Chapter 2

'Come in,' Snape's voice bellowed from inside the classroom.

Neville slowly opened the creaking door too a dull room where Snape sat behind a wooden desk, his black, greasy hair hung limply on his shoulders.

'I'm here for my detention,' Neville wimpered.

'Ah yes, Longbottom. You better sit down.'

Neville obediently sat down at a little, wooden table where a piece of lined paper and a black quill were already placed. At the top of the page it said in Snape's neat, swirly writing 'I will not turn up to class late, disrespect the teacher or daydream (1000x)'

Snape looked at Neville, smirked and then returned to his work. Neville gave out a loud sigh and began.

999 lines later Neville was walking back from Snape's office to the common room.

'Hi there, Neville,' came a voice from behind.

Neville swung around in the middle of the staircase too see Luna standing behind him wearing a stuffed eagle on one shoulder and a toy lion on the other.

'Oh hi Luna. How was the quidditch match?' Neville asked politely.

'Gryffindor won. Harry caught the snitch quite quickly.'

Neville nodded along. Luna began to walk up the stairs so Neville walked by her side. He couldn't stop staring at her. She was just so gobsmackingly beautiful, Neville had never felt this way about anyone before.

Suddenly Neville felt a surge of pain go through his leg as he hit something hard. Before he could regain his balance, he was falling towards the floor at high speed. With a loud crash, he smacked against the stair. He could feel himself slipping into darkness. Hands grabbed at him. He was pulled upwards. He could feel his feet moving weakly but he couldn't walk for long. Someone kept him up. Someone pushed him through the door, into the common room and lay him down. Neville was seeing blurry images. He was hearing a loud buzzing. Then everything was black.

'Neville?' Came a soft voice from beside him.

He slowly peeled his eyes open too a bright light glowing down at him. He looked to his left and saw the familiar, beautiful face of Luna.

'What happened?' Neville groaned.

He began to push himself up but a sharp pain stabbed his forehead which forced him too lie back down.

'You fell and hit your head on a step. There was a lot of blood,' Luna chirped.

It was as if she could make any situation sound calm and harmless.

'Were you the one to help me into the common room?' Neville asked.

'Oh no. I couldn't lift you. Luckily a few Hufflepuff boys were heading to the library and saw you. They all helped you into the common room while I went to fetch the nurse.'

Neville smiled at her. It was all he could manage, he felt so weak. Even lifting a finger was tiring so when he moved his hand towards his head to check the damage he couldn't reach it. His arm flopped back to rest on the bed.

'How long was I out?' He asked.

'About three hours,' replied Luna.

'Did I miss much?'

Luna laughed. It was a bit of a silly question but he liked to make her laugh. The door opened from the other side of the room and the nurse walked in flicking through sheets of paper on a clipboard.

'Oh, you're awake Mr Longbottom,' the nurse said.

She walked over and began to shoo Luna to the door. Luna stood up smiled at Neville and walked out of the room.

'When will I be ready to leave?' Neville asked.

'Well I'll have to run some check-ups on you but I don't think its anything serious,' the nurse smiled.

She turned around to a tray laying beside Neville's bed and started fishing pointy objects out. Neville quivered beneath his blankets but not because he was cold. Unfortunately Neville had a huge fear of needles even though he was 16. He couldn't stand the look of their sharp, silver ends and the thought of them being stabbed through his skin. He shivered. Luckily the nurse picked up a thermometer and shoved it down his throat.

'Your temperature is normal and you don't seem to be in too much pain. Whenever your ready you can leave,' the nurse smiled.

Neville lay on the bed for a little while before he decided to leave and search for Luna. It was dark outside when Neville walked through the corridors towards the Ravenclaw common room. When he got to the door he realised he didn't no the ravenclaw password. He knocked on the eagle shaped door knocker. Suddenly it began to move and its stony eyes met with Neville's. He jumped backward in shock and suprise.

'If a pied piper began to play, what would follow?' The eagle asked gruffly.

Neville was speechless. Luna had never said anything about a riddling door knocker outside her common room. He cleared his throat and began to think through the question. When it said play did it mean his pipe or just playing games?

'Umm... Is it...' Neville began.

Right before Neville was about to give up and leave the common room door opened and out walked a little Ravenclaw first year.

'Hi there. Is Luna Lovegood in the common room?' Asked Neville smiling.

The little first year boy looked slightly shy with his blonde her covering his face but he gave Neville an abrupt nod and went back inside leaving Neville standing outside. After a minute Luna walked out with her spectraspecs in her hand.

'Hi there, Neville. I hope your better,' She chirped.

Neville could smell her minty breath wave over him. He closed his eyes and breathed it in. He wanted to taste the mint.

'Should we go to the library?' Luna asked sweetly.

'Yes, that's a great idea.'

The two of them set off towards the library. Neville noticed that many of the paintings had gathered at the last supper. It would probably be a gossip meeting, he though. They carried on silently, neither daring to speak first.

They reached the book filled room which smelt a lot like old people (well the librarian was seriously old) and sat in a corner where nobody else was.

'Did you ever go to Professor Flitwick?' Luna asked starting the conversation.

'Well I had my detention with Snape so he moved it to Monday.'

Both of them didn't say anything for a while. The tension was unbearable, Neville just couldn't stand not telling her his love. Maybe he should just kiss her, it would break the tension and if he liked her back then they could have a passionate relationship together. But what if she didn't feel the same way? What if she was revolted by him or she went and told all her friends and they all laughed at him? He couldn't put himself through the humiliation of it.

After an unbelievably long time Luna stood up.

'Come on. I want to show you something,' she said.