Chapter 1

Neville lay on the grass, smelling the fresh air. The sun burnt his pale skin like an oven but he didn't mind; it was a nice sensation. He closed his eyes and lay his hands against the prickly grass. He heard a rustling from near by and peeled open his eyelids.

'Hello there, Neville,' smiled Luna down at him.

Her blonde hair blew across her face in the wind but her angel like features stood out against the light blue sky. Neville grinned back at her invitingly and patted the grass next to him. Luna obediently lay down next to him. Neville's heart began to pick up pace, he started to move his hand towards Luna's.

'It's a lovely day, isn't it?' Said Luna.
Neville quickly pulled his hand away and sat up defensively. He looked towards Luna who was still lying on the ground smiling at the clouds. Her hair lay like golden tinsel and her blue eyes sparkled like sun gleaming on a sea. Neville was transfixed by her beauty and didn't see Professor Flitwick heading towards him with a grumpy look on his face.

'Neville Longbottom! You were supposed to be in my office half an hour ago!' Flitwick yelled.

Neville snapped out of his daze and looked across the lawn to see Flitwick stumbling towards him.

'Oh shit, I completely forgot!' He exclaimed.

He clumsily pushed himself upward and tucked in his tie.

'Professor, it wasn't Neville's fault he wasn't in your office,' Luna sang.

Both Neville and Flitwick looked oddly at Luna's smiling face.

'What do you mean, Luna?' Flitwick asked while pushing his glasses up to his nose.

'I was asking him to help me with my potions homework. He was being very helpful and was so kind that he must have just forgotten. So you see it's my fault, I do apologise.'

Neville's mouth hung open, his eyes wide. Why would Luna take the blame for him? Maybe she felt the same way for him that he did for her...

'Is this true Neville?' Asked Flitwick.

'Yes Professor, I was just helping Luna sir.'

Flitwick looked like he didn't believe them but finally gave in to Luna's convincing smile. He agreed to see Neville the next day instead. When Flitwick had waddled off back to the school Neville let out a loud sigh of relief. Luna had saved Neville from a detention and an angry letter from his Gran. He turned round to face Luna and gave her a huge hug.

'Neville, your cheeks are very red, just like a blood lollipop,' Luna's chiming laugh made Neville's legs wobble.

He didn't want to let Luna go, she smelled of honey and was as warm as a toaster. If he let go he might never feel the warmth again. Obviously he was being silly, Luna would always be his friend but he wanted her to be more than that.

'Hey, Neville, Luna, you're going to be late for class!' Shouted Seamus who was heading into Hogwarts with a bunch of Gryffindor boys.

Luna started to walk in the direction of the Gryffindors so Neville followed her staring at her glorious body made for a goddess. How he wished that she could be his, he could always hold her, feel her warmth and have the pleasure of feeling her soft, pink lips against his.

Luna turned around snapping Neville out of his dreamland.

'This is my class. I'll see you later Neville,' Luna said.

Neville waved good bye as she departed into the classroom.

Neville couldn't stop thinking about Luna. As he walked to potions all he could picture was her angelic face.'Longbottom, you're late for my class again,' snarled Snape.

Neville was really only two minutes late but Snape hates him because he was so useless at Potions. He couldn't do any of them right unless he had help from his friend Hermione. She was one of the smartest in his year and was always very nice to him.

'But Professor, I'm only a minute late,' Neville explained.

'A minute is still late Longbottom now get into the classroom and be quiet, or else!,' Snape glared.

Snape terrified Neville but that wasn't unusual, he terrified almost everyone. Neville had really only ever seen Harry Potter stand up to Snape. Harry was the only person Snape detested more than Neville. Neville wasn't sure why thought, Harry wasn't too bad at Potions and didn't act up in class. He was actually a credit to the Wizarding community.

Neville took a seat at the front of the class and got his book out silently.

Snape droned on about some sort of potion that would turn you blue but Neville didn't listen. He was too busy trying to figure out a way of telling Luna how he felt about her. He tapped his quill against the creaking table in thought. What if Luna didn't feel the same way about him? What if she laughed in his face? What if...?

'Neville Longbottom, maybe you'd like to read out your answer to the question?' Snape asked with disdain.

'Sorry Sir?' Neville wimpered.

'The question I just told the class to write their answer down. Please share to the class your thoughts.'

The class stared at him sadly. They all knew that Neville did not have an answer. Neville didn't even know the question.

'Umm, what was the question?' Neville asked shyly.

'You turn up to my class late, you are rude to me and you don't listen to what I say, Mr Longbottom. You've just earned yourself detention tomorrow at 2pm in my office,' Snape growled.

'But Sir, that's during the quidditch match!' Neville protested.

Snape gave him a glare that meant shut up and sit down now or you'll regret it.

Neville sank into his seat. It just wasn't fair. He was going to watch the quidditch with Luna the next day, Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor. Luna would have been cheering with him, hugging him, he might have even told her how he felt.