Rachel's eyelids slowly pulled themselves apart, much to the reluctance of her pounding head. Light was streaming through a curtain at the end of the room, much to bright for her terribly fragile head. Putting her hand to shield her eyes, she slowly pulled herself from whatever she was lying on. To her surprise someone had got her in to bed and tucked her in to the duvet... except it wasn't her bed. The room was too tidy to be her room and a lot bigger. A groan came from beside her making her jump slightly. Regaining her composure, Rachel turned her head to find Gill groggily sitting up, looking as worst for were as she did. The pair stared at each other for a second, before Gill collapsed back on to the bed mumbling about her head.

'How much did we have last night?

'too much Kid. My heads pounding like Kevin's talking'

Rachel managed a small giggle, much to the dissatisfaction of her head. Gill sat back up running her hands through her hair. She remembered last night now. Getting pissed in the pub, then Janet driving them back here to sleep it off. Sammy had come down when he heard the two drunks singing loudly, and helped Janet get them upstairs before they passed out.

'Better get some grub inside of us, we'll be later at this rate'

Gill pulled herself out of bed and stumbled across the room grabbing her dressing gown. Rachel flopped back into the bed unable to find the strength to move... Nor the motivation. She listened as Gill's footsteps trailed off down the stairs. Sighing, realising that perhaps her 'mum' was right, she made herself get out of the bed, and follow down the stairs to the kitchen were she could hear a kettle boiling.

'I'll have a bacon and egg sarnie tah'

Gill stuck her middle finger up at the DC as she placed a mug of strong black coffee on to the kitchen table. Rachel stuck her delicate tongue out, before picking up the mug and taking a sip. An immediate cry came from her as she wiped her mouth, pulling a rather sickly face.

'Best way to cure a hangover... I should know'

'Like Mother Like Daughter'

The pair started to laugh at Rachel's latter comment, before Gill joined her daughter at the table placing her mug down, and one hand on to the young detectives. She went to open her mouth and speak, but another voice cut through.

'Like Mother Like Daughter?'

Sammy walked in looking confused. His hair was tousled on to the top of his head, and he stood in his tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt. He stepped closer towards his Mother, wondering whether he had missed something, or he was dreaming. Gill swallowed and pulled her hand away from Rachel's. Her eyes met with Sammy, words didn't need to be used though. Sammy knew what his Mother was about to say.

'Rachel's my half-sister isn't she?'

The two women froze in time, both staring gawplessly at the young man. Sammy shifted uncomfortably on the spot, not liking how he'd been thrown in to the spotlight. He didn't know what to think. He'd known Rachel for a good year now, and had always secretly had a small crush on her...but now...well that was his sister? Plus he was sure he remembered seeing his Dad trying to flirt with her at a Christmas party!

'Maybe I should go...'

'NOO! I mean, don't go, stay. I don't mind. I knew you existed..just didn't realise it was you..'


The icy atmosphere was thawed by Rachel's little comment. The room erupted into laughter as Gill pulled the pair into a hug. It felt weird to Rachel being given a hug by the woman who two days ago was just her boss. Now she was a Mother.

'Call me a soppy cow, but I never thought i'd see this day. Both of you...together'

Rachel could have sworn she heard a hint of tears in Gill's voice as she spoke. Maybe the old cow did have a heart then. It was well hidden but it did exist. Gill pulled away, glancing at the clock.

'Shit, Rach get your arse up them stairs and get changed before were bloody late, and the team think were having some weird Lesbian relationship'