happy tonight and she snapped at me."

"After you turned the television up to an intolerable level just to get my attention and tell me what you'd already said," Savannah shot back.

"What?" Kiran said sharply. "Like you don't know what I meant by that. You're using your gifts to have Rich cheat on Lori Sorensen."

"Why wouldn't I?" Savannah shot back. "Everyone's like Lori is such a sweet little angel. Lori's a b-"

"Savannah," the golden haired girl said in warning and Savannah bit off the cuss word.

"I'm going out," Savannah announced and huffed off.

"Not with Rich," Kiran called after Savannah. "He's out with Lori." The door slammed pointedly and Kiran snorted. "Can I have the remote back Lee darling?"

Leonara Ellis, the middle child of the Ellis family, sighed again and handed Kiran the remote. "Knock yourself out."

"No, no,no," Kiran said, shaking her head in mock gravity. "Momma taught me not to drink myself into a stupor." Leonara groaned and walked out of the room as Kiran turned on the television. Three hours later she came back to see a headline on television.

"Oh my lord," Leonara gasped, reaching over the back of the couch to shake her younger sister. "Kiran wake up!"

"Wha-" Kiran mumbled sleepily.

"Look," Leonara said, pointing to the TV.

They attended Rich's funeral the next day. Leonara sat in the front on one side of Lori and their friend Taylor sat on the other side. Kiran sat in the back of the church glaring at Savannah's perfectly done hair. It was only half way through the funeral and Savannah was practically sitting on some guy's lap. Kiran's foot began tapping impatiently on the floor. The service dragging on and on. It was almost over when the door flew open and then banged closed. Almost everyone turned to look as Reverend Sorensen continued on.

Most everyone turned back to the front but Kiran continued staring toward the back. The two guys were handsome enough to catch her attention. They would have caught Savannah's attention had she not been now sitting on the lap of her newest conquest. Kiran knew he was already addicted to her oldest sister. Literally addicted.

A year and a half ago their mother Caitlyn Ellis, was killed by some kind of demon for her power. Caitlyn had been able to control water. The demon had wanted to use her power but in the end their mother had walked off a cliff. Their father had died two months later hunting the thing that had killed their mother. The girls had inherited their own forms of their mother's power.

Savannah was addictive, literally. She could attract any man she wanted and with one touch of her skin they were constantly drawn to her. That was how she had gotten Rich, partially. That was also the reason Savannah hated Lori. Because Rich was so in love with Lori that he refused to leave her, even for Savannah.

Leonara was a ghost whisperer. She could speak to spirits of any kind. The question was always whether or not they would talk back. She could also scan someone's mind if they let her. She used the second power to connect with her sisters and keep tabs on them. Kiran was her twin and also had two abilities. The first was to turn invisible which happened accidentally sometimes when she was scared or stressed. The second was to shield herself from flying potentially dangerous objects. Pillows and other things that wouldn't harm her was a no go.

The guys who had walked into the middle of a funeral looked enough alike to brothers. The taller of the two had brown hair that he wore a little longer. The shorter had more of a military haircut. Both were strong enough and well built. Together they were enough to turn female heads. Kiran looked up toward Leonara in the front row, not at all surprised when she found her twin looking back at her. Kiran flicked her head back towards the two men and Leonara nodded once. The moment the Reverend finished his funeral eulogy they both stood and walked out together. Savannah joined them moments later, her newest puppy dog staring after her with pitiful eyes. Kiran glanced at Leonara who nodded. It was game time.

"So Savannah," Kiran drawled. "Why don't you say your apologies to Lori before you go back to sucking face with your newest pet?"

"Well what do you know?" Savannah huffed and Leonara let out one of her typical long suffering sighs.

"Really you two," she said condescendingly. "At a funeral?" Kiran huffed and folded her arms over her chest. Savannah turned and stomped off toward Lori. It took every ounce of self control Kiran had not to bust out laughing when Savannah interjected herself between one of the newcomers and Lori.

"Bingo," she said cheerfully. "Now time for phase two."

"You take the shorter one. I've got this one," Leonara said and Kiran nodded already heading towards the church. Inside the semi gloom Reverend Sorensen was speaking to the newcomer, rambling on and on about church groups in the area and so on.

"Hello Reverend," Kiran called as cheerfully as she could manage, waving across the room at him.

"Good afternoon Kaia," he called back, using the nickname Lori had come up with for Kiran when she and her sisters had first been there. "I saw you hiding in the back earlier and was wondering if you'd come say hello."

"I wasn't hiding," Kiran protested cheerfully. "I was just sitting in the back hoping that if I fell asleep you wouldn't notice."

"Long night?" the Reverend questioned and Kiran nodded.

"They have me working swing shift as a paramedic," she said. "Two in the afternoon till midnight every other day." Then she glanced at the newcomer. "Are you going to introduce me?"

"Oh right. Sorry about that," the Reverend said. "Kaia this is Dean Winchester. He and his brother Sam are new around here. Dean, this is Kiran Ellis. She's a local paramedic and a friend of my daughter Lori's."

"Nice to meet you," he said, shaking Kiran's hand.

"Likewise," she responded coolly.

It was an hour before midnight when the call came in. Kiran was drowsing when the chimes went off calling her team into action. "Someone get a map," the driver yelled. "I don't know for sure where this is."

"Don't bother," Kiran responded, her hear sinking through the floor as she heard the location. "I know exactly where it is." They arrived at the Ellis home fifteen minutes later. They were already too late.

"Kaia, wake up." No response. Leonara sighed and shook her sister again. She really hated to wake her twin after what sort of a night last night had been but she needed to. "Kiran," she snapped insistently and her sister groaned.

"What?" she mumbled and Leonara let out a soft sigh of relief.

"Whatever it was that killed Savannah last night," Leonara said. "It killed twice. Lori's roommate Taylor is dead too."

"Ok," Kiran said, sitting up so quickly she almost banged her head against her twin's. "I'm awake now."

"Good," Leonara replied. "Because we have work to do." Kiran groaned but obligingly stood up and stumbled toward the shower. Fifteen minutes later they were in the library with what Kiran said were too many books about dull things. Leonara had just laughed and shoved a dusty book toward her twin.

"Great," Kiran drawled after an hour. "Please tell me you got some better than I got."

"Which would be?" Leonara said despairingly.

"All together now," Kiran said with a wicked sense of cheer.

"Unmarked grave," she and Leonara chimed in exasperation.

"So do we have a plan?" Kiran asked, shoving the book aside.

"Your turn," Leonara said immediately.

"What?" Kiran squawked gaining her several glares and an old woman shushing at her from the information desk. Kiran glared around the room and then turned back to her twin. "What?" she repeated again in a softer tone.

"I came up with the plan for the shapeshifter a month ago," Leonara said. "And before that Savannah took care of the planning for the poltergeist. It's your turn."

"Lee," Kiran whined.

"Kaia," Leonara whined right back at her, holding down giggles. Kiran, at that moment, looked exactly like a child who had dropped her ice cream cone on the ground before getting a taste.

"Fine," Kiran sighed heavily, realizing she wasn't going to get her way this time. "How about this? I'll go salt and burn our ghost's body while you stick with Lori like stink on a skunk."

"Sounds good," Leonara replied. "Only one question."

"Shoot, but not literally," Kiran said as she stood.

"Why am I sticking with Lori?"

"Because somehow this whole things is revolving around Lori," Kiran replied. "I mean, think about it. Who was killed?"

"Rich," Leonara began.

"Who was Lori's boyfriend and telling her that he cheated on her."


"Who Rich was cheating on Lori with."

"And Taylor."

"Who was trying to get Lori to go out drinking after Rich's death and who was always at odds with Lori for something. It all comes back to Lori."

Kiran stumbled through Old North Cemetery, resisting the urge to cuss every time she almost tripped over the grass and tree roots on the ground. In fact she almost broke her head open on the gravestone she had been looking for. It had the cross that was connected with their killer and there was no name. "Bingo," Kiran muttered, scrabbling with one hand to find her shovel as she used the other hand with the flashlight in it to push herself up. She placed the flashlight near the headstone and stripped off her coat, placing the salt, old water bottle full of gasoline, and box of matches on top of it. Then she began digging.

Within fifteen minutes of digging the chill that had been sinking into her skin had faded away. A half an hour of digging had her wishing she had brought a water bottle with actual water. She was almost an hour in when she heard something between shovels of dirt. She dropped the shovel and reached a hand behind her to pull the handgun out of her jeans. She flipped the safety off and braced the butt with one hand, holding it firmly in the other and sweeping the muzzle across the darkness. She didn't yell or otherwise acknowledge she had heard anything. She just waited. Nothing. "You're getting paranoid," she muttered to herself and clicked the safety back on. She was about to shove the gun back in her jeans when she saw the figure moving.

It took all her willpower not to release several situation appropriate cuss words as she scrambled the flip the safety off. She had just gotten it when she was tackled around the middle, crashing down into her partially dug hole with a shriek. She kneed up hard and got her attacker in the stomach but with about half the force she had aimed for because he partially deflected her blow. She really hoped Lee was having a better night than her.

Leonara had stuck with Lori all night. She had a feeling that she had the easy job because Lori wanted someone around after Taylor's shocking death. They were sitting upstairs when she noticed Lori had been looking out the window rather than paying attention to the conversation. "Is there something out there?" she asked and Lori blinked, turning back toward her.

"Yeah," she said after a moment. "One of the new boys that showed up during Rich's funeral. The cute one." She paused. "What's his name again? Oh right, Sam."

"Do you want to go down and say hello?" Leonara asked and after a moment's hesitation Lori nodded. "Go on down," Leonara said. "I'll keep an eye on you from up here."

"Thanks Lee," Lori said, hugging her friend. "You're such a good friend."

"I try," Leonara said after Lori was already gone.

Kiran was pinned down. That was a new experience for her. Normally she was the victor, not the loser that was pinned down with a loaded gun lurking somewhere in the dark. She squinted up at the figure pinning her down and recognized Dean from the church. "Get the hell off of me!" she snarled, not caring at that moment that she was pinned down.

"Not until you tell me what you're doing here?" he hissed. Kiran thrashed but Dean was stronger than she was.

"Desecrating graves," Kiran growled. "What does it look like?" He kneed her in the ribs then hard enough to make her yelp and she tried to jerk free.

"You bastard," she snarled. "That'll leave a bruise."

"Like I care," Dean retorted. "What are you doing here?"

"None of your business," Kiran said indignantly, trying to squirm free again. "Now get off me!"

"Not until you tell me what you're doing here," Dean snarled back at her.

"I'm salting and burning a grave," Kiran retorted, angry enough to throw all caution to the wind now. "What does it look like?"

"It looks like you were trying to kill someone and cover the evidence," Dean retorted.

"I was pulling dirt out of the grave not putting it in moron," Kiran snarled, shoving at his chest. This time he did actually let her get up and she glared at him. She pulled herself to her feet, dusting the dirt off her jeans. "Jerk," she growled, snatched up her flashlight and searching around for the gun. "That was a loaded gun you know," she yelled at him as she looked around. "It could have gone off and killed us both."

"Doubtful honey," Dean drawled back as she heard the click of a second flashlight and the sound of digging resuming. Kiran growled to herself and almost tripped over the gun. She heard laughter behind her but ignored it. She snatched up the gun and flipped the safety back on, carrying it with her back toward the hole as Dean hit the coffin. "Found it," he called and Kiran nodded, dumping the gun on her jacket and snatching up the slat and gasoline. Dean scrambled out of the hole so Kiran could salt that body. He snatched the gasoline from her and dumped it over the corpse while Kiran lit a match and finished the body off. That was when her phone rang.

Kiran had to fight to resist the urge to pace. "What went wrong?" she asked her twin as they stood outside the hospital.

"I don't know," Leonara said, sounding as if she were still fighting down tears. "It wouldn't talk to me. It just shoved me out of the way and kept going."

"Weird," Kiran said and Leonara sniffed, reaching for another tissue in her purse. "Maybe it had a directive."

"A directive?" Leonara asked, her voice watery and confused.

"To go after Reverend Sorensen," Kiran said. "That would explain why it wouldn't talk to you. It was focused on one thing and one thing only."

"So who's giving the directive?" Leonara asked.

"Lori," Kiran said immediately.

"You have to be kidding me," Leonara said. "First you don't salt and burn the remains and then you want to blame everyone on Lori? You're as bad as Savannah."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Kiran said. "Slow down. What do you mean didn't salt and burn the remains? I did too!"

"But the Hookman didn't vanish," Leonara protested.

"But why-" Kiran began, sounding mystified. Then her eyes widened in surprise and she looked at Leonara.

"The hook," they said in unison.

"Looks like we have some more research to do," Leonara said and Kiran groaned.

They had just walked into the library when Kiran moaned again. "What?" Leonara asked, more than a little irritated at her twin.

"Them," Kiran said and Leonara turned in the direction of the pointing finger. It was Sam and Dean, the pair that had walked in on Rich's funeral. Their heads had both come up at the noise and now Dean was staring at Kiran with a look akin to dislike.

"You didn't tell me everything that happened last night did you?" Leonara asked her twin.

"He tackled me while I had a loaded gun," Kiran protested, sounding annoyed.

"And why exactly did you have a loaded gun?" Leonara asked.

"I was digging up a grave because of a violent spirit trying to kill people with a silver hook. Why do you think I had a loaded gun?" Kiran asked sourly.

"Never mind," Leonara said with a sigh. "I'm going to say hello." Kiran groaned but obligingly followed her twin over.

"Not you again," Dean groaned the instant they walked over.

"This wasn't my idea," Kiran protested. "Besides I wasn't the one who decided to tackle someone with a loaded gun."

"Come again?" Sam asked his brother.

"Yeah," Kiran cut in before Dean could answer. "And I've got a bruise on my ribcage to prove it."

"Only because you tried to knee me first," Dean protested.

"Children please," Leonara cut in sounding exasperated. "I was trying to have a civilized conversation." Kiran subsided sulkily, knowing by the smirk on Dean's face that he was laughing at her. "So what brings you here?" Leonara asked Sam.

"We're doing research," Sam said evasively.

"On Reverend Jacob Karns by any chance?" Kiran cut in and Sam nodded. "Let me further deduce that you are searching for the location of his hook," Kiran continued and Sam nodded again. "Well good. You have your research buddy Lee. I'm leaving."

"Kaia," Leonara called after her twin but Kiran was already heading out the door.

"Hey, shortie!" a voice called after her as she walked along the school campus. Kiran growled under her breath and walked faster. Yes she was short, only five foot two inches, but that didn't mean anyone had to make her a nickname based on that fact. "Wait up!"

"Go to hell," Kiran snarled but Dean had already caught up with her.

"So now that Sammy and your sister are busy researching what are we going to do?" he asked with a smirk.

"I am going to sleep," Kiran said sharply. "You are leaving me alone."

"Now, now don't be so touchy," Dean crooned. Kiran impatiently shrugged his hand off her shoulder and increased her pace. To her irritation she found that Dean could easily keep up with her.

"Go away," she snarled.

"Why?" Dean asked, still keeping up with her.

"Because my sister died last night okay?" Kiran growled, stopping next to the porch of the house she and her sisters, well sister now, shared. Then she turned and stalked into the house, slamming the door behind her.

They all met outside St. Barnabas Church an hour after dark. Kiran's mood had not improved from earlier. Leonara saw that which was probably why she sent her twin with Sam to get everything silver out of Lori's house. Kiran successfully found the spare key under the flowerpot and the pair worked silently to gather anything that looked remotely like silver before returning to the church. "We got everything that even looked like silver," Sam told his brother as they tossed what they had found into the fire.

"Better safe than sorry," Dean replied. They all froze when they heard footsteps above them.

"I'll go check it out," Kiran said, holding out her hand for the gun she knew Leonara had. Her twin obligingly handed it over and Kiran headed up the stairs, Sam on her heels. They both relaxed when they saw it was Lori and Kiran slipped the gun out of sight.

"Lori?" Sam called and she looked up.

"What are you doing here?" Lori asked.

"What is it?" Sam asked gently, sinking down in the pew next to her. Kiran scanned the church for any sign of anyone else and then sat down next to the stairs while the pair talked. That was when she saw the Hookman appear just before all the candles blew out.

"Sam get Lori out of here," she called and knew by the sudden noise that he was doing just that. She scrambled as quickly as she could in the darkness toward where she had last seen the Hookman but she was already behind. Fear pumped through her veins as she heard Lori scream and she knew she was invisible as she shot through the church and just managed to jerk Lori out of the way of the silver hook. She forced herself to be visible again just as the hook sliced into her rib cage. She shrieked in pain and it took all her self control not to fade out of sight again. "Lee," she screamed as Sam tried to slip behind the ghost.

"Get away from my sister," she heard Leonara scream.

"Sam, drop!" Dean yelled and Kiran stared in astonishment as Sam ducked and the ghost was shot with rock salt, vanishing for the moment.

"I thought we got all the silver," Sam panted.

"So did I?" Dean replied.

"It's coming back," Leonara whimpered and they all turned to see a long scratch forming on the wall.

"Lori," Sam said suddenly. "Where did you get that chain?"

"My father gave it to me," Lori gasped out, her eyes wide with fright.

"Where'd your dad get it?" Dean demanded, his voice urgent.

"He said it was a church heirloom," Lori explained rapidly, looking confused. "He gave it to me when I started school."

"Is it silver?" Kiran asked, realizing what they were getting at.

"Yes," Lori said, confusion plain on her face. Dean and Sam traded, the rifle for the necklace, and Dean vanished downstairs. Leonara dove out of the way of the angry ghost as Kiran practically dragged Lori backwards. The ghost knocked the rifle out of Sam's hands and loomed over them. Then it froze. The hook melted first, then the rest of the body fading away with a whispery sigh. Dean scrambled up the stairs to look at his brother and Lori with something that was almost relief. Kiran stood, feeling shaky on her feet, and leaned against a wall.

"Kaia," Leonara said in a weak voice. "You're bleeding." Kiren looked down, saw the blood dripping down her side, and didn't have time to say anything before she passed out.

Kiran watched as Morgan, one of her fellow paramedics, finished wrapping up her wound and then walked over to join her sister. "So," she said to Leonara. "Are we leaving town?"

"Yeah," her twin said with a slight smirk. "We've attracted too much attention already."

"What's with the smirk?" Kiran asked warily, glancing from her sister to the pair of dufflebags and backpacks on the ground in front of her.

"We're leaving with the Winchesters," Leonara said. Kiran groaned and banged her forehead against her sister's shoulder.

"Why?" she moaned. "Why? Why? Why?"

"Believe me angel," Dean drawled as he and Sam joined them. "I'm no more thrilled with this arrangement than you are."

"Why?" Kiran demanded again, this time of her sister rather than the world in general.

"To make your life a misery," Leonara said, grinning.

"I knew it!" Kiran groaned.

"All right children," Dean said. "Let's get moving. I want t be out of here yesterday." Kiran grumbled something rude under her breath but obligingly grabbed the bags Leonara had packed for her. The coming day was going to be torture. She just knew it.