How long had she been sat there? Just staring along the dark country lane to nothing in particular. How many times had he phoned her now? Twelve. She threw the phone back down on to the passenger seat and threw her head back against the head rest. It was all so very fucked up.

'You were adopted when you were a Baby...Dom and Alison aren't your real brothers and sisters. I walked out on you, like she did. I'm so sorry"

No amount of sorrys could make up for it. It was done, the past. The thing that got to her though? Alison was 9 years older than she was. Why didn't she tell her? Stop the heartbreak and anger of their 'Mother' walking out. Except Mrs Bailey wasn't her Mother. Mrs Murray was though.


He was persistent, she'd give him that. What was this? Phone call 13. She reached over and grabbed the phone to end the call and stop the shrill rings from filling the car. She went to hit reject before realising it was Janet who was phoning her. A small smile fell to her lips. Trust Janet, always phoning at just the right time. Holding the phone to her ear and pressing the accept button small droplets of tears fell down her cheeks.


"Rach? Where are you? Sean phoned me! You've been gone hours!"

Rachel swallowed back the tears that had been congregating in the back of her throat. How did she explain this to her friend? Explain that everything she had believed was absolute bullshit?

"She's My Mum Jan. That blood Godzilla Bitch is my Fucking Mother"

Silence as Janet tried to piece together what Rachel was actually saying. Rachel, whilst still on the phone, reached into the glove compartment and found a stray pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Placing the cigarette in her mouth, she lit up the end and took a long drag.

"I don't understand? Who's your Mother? Listen, where are you? I'll come find you?"

Typical Janet, always wanting to Protect Rachel from the world, keep her safe. It were as though Janet was her Mother at times, or a big sister. They kept each other safe, and Janet would drop anything if Rachel needed her.

"The road by the Crown inn pub. Near the bottom end, by the big house"

"Give me ten minutes. And Rachel? PUT THE FAG OUT"

Rachel Managed a small giggle at the sound of Janet bollocking her for smoking in the car. She really was the big sister she once had... But found out was just a plain liar and Bitch.

"Yeah, see you in ten"

She put the phone down and took more puffs on her cigarette thinking about how the next few days were going to pan out. She had to work with this woman and live with the prick who seemed to find her family problems hilarious. Her life was just a game to Sean. He was as big a prick as Nick Savage.

Janet drove past the pub Rachel Had described to her. She was baffled as to what was going on. She had been mumbling, and crying down the phone about Godzilla? Janet hated hearing Rachel cry, it broke her heart into tiny pieces Rachel was as much part of her family as Taisie or her Mum. In fact Taisie and Elise saw Rachel as a big sister. They were as playful as each other. Rachel would come over and immediately call dibs on the Wii, battling Elise and Taisie till the late hours on Mario cart. She was the final piece to the family jigsaw.

Finally Janet passed several small cottages, and could see Rachel's car parked in a lay-by a few metres further down the road. She pulled up behind the car and jumped out quickly, and locking the car. She strode round to the passenger seat of Rachel's car, and opened the door without any warning. Rachel just turned her head and smiled sadly at her best friend. Janet shut the door and pulled Rachel into a hug, both meeting in the middle. Tears streamed down the DC's cheeks as she clung on to dear life to her DS.

"What's going on mate? You where making no sense whatsoever on the phone"

Janet sat up and looked into Rachel's sad brown eyes. Her eyelashes were batting away the tears, and smudging them down her soft pale face.

"Godzilla Is my Mum. Gill is My Mum Jan"

Janet stared in complete shock and disbelief at Rachel who was lighting up another cigarette This time Janet didn't bollock her for it, in to much shock to think straight. She suddenly put the pieces together though. She often commented on how much Rachel resembled a younger Gill, and who alike they were in how they thought. The constant clashes were down to the similar personalities Then there were the flowers which no one ever saw arrive. It had to be someone inside the office...Gill was in the office alone a lot.

"Jesus Christ. I didn't see that one coming"

"No, nor me. Turns out my Half Brothers Father tried chatting me up at a Christmas party"

Rachel and Janet both managed small laughs at the idea of Dave Murray trying it on with his step-daughter. Didn't bare thinking about if Gill found out. Wait, did Rachel just think about keeping her 'Mother' from more heartbreak and upset?

"Come on kid. Got a spare bed with your name on it. And before you say anything, Taisie found some of your clothes in one of the drawers"

Rachel couldn't help but smile at her own dopiness. Leaving her clothes at Janet's had been the best thing she had done. She wouldn't have to face knob head Sean.

"You do look after me Jan"

"Someone's got to"

It was only meant to come out as a whisper, an unheard one, but Rachel heard it and knew what Janet had ment by it.